Note: I do not own Love and Human Remains or any of its characters.

That damn hooker is putting her hands on my head again. She thinks I'm asleep and I'm in no hurry to disabuse her of that notion, even though I don't like the feeling of something entering my mind. I can feel David shift in arms and wish I could open my eyes to see him. But I only have so long here and if I let the pro know I'm awake, that time would be shortened. Anyway, I know what he'll look like; he always looks the same when he's asleep. All stress and worries will be erased from his face. Any wrinkles or bags under the eyes will be gone. And that little cow lick that he tries so desperately to comb back will break free of its hair gel and fall into his eyes.

"Oh, God!" I hear the hooker gasp and she stumbles away.

'She knows.' I realize. Although I'm not sure quite how she knows, I'm sure that she does. Just as I'm sure that she'll tell David unless I shut her up. Shit, things had been so much easier when we were kids! But it doesn't matter. David is mine; all mine. And no prostitute can change that. 'Time to wake up.' I think and I open my eyes.