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Warning: This fic is rated M for some language, rape and self- mutilation in later chapters.


They had her this time. After all of the pranks she'd pulled over on them they were finally going to pull one over on her. Drake and Josh waited on the sofa watching television as Meghan came in from Obo practice and headed toward the kitchen.

"Hey boobs." She said passivly as she passed them.

"Hey." They replied in unison as they tried not to laugh.

She looked ast them quizically and shrugged them off. She entered the kitchen and opened the freezer for a popsickle. There was only one left in her favorite flavor. She opened it, and her eyes narrowed. It was half eaten.

Meghan stormed into the living room, holding the popsickle in white-knuckled fists. "Wich one of you did this?" She asked angrily.

They both shook their heads. "What do you mean?" Josh asked, as honestly as possible.

"One of you ate half of my popsickle and put it back!"

"No we didn't." Drake said.

"yeah." Josh piped in. "It was sealed, wich means we couldn't have done it."

Meghan glarred at them. "I know one of you did it." She said, throwing the melting popsickle at them.

They watched innocently as she stormed up the stairs, waiting for the scream that soon followed. This time, they couldn't hold back their laughter. She came back down the stairs, cheeks burning red as pudding and painted pink gummi worms dripped from her hair and shoulders.

Drake stood up, laughing. "What happened, did you fall in the dirt?"

"We got you!" Josh pointed, smiling wide. "We finally got you!"

Drake walked over to her, grabbing a small handfull of gummi worms and pudding off her shoulder and eating it. He frowned at the taste of the paint, and shrugged it off.

"You boobs are gonna pay for this." She promised as she stormed off.

"She seems really mad." Josh said, chuckling.

"Who cares." Drake said, sitting back on the couch. "We finally got her."

"Yeah." Josh said, sitting next to him. He looked over toward Drake, smile fallen to a frown. "You know that she's gonna get us back…"

"…Yeah…" Drake said. "But how bad could it be, she's been pranking us for years."


The next day Drake came bursting into the house, hand raised in the air holding his cell phone triumphantly. "Josh! Dude, Josh!"

"What?" Josh asked, peaking out from the kitchen.

"Twins!" Drake panted, trying to catch his breath. "Me and you…date…hot twins!"

"Really!" Josh said, dropping his sandwich.

"Yeah," Drake said, opening the phone. "They sent me a picture, they want to meet us tonight!"

Josh looked at the photo, eyes widening. They were hot. "Where are we meeting them?"

"At the Sushi bar downtown. Tonight at seven." Dake said.

Josh grinned. "We've got dates with twins!"

Megan listened to them from the stairs, smiling. As soon as they left she'd begin sabotizing their room. Their date was just a set up, she'd taken that picture from the internet and sent the fake messages to get them out of the house. They'd be so let down when the girls never showed up they wouldn't even think to check the room.