-Five years later…after Button Of Doom, but a month or two before the re-creation of the museum opens.-

Roxanne looked around her apartment with her hands on her hips and sighed. The majority of her stuff had already been packed into cardboard boxes and garbage bags; the place looked empty. Soon her apartment would be completely bare, stripped of all of her belongings and she'd be moving in with Megamind. It seemed weird; she never thought she'd see the day when she'd be living in the same lair she had been kidnapped in for most of her life. In a way, she had lived there, being there so frequently.

She walked down her hallway and into her bedroom with a few boxes and bags to begin sorting things out in there. She opened her closet, pulling clothes off the pole and throwing them on her bed. She continued raiding her closet space before she made it to the back, seeing an old cardboard box.

"I remember this…" She laughed, pulling it out and sitting with it on her bed. She pulled up the flaps to find all sorts of different reminiscent items, a stack of holiday cards, her old highschool IDs, a small strip of wood from her first apartment, a small stuffed bear she had since she was a baby, and among other things (there was a cluster of jewelry and trinkets from her infamous old cameraman that she was a little upset with herself that she hadn't sold or given away yet). She pulled out a stuffed purple rabbit that she hadn't remembered, but assumed it was from Hal. He had given her so many things she had began to loose track of it all. Though she twitched an eyebrow when she pulled out an odd metal bracelet.

'How did this get in here?' The open circuits and label told her it had been something Megamind created, but she had no idea of how it got there or why she had it. Come to think of it, why would it be in there? It had to have some sort of significance for her to put it in there, but it seemed she'd remember what it was. She heard a knock on the door, and pushed the metal thing into her pocket.

"Coming!" She yelled out, running to the door and opening it.

"Hello, Roxanne. This stuff over here you have all packed?" Carlos asked with a heavy Puerto Rican accent as he walked in, pointing to the boxes that were stacked atop of each other.

"Yep. Thank you for the help, Carlos." She said as she picked up some boxes herself.

"I can't believe you're leaving, Roxanne. How long have you been here?"

"I know…Eight years I think?" She laughed with him and walked out her door, and down to Carlos's blue truck. She packed in her armful before Carlos walked around to her to pull her in for a hug.

"It won't be the same around here without you." He said, patting her on the shoulder and she smiled back. Carlos was one of her oldest friends, and though she could always stop by and see him, it wouldn't be the same; it was like moving away from a college roommate that she had entrusted all of her secrets to. He had seen her at her worst and best days and he came to know most the people that had came in and out to visit her. He had even been subject to Megamind's dehydration gun a few more times then she probably knew.

"I'll come back and visit. I promise."

"I would like that, just…I know he can get…jealous…and I don't want to send the wrong impression…and be dehydrated again." She laughed.

"I won't bring him…I know he can." She rolled her eyes at her boyfriend's predictable personality, and walked back up to her apartment. They made a few trips as they hauled out boxes and furniture before shipping them over to the lair.

"Thanks again, Carlos! Your help really means a lot. I still have some things I need to get which we can probably get the rest of in a few more days of small trips like this." Roxanne said as she set down a box by one of the mechanisms in the main room.

"Su bienvenida, Roxanne. No problem." He nodded, and Megamind held out a hand to him.

"Yes, thank you. Erm…no hard feelings about the dehydrating thing, right?"

"No, no. Nothing personal. You do promise to take care of her though?" Carlos shook his hand.

"Of course."

"It's interesting that the last person she wanted to see is now who she is moving in with."

"Yeah…I know." Megamind smiled back.

"Ok, you three." He shot a glance over at Minion as well, "see you soon." Carlos walked out.

"Sir, I'm going to head down and work on the invisible car. The cloak is getting a bit faulty."

"Ok, Minion." Megamind smiled as Minion walked out. Roxanne turned to him, her hands anxiously resting on her hips.

"Megamind, do you know where this is from?" She questionably pulled out the bracelet, flipping it this way and that in her hand.

"It looks kinda' familiar…but I don't know how it got in my apartment?" She handed it to him.

"Oh, wow! That was the prototype of the holowatch…I haven't seen that thing in years…not since…" His heart dropped and his eyes widened, instantly turning away.

"What?" Roxanne asked.

"Nothing. It's nothing; it probably just caught on something when I was kidnapping you." His voice was oddly rushed, and Roxanne, being a reporter, was an expert in body language.

"But…I would think if I had it in my old box…and it being what it is, I would remember how I got it…or at least putting it in there." She cocked an eyebrow, taking a step towards him, "Are you ok?"

"Yes. Trust me, I'm sure it's nothing. We don't need it anymore, we can throw it out." There was definitely something wrong in his tone, and she pulled his shoulder around to make him look at her.

"There's something you're not telling me. Megamind, no more lies. Why was that in there?" The words struck him, and he began to slightly tremble nervously. She was right; he had promised not to lie to her anymore…but that was just out of the question, right?

"No." His voice was soft and pleading, which her eyebrows pulled together with frustration at.

"What? So there is something you're not telling me. Megamind, I swear-"

"I can't."

"I'm pretty sure you can." She shook her head, "God, I can't believe you! After you already-" He looked up at her, taking a step closer. He knew she wouldn't let up on him now; there was no way of getting past her. She could read him like a book. He knew this wouldn't turn out well any way he took, and lying to her anymore then he had already wouldn't help anything. Him being the hero now, it was more understandable for her to know, even with as much as it would pain both of them for the memories to resurface. He pursed his lips before shutting his eyes tight and holding her face with trembling hands. He couldn't look at her at this point.

She froze as they stood there; the gesture seemed…familiar. He had never done it as Bernard and certainly hadn't now that they were really dating. She felt compelled to cover a hand back over his. This was definitely not like him, and his eyebrows pressed together worriedly. His voice was slow and precise, though increasingly nervous.

"Do you remember…when Metro Man took you out for lunch?"

"Ye-hold on, how do you know about that?"

"What all do you remember about after it?" His voice was just as shaky as his hands.

"I-I went home and-" She shook her head and shrugged before squeezing his hand as she watched his face, "I went to work the next day, there wasn't-"

"No. Think harder." He nervously took her hand and pressed it against his chest. God was he trembling…

This gesture seemed oddly familiar too. But he hadn't done that before, had he? His pulse was racing like crazy, and Roxanne involuntarily looked around her, their surroundings and situation seeming as if she had seen this before. Her thoughts drifted back to the dream she still had since five years ago, and the images were beginning to familiarize. The lighting in the lair and his position began to connect with the shadows.

"I…" She tried to focus in on each dark shadow, and realized he definitely was in…a significant amount of them.

"I…Megamind…what did happen after I got home?"

"What did you think initially?"

"I got home and reported the news the next day…it was a slow week…"

"Two weeks." His eyelids cracked open, "Does anything about those two weeks sound…strange?"

"Megamind, you're not making any sense."

"I did not kidnap you for those two weeks or the next few months after… do you remember…" He gulped in a breath, "do you remember my voice during then?" The whispers in her dream did sound like him, now that she thought of it. They were so distorted, but as he held her hand against his chest, a significant phrase popped up.

"You don't have to be afraid…" She recited questionably, and he desperately squeezed her hand in a plea for forgiveness.

"…I'm not…soulless." He echoed hopelessly.

And that's what did it. Her hearing those words directly from him connected the sounds and images from so long ago. Some clicked right off the bat, while others stayed foggy. The conversations and dialogues…the emotions felt during them, the gestures they made, all flooded back. She gasped as the alien memories intruded her mind, as if the key to Pandora's box was forced into her hand to open it and he felt her tense in fear. He knew it had clicked, and he dropped his hand away from her in respect, as impossible as it felt.

"Megamind, wha-…how did…why did…" She took in a sudden gasp of breath.

"I'm s-" He whimpered, his legs ready to collapse beneath him, "I'm so sorry, I thought I could-…I thought it would…" With as much as was still coming back to her, she oddly was more focused on him.

She hadn't gotten to the end of the two weeks yet.

"I…I wish it would have been…if I had…" His voice cracked. Her eyes widened worriedly as she watched him panic. She had never seen him such a wreck; she didn't think it was possible. She rested a hand on his face, and she saw something that she never would have thought she'd be alive to ever see, never in her life since they had known each other since highschool.

A tear rolled down his face and over her hand as he opened his eyes to look at her. They were filled with a seemingly ancient agony and guilt, something he seemed to have carried with him for a very long time.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, though in a tone that didn't expect forgiveness. She was speechless, she remembered that first night fairly clearly now. The burning in her throat, as if she could feel it again, him connecting to her…

The kiss, which had escalated into something so much more…

"Megamind…I remember what I felt for you that night…why are you so…" a chill ran down her spine as the effect of that night traveled to the memories of the two weeks following. The purple rabbit Hal had gave her for being 'sick', seeing the prototype holowatch falling from her closet, knowing why she needed and used it.

"I… remember why that bracelet was in there…" Her heart raced as her hand instinctively traveled down to her stomach. She shook her head in awe and fear all at once; it was like meeting an old friend she hadn't spoke to or seen for ages. A friend she desperately wanted to and forgotten to miss. Not only had her feelings about the baby resurfaced, but her feelings about him and the entire situation added a new layer and had came back as well.

"I…I lost it?" Her chest heaved slightly and her voice cracked.

"I couldn't stand to see you suffer like that…I didn't want to hurt you anymore then I already did. I thought if maybe I could…things would be…" His tone was clouded with distress. The last bits of memory resurfaced, right up to the point she felt the spray hit her face and him supporting her disoriented, then blacked out body.

"You…erased my memory of it?" She shook her head, "Why? Why didn't you tell me this before?" Hundreds of questions swirled through her head, all wanting to jump out at once, "You've known this for five years?…a-and you continued to kidnap me?" Her heart thumped against her chest in her own guilt as she thought back about a month or two ago, "and…I said those things to you in the rain? After I-we…almost had a baby…" Her own voice escalating into a panic, "why did you let me do that to you? What were you-"

"I don't know what I was thinking, Roxanne…I-I was hoping I could fix it…you were so upset…" He shook his head, "When I was Bernard…I wasn't sure what to think or do. But then the feeling sparked back up and…I thought it'd be safe…me not being…me. I kept kidnapping you because as you had brought up…people would get suspicious. You would get suspicious. I couldn't have you snooping around here. I couldn't change how I kidnapped you, I didn't know how much it'd take for these memories to come back."

"What about Metro Man? With you trying to destroy him?"

"Part of it was…the standard villain-hero thing. Do you remember the story of him and I?" It had been foggy, but when he brought it up, it cleared.

"You two in elementary school and-" She looked up, "and your home planet?"

"Him always getting what he wanted. I got to go to jail while he escorted you home…he got to be the good guy jumping in and saving you in a perfect life after I just erased your memory of anything between us and got to go to prison. It was…a number of things."

"Oh…" She looked off, then went back. "So…I was pregnant for two weeks? Looking back on it now…I-I guess I can understand your thinking…but I really wish it could have been different…as much as I want to be…furious at you…I don't think I can." She shook her head as she watched nearly all of his muscles twitch and ache in pain, "look at what this has done to you. I dumped you after we almost had a baby-"

"Roxanne, don't-"

"You've had to keep this a secret for five years…having to act as if nothing happened, no matter what I said or did to you. You came up with a replacement story so I wouldn't go through the same thing…and though I never would have wished in a million years to forget about my child-"

"You're trying to turn this around. Roxanne…please-" His mouth opened involuntarily.

"I understand why you did it." He flinched when she slowly took his ungloved blue hand in hers, "I don't know of anyone else who could handle that…it's unreal." she gently rubbed her thumb over the back of his hand after slowly stepping toward him.

"I can't really say that I've kept my sanity." He shook his head, slightly pulling up the corner of his mouth in opposition and twitching an eyebrow as he watched her. She chuckled softly and nervously as her eyes glossed, "I've fallen in love with you three times now. That's gotta' be some sort of record." His eyes widened and he inhaled a breath of air as he heard her say it.

"Back then…then again when you were Bernard…and after I dumped you, course, between then, I can't really say I stopped…" He breathed out nervously.

"Or it was just luck." He murmured.

"In my favor." She shook her head, "I don't know of any other person who can say that they had the opportunity to unknowingly fall in love with the same person twice. I'm pretty confident in my choice." She rested her head against his neck and gingerly wrapped her arms around him. He needed the connection.

"Is there anything else you need to tell me?" She breathed into his neck, calming him down a little. They had been officially and 'publicly' dating for about a month or two since he had defeated Tighten; things had still been pretty new. But not until now had she realized just how starved he really was for affection.

"Yes…do you remember how we weren't sure how it was possible for you to get pregnant?" She nodded without looking up, but her eyebrows twitched.


"Do you know how 'universal blood' works? How it's usually accepted in any blood type?" She looked up then.


"My DNA works kinda' in the same principle, I think."

"Wow…" She chuckled, pulling him closer, "is that it?"

"No…" He smiled and chuckled back, "I don't know how we're going to explain this to Minion…and you got rid of that pepperspray, right?" She shook her head with a laugh and tenderly gifted him a kiss, his tense, unsure lips softening the longer she stayed as he made an increasingly thankful realization.

He wouldn't have to give her up again.

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