Blaine is on his back on the bed, with his head raised to kiss Kurt harder, his neck straining with the effort. He's completely naked, which feels more and more ok each time it happens, but still makes him feel vulnerable and excited. His heart is beating so hard it's like he's vibrating all over, and his face is hot from blushing. Every touch of Kurt's clothes or skin and every draft of air against his inner thighs, his stomach, his knees... every sensation reminds him how naked he is, and makes him even more turned on.

Kurt is above him on his hands and knees, shirtless, with his pants open. He presses his cock, hard and insistent, between Blaine's legs, sliding it through the space between his thighs, relishing the friction, shuddering and gasping. Each time the head of his cock rubs against Blaine's labia, the wetness between them, not going in, just pushing against the entrance, his eyes flutter shut and he moans against Blaine's lips. And each time, Blaine grips Kurt's body with his fingers, bucks his hips, tilts his head back. And he wants more. "Do it," he says on a breath.

Kurt raises his head to look into Blaine's eyes, trying to be steady and calm but unable to still the movement of his hips. "You mean...?"

"Go inside. I want you to."

"I..." Kurt closes his eyes and rocks his cock against the outside of Blaine's vagina. "Are you sure?"

"I think I've figured out why I wasn't ready before." Blaine can't stop squirming and panting. "I think it's just that I didn't want to feel like a girl."

"Blaine, you're not a girl." Kurt is speaking softly, but there's tension showing in his jaw, and his shoulders. "I don't think of you as a girl, ever. This isn't going to change that. Whether I'm giving you a blowjob or I'm inside you, your - vagina. It won't make you any less of a man. Not to me."

"I know. That's why I think I'm ready now. I think if you don't think of it as degrading, or as a failing, on my part -"

"Blaine -"

"then I won't either. I trust you. I really really want to know what it feels like."

Kurt presses his lips hard against Blaine's, pushing Blaine's head down into the pillow with the force of his kiss. He slides his body up to press his cock against Blaine's stomach. He says "There's nothing degrading about it. I want so bad to be inside you." He groans and nuzzles his face against Blaine's cheek, eyes closed with the effort of resisting. "But I won't do it if it'll make you feel bad." He bucks against him and hisses out an overwhelmed sigh. "Please tell me it won't make you feel bad."

"It won't. I want it. Please." Blaine reaches down to stroke his cock, to relieve some of the tension, and watches Kurt hurriedly roll on a condom. He rocks his pelvis up and licks his swollen lips. His body is humming, vibrating, aching with anticipation. He lifts his head for more kisses as he feels Kurt settle between his legs. Blaine spreads his knees wide, and feels Kurt's cock against his entrance, pressing, pulsing... or is that his own heartbeat, that pulse that he feels?

Kurt adjusts his weight, balancing on his knees and one hand, gripping his cock with the other. The movement pushes his cock against Blaine's vagina, ever so slightly in, just a fraction, like almost nothing, but god it feels like so much. "Are you ready?"

Blaine raises one leg further and braces his foot against Kurt's hip, and he's spread more open than he's ever been, defenseless under Kurt. He nods, briefly, enthusiastically, his eyes on Kurt's strained, sweat-dampened face. "Yes."

Kurt's entire body is hard and tense. He kisses Blaine, wet and needy, and a low moan rumbles from his chest.

Suddenly Blaine is overcome with feeling as Kurt jolts forward, pushing into Blaine, not all the way, but god, it's too much, too much... He feels filled up, and stretched apart, surging with adrenaline and the rushing of his blood, and it hurts, but it's good, and it's just so much.

Kurt is shaking, stuttering in, bit by bit, a little deeper each time. And Blaine thinks he can't possibly get any deeper but then he does, and Blaine is calling out, these strange, high pitched, mindless sounds, "Ah! Ah! Ah!" on every thrust, and he can't stop and he can't get away from the feeling, the intensity, the striking of Kurt's cock inside his body, and Blaine never knew there was pleasure like this, like he's coming already but it doesn't end, and he needs it to keep going but he can' t stand it if it does.

He thrashes his head from side to side, and his hands are up by his shoulders, flailing, gripping into useless fists. But he isn't even aware of the movements of his body or the sounds he's making, getting louder. Everything is the pounding, surging pleasure-pain of Kurt fucking into him, harder, faster, deeper.

Then Kurt lowers his head, his whole torso, down onto Blaine to kiss him messily and frantically, sliding his whole body up and down against Blaine's. It changes the angle; it's just as intense, only now Blaine feels surrounded and wrapped up completely by Kurt, held down by him, kissed and fucked and owned by him. And now Kurt is grinding down with his pelvis against Blaine's penis, sliding over it, stimulating it so, so intensely as he keeps thrusting into him and kissing his lips.

Blaine is shocked by his orgasm as it rips through him, by the violent, overwhelming force of it. He breathes a long, high shriek of a sound, clamping all his muscles around Kurt's cock, as he shoots spurts of come hot and wet between their bodies.

He feels his own over-stimulated cock pulsing and jerking. He feels his fingers gripping Kurt's shoulders, tight enough to bruise, and doesn't remember reaching for him in the first place. He feels Kurt buck into him hard, then slam inside and hold himself there, throbbing and pulsing, gasping. Kurt buries his face in Blaine's neck as he comes, shaking, moaning.

Blaine rolls his body in waves, rocking his hips, feeling Kurt's cock inside him, thrusting slower, more shallowly now, but still thick and present inside him. Blaine gasps, a long inhalation, and jerks against Kurt's body as his penis jolts and presses with the aftershocks of his orgasm.

Kurt is red, sweaty, panting. He keeps thrusting in, slower, just a little more, as he breathes deep and kisses Blaine's neck.

Blaine lowers his legs from around Kurt's body, down onto the bed, and stretches himself out, squeezing a little, making Kurt moan.

"Oh my god," Kurt breathes. He grips the base of the condom as he pulls out, then flops onto his side, half on top of Blaine, their legs still entwined. "Wow. Blaine. Wow."

Blaine wraps an arm around Kurt and keeps thrusting against him, enjoying the sensations against his hyper-sensitive penis, and the wet come, slippery between their stomachs. He releases a long, slow, satisfied sigh, with his eyes closed and his lips against Kurt's.

Kurt pulls off the condom with a full-body twitch, squeezing with his fingers, and lays it lazily behind him on the bed to deal with later. Then he embraces Blaine again and breathes deeply, relaxed. "So, um..." He starts to chuckle. "From the sounds you made, I'm guessing that was good?"

"It was fucking intense." Blaine grins. "It was unbelievable."

"In a good way right?"

"Good is - Kurt, good is an understatement. There aren't words for..."

Kurt laughs.

"Yes, it was good." Blaine blushes, but doesn't stop smiling.

"Good." Kurt kisses him. "Now tell you're not traumatized or embarrassed or anything."

"Well, I'm not really sure just exactly how loud I got there, but other than that, no, I'm fine."

"Oh my god, Blaine, you were so loud. It was awesome."

"Yeah, you liked that?"

"You need to do that every time. It was very good for my ego."

Blaine rolls his eyes. "Your ego does not need any help."

Kurt swats Blaine's shoulder playfully. "Shut up, I'm a delicate flower."

"Like hell you are. You're a fucking sex god. Delicate flower my ass."

Kurt flutters his eyelashes and puts his hand over his heart. "Oh Blaine, you always know just what to say..."

Blaine laughs.

"So..." Kurt smiles and kisses Blaine again. "Seriously though. You're ok right?"

Blaine strokes Kurt's back. "Seriously. I can't believe how good it felt. And I loved both of us coming at once, from the same thing. We didn't have to take turns for once, and you were actually inside me, like, I don't know, like we were connected. It was amazing."

"Yeah. I loved that too."

"And unlike when I tried to do it to you, it just felt so effortless..."

"Ok, my thighs will disagree with you there. I am going to be in pain tomorrow." Kurt laughs. "But yeah, I know what you mean."

"I just want to do nothing but that, forever."

"Well, give me a little break and we'll try and get started on that, ok?"

Blaine chuckles against Kurt's lips, and kisses him again. "Deal."