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CHAPTER 13: Friendly-Outing

Deidara stood in front of the theatre and fidgeted. He felt unreasonably nervous for some reason, and he honestly just wanted to finish this 'date' as fast as possible. He sighed and ran a hand through his front bangs (a nervous habit) and looked down at the simple t-shirt, jeans and converse he wore.

Maybe I should've dressed better—

Sighing, the blonde shook the traitorous thoughts from mind. He didn't want to be on a date with Sasori, and he definitely did not want to impress the redhead. He was just here because he really wanted to see the play. Yep, that was all.

Deidara was so lost in his own internal musings, he didn't even notice when the cause of his conflicts sneaked up right behind him.

The blonde jumped when a pair of arms wrapped around his waist, and a light seductive voice whispered in his ear, "You look very sexy in your Mickey Mouse t-shirt, babe."

Deidara growled and pushed at the arms. Sasori let go with a light laugh, and Deidara whipped around to face him, shooting the puppeteer his most lethal glare.

"You promised you won't try anything, yeah!"

Sasori sighed and put up his hands in mock surrender. "Right, right. Sorry. Just couldn't help myself…especially when you look like that, baby." He gestured to the sculptor's old, baggy Mickey Mouse shirt and his paint splattered jeans. Deidara arched an incredulous eyebrow.

"You've got to be kidding me," The blonde deadpanned, and Sasori shot him an innocent grin.

"Nope, I am completely infatuated with Mickey-baby," the redhead more or less sang, and gestured to the opened doors where people were flocking inside. "Shall we?" He offered the amused Deidara his elbow, but the blonde just snorted and weaved past his waiting form.

"Let's just go, yeah." He muttered, and Sasori put down his pre-offered arm with a disappointed frown. Sighing, the puppeteer followed in after the fast-pacing blonde. Giving one of the workers their tickets, they were allowed into the theatre and quickly found their seats.

By the time they were seated, there was still fifteen more minutes before the show began, and Deidara was bouncing in his seat in excitement.

Deidara seemed to forget all hostility, and was talking at a rapid pace. "I can't wait until the show starts; it's going to be so amazing, yeah! I always loved Peter Pan. Of course, staying young forever seems to be kind of a stupid idea—"

Sasori perked up at that point. "What's wrong with the concept of staying young forever?"

Deidara looked at the redhead with a light frown. "Well, who wants to stay young forever, anyways? Staying young forever is just dumb. Aging so quickly is part of what makes life so amazing and beautiful, yeah."

"You're wrong," Sasori said, and Deidara was surprised at how much more serious the puppeteer seemed at this point. The usual playful glint in the redhead's brown eyes seemed to have completely vanished. "Things that stay forever is what true beauty is, that's why so many artistic masterpieces have stayed for centuries upon centuries."

Deidara frowned thoughtfully. "That's true, yeah. But after seeing the same thing over and over again, it just gets boring. That's why true art is fleeting, something transient and which disappears instantaneously. It's something that can never be copied ever again, and once you see it, it'll be stuck in your memory forever, yeah."

Sasori looked appalled. "True art is eternal, something that will last forever so that everyone can see it and enjoy it. And if art is fleeting, then what's the point of even making it? No one will be able to see it or enjoy it."

"But the people who see it will remember it for the rest of their lives, yeah."

"And then what? Once those people die, then no one will know about your 'art'."

"And that's what makes it beautiful!" Deidara declared, looking thoroughly frustrated and surprised at how different Sasori's definition of art was to his.

Sasori was about to snap back a reply when the lights began dimming, and a hush fell over the whole theatre. He sighed and leaned back in his seat while Deidara beamed, having got the last word.

"We'll talk about this later," Sasori grumbled, and Deidara scoffed before leaning forward as a puppet made its way onto the stage.

One thing that Sasori learned was that Deidara couldn't seem to stay silent during any performance. The blonde continued whispering to Sasori during the whole first half of the performance.

"Hey Sasori," Deidara hushed, and Sasori looked his way. "Did you make those puppets, yeah?"

Sasori looked to the stage at where Peter Pan and talking animatedly to Wendy. He took his time marvelling at how nice and realistic his puppets had turned out, before turning back to the blonde. "Yeah…"

"They're really pretty." Deidara whispered, and Sasori grinned at the fact that his crush had just complimented his art work. "Can I blow them up, yeah…?"

"What—?" Sasori yelped loudly at the thought of his masterpieces being blown into tiny pieces. The woman behind him shushed loudly. Sasori had the curtsy to blush faintly before sliding down his seat. "What the hell, babe?"

Deidara frowned at the nickname but continued. "Well, you said that puppets were your art, but since art is fleeting, it only makes sense if your puppets were fleeting too, yeah. So can I blow them up?"

"No!" Sasori whispered back harshly, and Deidara scowled before sliding down his seat as well.

"Fine…" He grumbled, and proceeded to ignore Sasori for the rest of the first half of the performance.


"Do you like it so far, babe?" Sasori asked while handing Deidara a can of coke. Deidara nodded his thanks and opened the beverage, taking a sip, before answering.

"I really liked it…the speech is a bit too old-fashioned for my taste, but everything else is perfect, yeah." Sasori nodded in satisfaction, and Deidara hesitated before continuing. "And…um…thank you…for inviting me and giving me a ticket for the show, yeah. I really appreciate it."

Sasori smirked, and gave the blonde a leisurely wink. "Anything for you, sexy."

Deidara scowled and took a big gulp of his drink, wincing at the cold. "Shut up, yeah…" He muttered, and Sasori leaned back with a chuckle before making his way back into the theatre. He gestured for the sculptor to follow.

"We should go back to out seats," the redhead said casually. "The second half will begin soon."

Deidara smiled and bounded after Sasori, walking closely by the redhead.


"That was amazing!" Deidara was proclaiming loudly while the two walked down the sidewalk. "Did you see the battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook? It was so cool, yeah!"

Sasori chuckled in amusement when the blonde began gesturing wildly, earning him strange looks. But the blonde either didn't notice them, or he ignored them. Sasori checked his wrist-watch and clucked his tongue. Seven-thirty-eight. Perfect…He allowed himself to briefly wonder about Pain's date and Hidan and Kakuzu…stalking him, before shaking the thoughts away and storing them to the back of his mind.

He'll worry about that after.

"So," Sasori interrupted to excited blonde. "Where do you want to go for dinner, babe?"

"Oh…" Deidara paused, and Sasori rolled his eyes cheekily before grabbing hold of the sculptor's arm and pulling them to the side so that they weren't blocking the whole sidewalk. "Um…do you know any good burger-joints around here, yeah?"

"Burger-joint?" Sasori asked, raising a brow. "What? No five-star restaurant or something like that?"

"Well, I don't want you to spend too much money…" Deidara muttered. "And also, I don't like going to fancy restaurants for the first date…it gets all awkward, yeah."

Sasori paused and whipped around to face the blonde. Deidara blushed slightly at the close proximity but said nothing. Finally, Sasori let out a cocky smirk. "Did you just imply that we might have a second date?"

Deidara flushed, and his blue eyes became impossibly wide. "Don't be stupid! I didn't imply anything, yeah! You're imagining things! You drank too much coffee this morning! I didn't say anything, yeah! I was just telling you how I don't like going to fancy restaurants for first dates…with anyone! And this isn't a date, yeah! It's blackmail! You conned me into going with you—!"

Sasori rolled his eyes in exasperation and clasped his hand over Deidara's opened mouth. "Okay, I get it, babe. This is just a one time thing, right? And you just happened to make your statement sound a lot like an implication."

Deidara nodded vigorously and pried Sasori's hand away from his mouth. "Yeah…I was just sharing information with you, yeah." Sasori smirked playfully and Deidara looked down to escape the intensity burning in his brown eyes. "And since I shared information with you…you now have to tell me about your first date preferences, yeah!"

Sasori smirked. "Why do you want to know, sexy?" He asked, leaning in even closer to Deidara. The blonde blushed and ignored it.

"It's only fair, since you know that I hate going to fancy restaurants for first dates, you have to tell me where you like to go on first dates, yeah."

"I didn't ask you to tell me about your first date preferences," Sasori basically sang, and Deidara scowled at his date.

"Just answer the damn question, yeah!" The blonde snapped, and Sasori chuckled in amusement before leaning back to get a good look at the frustrated blonde. Deidara, once again, ignored Sasori's intense chocolate-colored eyes.

"I wouldn't know," Sasori finally answered. "I've never been on a date before." He decided to leave out the fact that usually, he just fucked with someone and left it at that. He was better with the whole one-night-stand kind of thing than the long, serious relationship kind of deal.

Deidara's head snapped up, and he gave Sasori an incredulous look. "You…you've never been on a date before? But you're so…you know, yeah…"

"Hot? Sexy? Amazing?" Sasori asked with a cocky smirk. Deidara rolled his eyes.

"You're modest too."

"I don't hear you denying it." Sasori murmured happily, and Deidara looked away, pulling away from the redhead.

"Look, do you know any good burger-joints or not?" Deidara asked, and Sasori smirked before deciding to let the matter go. He glanced around, trying to recognize the area, before brightening.

"I know just the place," he said, and gestured for Deidara to follow him. "Let's go."


Deidara stared at the plate which housed his burger and fries. A chocolate-banana milkshake sat in front of him, but the blonde only had eyes for the plate before him.

"What?" Sasori asked, amusedly, over his own plate of burgers and fries and vanilla-milkshake.

"Um…this is a really big burger, yeah…" Deidara whispered. Sasori glanced down at their plates and had to agree with the blonde. The burger was easily the size of their head.

"It's really good, though," Sasori said, and Deidara nodded as the delicious smell of the burgers circulated around the diner.

"I don't think I can finish all this, yeah…"

"Bring it home then," Sasori offered, and took a big bite out of his burger. Tomatoes and lettuce fell from the other end, and some of the ketchup, mustard, and God-knows-what-other-sauces squirted out. Deidara's nose crinkled, and he smiled brightly.

"Nice." The blonde chirped, and Sasori rolled his eyes playfully before grabbing a napkin and wiping at the ketchup decorating his chin. The redhead gestured for Deidara to take a bite of his own burger. The sculptor looked hesitantly at his burger. He grabbed the burger, eyes widening in surprise at how heavy it actually was, before carefully taking a bite out of it.

No matter how cautiously and slowly Deidara had bitten into the juicy burger, it didn't help the fact that the ketchup and mustard flew from the other end of his burger and ended up splattering all over Sasori's shirt front. The two paused, and Deidara stared wide-eyed at Sasori's white shirt, which was now also red and yellow.

"Oops," Deidara offered meekly, and Sasori mock-pouted and pretended to be angry.

"You got me all dirty, babe," the redhead said, before making a huge show of using his fingers to wipe away some of the ketchup and mustard before sucking on his digits in a very suggestive manner. Deidara flushed and threw the ketchup bottle sitting on their table at him. Sasori failed to dodge and winced when the bottle collided with his head.

"Stop doing that, yeah!" Deidara snapped. Sasori rubbed at his forehead, his fingers which were still coated with ketchup and mustard succeeding in making his forehead red and yellow as well. Deidara snorted.

"That was nice," Sasori muttered, ignorant of the fact that his forehead was now rather colourful. "First you squirt sauce all over me, then you chuck a ketchup bottle at me. Very nice first date impressions, baby."

Deidara just nodded and refrained from telling Sasori about his forehead, and instead, took a huge bite out of his burger. He ignored when the tomatoes and lettuce fell out. "Sorry," he mumbled around his food, and Sasori just rolled his eyes before taking a bite out of his burger as well.

It was only when they called for the bill and the pretty waitress commented on Sasori's lovely forehead, that the redhead finally figured out why Deidara kept snickering throughout their whole meal.


"I'm going to walk you home," Sasori demanded. Deidara whirled around and shot Sasori a flat look.

"No," he said firmly. At Sasori's questioning look, the blonde elaborated. "If you know where I live, you're probably going to start stalking me, yeah. And I do not want a stalker."

Sasori rolled his eyes in exasperation. "I'm not going to stalk you, silly." He said. "And besides, it's customary for me to walk you home, this is a date after all."

Deidara frowned. "It's not a date. It's a friendly-outing, yeah."

Sasori rolled his eyes, and when Deidara began walking to the direction of his home, the redhead obediently followed. Deidara didn't stop him.

The two walked in comfortable silence, and they both kept sneaking glances at the other. Finally, they reached a small house and stopped. Deidara walked up to the front porch, and Sasori followed. The blonde shot him a look.

"I'm not gonna invite you in, so don't even try, yeah," Deidara warned.

"Damn…" Sasori muttered jokingly, and Deidara rolled his eyes.

Finally, Deidara opened the door and turned around to face Sasori. "Thanks…for paying for dinner and the tickets and everything, yeah…" The blonde said, almost shyly, and Sasori shot him a genuine smile.

"No problem, babe. Like I said; anything for you." Deidara glanced up, somewhat surprised at how genuine Sasori sounded, before shooting him a grin. Sasori smirked back in return, turning back into the playful playboy Deidara knew him to be.

"Good night, babe…" Sasori trailed off and winked playfully at Deidara. The blonde bit his lip in contemplation when the redhead bounded off his porch before making a split-second decision.


Sasori turned around, curiously. "What?"

"Um…" Deidara seemed to hesitate as Sasori made his way back in front of him before continuing. "You know how you said you wanted to show me your art because I showed you mine, yeah?" The blonde asked hurriedly.

"Yes…?" Sasori prompted for Deidara to continue. The blonde blushed and did so.

"Okay, well you showed me your art, but I didn't really show you mine yet, yeah…"

Sasori shot Deidara a confused look. "But you make sculptures…?"

"Yeah…" Deidara trailed off. "I guess that's part of my art, but the true part of it is when I blow my sculptures and pottery up, yeah."

Sasori looked even more confused. "Why would you blow up your own artwork?" He asked, and Deidara shot him a slightly superior look.

"Because true art is fleeting," The blonde answered happily, and relished in Sasori's eye twitch. "So I blow up my sculptures so they can be true art, yeah."

"Okay…so?" Sasori asked, somewhat miffed at the 'true art is fleeting' comment. Deidara looked down at his hands, refusing to look at Sasori. The puppeteer cocked an eyebrow at Deidara's slightly embarrassed countenance.

"So I was wondering…" Deidara trailed off and took a deep breath before gushing out the next sentence. "If you would like to go with me sometime to see me blow up some sculptures, yeah. Then you'd know what true art is." He muttered the last part, and refused to look up until he heard Sasori's light, amused chuckle.

"Are you asking me out, babe?" The redhead asked with a smirk and twinkling eyes that were visible, even in the dim lighting. Deidara found himself staring in the twin brown orbs. Finally, the puppeteer's words registered in Deidara's mind, and the blonde spluttered in indignation.

"I…I'm not asking you out, yeah! I think you ate too much! You're brain probably broke. I am not asking you out, and I will never, ever ask you out because I don't even like you, yeah! I tolerate you, and that's only because you're my student…you-you're too perverted for your own good and it gets really annoying and you molested me several times…and it was really freaky, yeah! Plus you asked me to go to your bed after knowing me for thirty seconds, which just proves me point: you're either really perverted or desperate, yeah. And I'm scared if I stay with you for another minute, you'll rape—"

Sasori clasped his hand over Deidara's mouth again, and the blonde finally seemed to notice he was rambling, and ceased his talking. The redhead looked close to bursting out laughing, but managed to reign it in. "I'd love to go out with you again, Deidara…"

Deidara blushed and pried Sasori's hand away from his face. "That's good, yeah…" He mumbled and played with his bangs. Sasori smiled lightly.

"So where do you usually…blow your sculptures up?" The redhead asked, and he looked thoroughly constipated at the thought of blowing your own artwork up. Deidara brightened visibly and began rambling again.

"Oh, there's this small clearing out of the city, a thirty-minute drive, yeah," the blonde was talking animatedly with wild hand gestures. "It's near the woods, but isolated enough that no one will catch you…because…you know, blowing up fireworks and using gunpowder is…illegal…" He murmured the last part, and Sasori shot Deidara a sly grin.

"Deidara-baby, you're such a naughty boy," the redhead teased the blonde with a seductive voice. "You need to be punished." He whispered, and Deidara flushed before backing up and walking into his house.

"Shut up, yeah…" The sculptor mumbled, and Sasori chuckled.

"Okay, okay," the redhead relented and dropped all seductive prefaces. "So when do you want our second date to be?"

Deidara's eyes widened and he scowled. "Friendly-outing," he corrected his 'date' half-heartedly before contemplating the answer. "Is Saturday evening okay? Let's say…six o' clock?"

Sasori went through his mental calendar before nodding in consent. "Where will we meet?"

"…Here, yeah?"

Sasori nodded again and shot Deidara a sly smirk. "Give me your phone number, babe."

Deidara reeled back at the bluntness on the puppeteer's end. "Why?"

"So I can call you if something comes up, baby…why else would I want your number?" Sasori spread his arms out innocently and shot Deidara an innocent look. The blonde rolled his eyes and gave Sasori his number before demanding the redhead to do the same, declaring it unfair that Sasori had his number but he didn't have Sasori's.

Once their numbers were exchanged and Deidara was satisfied, Sasori smirked and gave a slight wave to the blonde. "I'll see you on Saturday, babe. For your art lessons and our…friendly-outing."

Deidara nodded and gave Sasori a small wave of his own. "Bye, Sasori…"

Sasori stood there for a moment, before leaning over quickly. Before Deidara knew what happened, Sasori had bounded off his porch, and gave a small "Good night, babe" before disappearing.

Deidara frowned lightly and muttered "Pervert" under his breath, before lightly touching his still tingling cheek, and subconsciously promising to never wash his right cheek, ever again.


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