An Earthly Child

Part 2

The Doctor took Sukie across the Universe. But each time, The TARDIS began working less and less reliably.

After banging on the console for a while, smoke began billowing out. "Just Work, Please!"

Sukie giggled, watching the Doctor plead with the machine.

The Doctor suddenly stopped banging the console. He stood absolutely still. Because inside his mind, he heard a familiar voice. A Sexy voice.

Doctor, It's Me. I'm so Sorry.

The Doctor stood in absolute shock, his hearts pumping faster and faster.

"Doctor," Sukie called, concerned. "What's wrong?"

The Doctor ignored his new companion. For the voice that filled his head was more than impossible, it was wrong. Before he could even think of the question though, the voice filled the Doctor's head with the answer.

It's been so long Doctor. The binds that once bound my soul inside this console are breaking. And you know what that means Doctor. It's happening slowly, but it's happening. I don't know how long it will take. But don't fuss. It's like your new friend said when she first met me, its alive. She's right. I am alive…

No…The Doctor thought, not even daring to think about it.

But the voice continued the thought. …And everything that is alive…

"No no no no no no no" The Doctor began muttering. He squeezed his eyes shut, and put his fingers in his ears. But the voice still found him.

must Die.

"NO!" The Doctor shrieked as he began to kick and scream at the console. He would not accept it. He could not.

Sukie began backing away from him out of fear.

Eventually, the Doctor calmed down, tears still streaming down his face. He began punching and turning and twisting controls on the console. The iconic noise began to sound, and the TARDIS traveled through the vortex.

Sukie approached the Doctor slowly, placing a gentle arm on his shoulder. "Where are we?" She asked quietly.

Without answering, the Doctor simply flicked a switch and the Monitor above them hummed to life.

It bore the image of a simple Junkyard. A very familiar junkyard.

"What?" Sukie asked confused.

"You're home." The Doctor muttered.

"No, take me back to space, me and you…" but the Doctor was shaking his head.

"I'm sorry Sukie, but I have to be alone. I will never see you again." The Doctor said as the tears continue to pour from both the people aboard the dying time machine. "This is goodbye."

In a fit, Sukie tried to compose herself. Suddenly she stopped. Her head tilted to the side.

"What?" The Doctor asked.

Sukie pointed at the Monitor. On it, in the middle of the Graveyard, sitting on one of 10 old, ripped chairs was a smiling woman in a white gown with streaks of white in her hair.

"No!" The Doctor gasped. "That's not possible!"

"Seems to be happening a lot lately." Sukie said.

"Hello Sweetie!" River Song said, smiling at the Doctor through the Monitor.

The Doctor ran to the TARDIS door and threw it open. In front of him there was the junkyard, and the 10 chairs, but other than that it was empty, not a soul in sight. Skeptically, he closed the doors.

"You can't see me out there, sweetheart!" River's voice drifted to the Doctor. "I'm only here in the Monitor."

The Doctor went back to the monitor, perplexed. "But…"

Suddenly, the image of River looked up, as if she were talking to someone else. "Good, you've locked on to the coordinates, Can you get here? Good. Perfect?"

Before the Doctor could even ask he heard a loud crash as, on the Monitor, a man materialized and crashed into the ground. The Doctor's mouth fell open.


Scrambling back to the door, the Doctor threw it open, and was immediately tackled in a bear hug by Captain Jack Harkness.

"Boy, am I glad to see you!" Jack swooned.

"How are you HERE?" The Doctor asked, agitated.

"Simple, I heard about the last Dalek, and tried to lock onto your signal. The rift picked up your name thousands of times in one place so I locked onto it. I appeared on some sort of great Library. I knew I had to search the database, so I went to the core and found and found…"

"…Me!" River finished from the Monitor.

"I don't understand…" The Doctor said, perplexed.

"It really is simple, sweetie." River said, winking her eye. "The Captain here had locked on to my Database you installed me into. I had been repeating your name in the stories from our Diary. He used his manipulator to take the whole Database back to Cardiff…"

"Cardiff?" The Doctor cut in.

"Yes," Jack explained. "Where I connected the Database with an electro-magnetic converter, which I connected to the Rift. The result was sending River's saved data core through every electronic device in the universe. Once she found your monitor she sent the coordinates back to me."

"And here we are!" River said with a smile.

"Ready to help," Jack smiled as well. "Now where is the bastard!"

"The Doctor killed the last Dalek already." Sukie said timidly.

"And who is this?" Jack swooned.

"No way," The Doctor shook his head. "NO NO NO! EVERYONE OUT NOW!"

The Doctor turned off the Monitor. He then proceeded to push Jack and Sukie out into the Junkyard.

Once outside, Jack's vortex manipulator hummed to life and a hologram of River Song projected out of it.

The Doctor was still shaking his head. "I don't want any of you, because the TARDIS is dying, and I need to be alone. Please, just leave me alone. Goodbye." But all was silent. No one moved. "I said LEAVE ME ALONE!" The Doctor turned on his heels, and began to walk back towards the police box.


The Doctor stopped. The tears started again. For yet another impossible thing appeared to have happened today. The Doctor turned around to face the people he had just scorned, and among them, was Rose Tyler.

"Rose," The Doctor gasped.

"I came through the hole in the Vortex the Dalek left in our Universe. Meta-Crisis, mum, and dad are monitoring it from that side. I could here your yelling through the hole as I stepped through. It can't be true, the TARDIS isn't…" Tears in her eyes, Rose ran up and threw herself on the Doctor, who began to sob with her.

Suddenly, a familiar noise came. Everyone looked at the TARDIS, but it was motionless, and the noise was not coming from it.

It came from the 10 old chairs scattered in the junkyard, they began to glow, and then change. All at once, 10 Daleks were surrounding them.

"RUN!" The Doctor screamed.

The whole group ran into the police box and slammed the doors shut. The Doctor slammed on the Console and the TARDIS began to dematerialize.

"But, I thought…" Sukie began.

"Sukie," The Doctor yelled. "I don't know what state the TARDIS shields are in, so watch the doors."

Even as Sukie approached the Doors, a scream of "EXTERMINATE seeped through. Then, the shields crashed, and alarms began to go off.


The TARDIS voice was filling the Doctor's head once again But she was cut off.

The Doors to the TARDIS flew open, knocking Sukie off her feet. She got back up, and stared.

"DOCTOR!" Rose was screaming. "THE DOORS!"

"I Know Rose!" The Doctor yelled, smashing at the controls. The Doors closed before the pull could drag anyone out into the vortex.

"But Sukie…" Rose gasped.

The Doctor looked at the girl, her head tilted, her eyes glowing.

"That girl looked into the Vortex, Doctor, longer than I did, and you said…"

Before Rose could finish, light burst from all over the young girl. Sukie then collapsed to the ground, every cell in her body dead.

At that moment, the TARDIS finished materializing.

The Doctor's emotionless face stared at his young, dead companion. Then he looked around. "Everybody is leaving now." He opened the doors and pushed everyone out, into the courtyard of the Powell Estates.

"But…" Rose gasped.

"The Daleks are still out there," Jack yelled.

"I'll deal with them," The Doctor replied. "Goodbye."

As he closed the doors his knees gave way. He collapsed, sobbing on the floor where Sukie lay.

Golden air seeped out of Sukie's mouth. She gasped and her eyes opened. Sukie sat up. But when the Doctor looked in her eyes, he knew that it wasn't Sukie he was looking at.

"Like I always hoped it would end," Susie's mouth said. "Together."

She leaned in and pressed her mouth against the Doctor's lips.

And the Doctor and the TARDIS shared a kiss.

To Be Continued…