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Marco: Lifestyles (Of the Rich and the Footballers)

It had come as a shock to Sena, when he had found out his boyfriend's mother was actually a Hollywood star. And every now and then, Marco would fly around the world to spend some time with her and his father – whose job Marco never did tell him...

Marco merely laughed at his utter disbelief before explaining everyone at his school knew not to mention it, so he managed to live a relatively quiet life in his own penthouse apartment. And, as much as he tried to stop the quarterback buying him gifts constantly, it certainly explained how he was able to spend so much money on the smaller running back.

Still, even knowing all that, it was unbelievable to him when, during one of the family dinners his parents insisted Marco joined them for every week or two (they alternated who's house they spent the weekends at – Sena had been surprised his parents trusted him that much) the Hakushu player asked if his parents would allow Sena to come meet his parents with him the following week... in America... for the premier of his mother's new movie.

It wasn't possible for his mother to be any more ecstatic than she was, literally dancing around the room in joy. His father was much more relaxed, as he always was, but the bright smile on his face showed he was just as overjoyed as his wife.

It was rather embarrassing with the two of them seeing him off at the airport, especially with his mother constantly asking Marco if he would look after him. That all slipped from his mind when they were flying across the Pacific Ocean in first class, hands clasped as he couldn't stop smiling.

It was, most likely, all the excitement that made him forget to tell Mamori he was going away. Or more precisely, let her finally know he had a boyfriend that was taking him across to America for the week.

She had gone round to his house on the first day of their holiday to see if he was free to spend some time, but no-one had been around to answer. Instead, figuring he must be out for a jog, she sent him a text only to find she couldn't reach him. It was strange, as he never turned his mobile off because it was a sign to him of how much things had changed, with all the new numbers of the friends he'd made that year.

Figuring he must be busy with something important, and having plans for the next few days, she left it at that. It was Wednesday before she tried to see him again at noon.

There was a disgruntled mutter when she knocked on the door, before Sena's mother opened the door, quickly pulling her into the living room and taking a seat before the television again.

She was almost nervous to ask what was going on – the only time she knew Mihae was like this was when Sena was playing football, and she knew there wasn't a game on today.

"Er, what's going on?" she asked his father, figuring he would be the safer choice at that time.

"Sena might be on soon!" he told her, without taking his eyes from the screen.

Confused, she looked back, confirming they were watching the premiere for the new American blockbuster. At that moment, the female star was being interviewed, her husband by her side, talking about the new film.

It was a minute later the interviewer changed topics.

"Is it true your son was recently over in the country, representing Japan in American Football? With the team that managed to draw with America's own upcoming superstars?"

The woman looked honestly happy at this comment, even though her fake smile had been undetectable until there was a contrast between the two.

"Yes. He's around here somewhere. We're both so proud of how well he's doing, and are behind him all the way whether he takes it further than high school or not. Oh, there he is!"

A teen, who's face she had memorised from the moment they beat Riku and the Wild Gunmen, appeared beside the woman.

"This is Maruko, and Kobayakawa, Sena-kun, his guest."

It took a moment for the woman's words to sink in, even as Mihae screamed in joy and Shiyuma tried to calm her down, with the largest of smiles on his face. Mamori's face fell slack as she stared at the petite figure on the screen, dressed like any of the other men on the red carpet and looking decidedly nervous. Why was he...? He hardly knew Marco, right?

She forced her mind to listen as the woman continued, obviously not thinking much of the smaller male but being polite and asking him a question anyway.

"And does Sena play American Football as well?" She sounded as if she were talking to a child, and Mamori puffed up in indignation, not at all realising she used the same voice around Sena all the time.

"H-Hai, I mean, yes. Marco and I met during the Kanto tournament, and have played together since then..."

"Oh, so you're teammates?" She asked, sounding just slightly more interested.

"O-only for the Youth Tournament, we-"

Marco suddenly cut him off then, placing an arm around his shoulder, "Sena is actually Japan's top American Football player at the High School level. His team destroyed mine at the finals, and went on to win the Christmas Bowl."

Sena, as expected, blushed and looked down, muttering something along the lines of 'wasn't easy' and 'didn't destroy' which could barely be heard.

Marco laughed, the arm around the running back's shoulders slipping lower to wrap around his waist.

"Sena's really modest" he told the woman. "I'm so lucky to have such an unassuming boyfriend."

Both Mamori and the female interviewer stared in shock, neither reacting as Marco said his thank you's to the woman and moved on when his parents motioned to him from further ahead to get a move on.

As the pair walked away, the camera easily picked up the slip of Marco's hand which had him brushing Sena's ass, and the small jump from Deimon's ace in response.

The worrying thing was when Mihae only squealed louder, "Young love!"

Shiyuma only nodded in agreement with his wife and lifted his newspaper again to read, before seeming to just remember she was stood there.

"Was there something you wanted, Mamori?"

She could only stare between him and his gushing wife in disbelief, "Uhhh..."

Just to confirm, in canon Marco's mum isn't actually an actress, she's a fashion designer. And, the reason at the very start I've mentioned that Marco never tells Sena what his dad does, is because his father was a mafioso - and I like to speculate he was rather high ranked... (Reference - Devil Bat Investigation File 105, Volume 30)

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