In order to adjust to this new world, Professor Oak suggested they all keep journals. These are excerpts from some of them.

I like it here. It's much better than where we came from. Here is a world where I am not a murderer. Where I didn't kill a man named Logan Berlitz. Here I am a Trainer, and a good one.

I can almost forget about that life. I've only been here a few weeks but it feels like I have always been here. I never used to like going outside. Now that is all I do.

The 'other Paul,' as I call him, is quite a marvel. He wants to become a Pokemon Master. I like him. He's ambitious. He's not very strong yet, but he's getting there. He's younger and has not endured the kind of sadness I have. I was uncomfortable around him at first, but now I realize how well we get along.

And then there's Dawn. I know she told her mother what I did. Johanna avoids me, and when she can't, she just radiates anger. And she should. I killed her husband. But it seems that this world's Johanna married Ash's father. So Ms. Ketchum and Johanna are very confused by this.

But Dawn… Dawn is lovely. I thought she was annoying and now I find her endearing. I love her hair. I love it when she ties it back and I can see her cheekbones. But she doesn't know that.

I don't feel bitter anymore. I feel guilty. There is no way I can be around her. I did unforgivable things to Dawn's family. Her love for me is misguided and my feelings for her are perverse.

I want her to reject me. To realize how terrible I am and send me away. Because I would go away. But she just keeps smiling at me. Talking to me. Touching me. I wish she would just hate me.

She never will, though. It's up to me to do what's right. And I don't think I am strong enough anymore. I want things that I don't deserve. I used to be so strong, so stubborn. And now I find myself caving. And I don't know what to do.

You know, I used to be really scared of this world. I didn't understand it. It seemed like the only pass time here was fighting Pokemon! Ash gave me Torchic, and I didn't want to hurt her! She just always seemed so little and cute to me. I didn't like it.

But then I found out what Coordinating was. Dawn showed me. She was always really creative, and did stuff like sew dresses and make scrapbooks with her mom. But I tried it out and I really like it! Torchic likes it too. I'm going to ask Dawn to show me how to make clothes so I can sew little dresses for Torchic. I've been watching lots of videos online and it's really incredible. These Pokemon are so beautiful. And they look so happy.

Having Mom and Max here is really helpful. Max is so happy to have all this new nerdy stuff to read. Mom was scared at first, and I think because she was scared, I wasn't so scared. She's doing all right now. I had to tell her about Dad, though. We cried together.

We are living in a city called Cerulean, because all of us decided to live here. But Coordinating competitions don't happen here often. I'm hoping Drew will take me to Celadon. Maybe even the Sinnoh region, if I do well.

Oh, Drew and Roserade like Coordinating too. He likes to give me roses after I've been practicing. It's very sweet.

I miss working on cars, though. I even kind of miss school. But you know what? I think I'm doing okay.

My parents were not happy when they saw me.

Like, after they got over the fact that they had just dropped through space and landed next to a giant dragon thing. Luckily we were just stopping by to check when they fell through, so they didn't have to be alone.

But yeah. Mom doesn't like my new look. My dad just averted his eyes. They also didn't like me and Gary. I wasn't being public, but I did make it a little obvious that we were together. Really they're just angry at me about everything.

But I love this world. Pokemon are amazing. I've caught a whole team now. I train them every day. I train with them, too, because it's not fair for me to make them go through hard work and not do it too. But they're so strong. My Squirtle just evolved. And Professor Oak gave me an Eevee! I think Dawn is jealous.

I feel like I was meant to be here. Back home I felt awkward and out of place. Here I feel alive. Training just comes naturally to me. I never want to go back .That was never home. This is home. This is where I belong.

How do I feel about living here… well, it's nice have a grandpa that actually cares about me. And having Daisy back. That's amazing. I thought that they wouldn't feel like my real family, but to them, I'm real family. And it was surprisingly easy to accept these doppelgangers as true people.

Grandpa is everything I ever wanted him to be. He's kind and smart and silly and he knows so much about this world. He doesn't mind my questions. He'll tell me anything I want to know. And Daisy just babies me. She demands I spend time with her every day and she likes to fix the buttons on my shirts and offers to cook me food all the time. It's weird, but I love her. It's Daisy, after all.

Right now, we're in Cerulean while everyone adjusts, but I think I want to go back to Pallet Town with them and study in his lab. But I won't be his grandson. I'll have to be his nephew or something. Might draw too much attention.

I have a few more Pokemon now. I think, a few years ago, I would have loved to try for the League. But I know my passion now. I want to know as much about this world as I possibly can.

Leaf is happy. I think she wants to move the relationship up a notch. Since everything has died down she has been getting more… physical. Which is great! Really! But… I don't know if she wants me to encourage her or what. I've been taking her out more often. But she likes to train. Maybe I should buy her something.

Anyway. It's a great life over here. I've been watching Paul, though. He's been brooding. I'm going to have Drew talk to him.

Did you know that in this world, if you don't go to school, that's fine? If I don't go to college I can still get a decent job! Hell, I didn't even have to do high school over here!

I've been reading up on Pokemon though. I mean, they don't have to require school here because Pokemon are just that incredible. Everyone wants to learn about them. Roserade is awesome, but I want another Pokemon. I caught a Butterfree, which are native here according to Ash. But I think I want an Absol. Steven told me about them before he left for Hoenn. If Paul lightens up I'll take him to Hoenn or Sinnoh and we can explore a cave and look for one.

Speaking of Paul, I think he's having problems. He doesn't talk as much as he used to, which I guess means he's not talking at all. He goes on a lot of walks with his Pokemon.

I think he's feeling guilty about Dawn. And it sucks, because Paul is my best friend. He's done some terrible things, but he's still a good guy! He deserves to be happy. And I think he's realized Dawn can give him that. But he won't take it. He's too mad at himself. I'm wondering, if he goes and visits his brother, will it do anything? I'm going to ask Other Paul to take him. I think it'd be good for him.

May is doing a lot better. I didn't have trouble with the change, but I know she did. I want to get a car, but I don't have any money yet. I think a car would make her happy. But having her family here is helping a lot. She likes Coordinating. I never considered it, but I entered an amateur contest here in Cerulean and it was actually a lot of fun. I can do Battling on the side, maybe, but Coordinating will help me stay with her and make sure she's doing all right.

Her mom likes me. Max asked me a lot of questions about my hair. He wanted to know how it naturally got this color. He should pester Dawn, in my opinion.

So, to wrap this up, Pokemon are cool, this world is fantastic, and I'm never leaving. Drew out.

Zoey's death is a lot fresher for me than for everybody else. They all had their time to mourn her. I haven't yet.

I didn't know her very well, but I miss her. She was someone worth knowing. But the Legendaries needed her. I don't what about her made it that way, but I think it was a good death. Noble and stuff. I hope it wasn't painful. She deserved something better.

I think Dawn is doing Coordinating because she found out Zoey did it. I can't help feeling like it's my fault she's dead. I brought her along after we battled on the ship. I shouldn't have. If only I'd had my memories then. I could have saved her.

I took the spot at the Gym. I've assumed the life of Misty Waterflower. It was Ash's idea. Someone high profile and well respected like Leader Misty keeps us from being looked at too closely.

The hardest part is my sisters. I didn't have real sisters back home, but these girls are real. They cried when they saw me. I had to make up a cover story for them and the press and then explain to them that all these people they had never seen before were going to be living in the Gym for awhile. But my sisters didn't stick around long. They're performers, and once they were sure I was okay they had to get back on the road. So I guess they didn't mind everyone too much.

I really love this world, though. And I love Ash. I can't believe how happy we are. We argue four times a day and can't stand the sight of each other sometimes, but it's perfect. Delia is wonderful. She adjusted so well. I think she's just happy to have Ash.

So… yeah. I'm doing all right.

My mom is so strong. I'm so proud of her. I heard from Misty that when she heard she would never see me again if she didn't go with them, she just picked up her sewing kit and a picture of Dad and walked out the door. She doesn't seem to mind this world. She loves Piplup and has been making her dresses nonstop. She was happy to see Alex again, but I don't think Dad is alive here either. The way the two of them spoke to each other… and Mom's face… I just felt really bad.

But Paul is back. My Paul. I know which one is mine now. He won't talk to me, but it's not like before. I can catch him staring at me, but he never wants to make eye contact. I've been doing everything I can to get his attention, and it's like… it's like he is paying attention to me, but he doesn't want me to know that.

I think he's hurting because of all that he's done. But I forgave him awhile ago. I wish he could understand that. I wish he could forgive himself.

This place is perfect. Everyone I love is safe. There is no impending danger. Pikachu is curled up, asleep by my leg. My mom is happy. Misty is happy. No one is trying to kill us.

I can't remember the last time I felt like this.

I feel…


Seriously. I'm kinda bored. I'm used to action and adventure and fierce battles and gunfire! This isn't like the first time I came here, where everything was potentially going to kill me. This is dull. I haven't done more than get a bowl from the top cupboard in the kitchen. This is terrible! I'm getting cabin fever or something!

So yeah. This kinda sucks.

That's why I'm going to try for the Pokemon League.

Yeah, I know, why don't you take a break, Ash?

I just can't, all right? I have to do something. It's like I'm going through adrenaline withdrawals. So I'm going to get together a whole team, six Pokemon, and I'm going to hit every Gym across the region. And then, when we're strong enough, I'll take on the League. I'll fight Champion Lance for the title.

And you know what? If I lose, fine. I'll start over! I'll get a whole new team. I can leave my Pokemon with Professor Oak to watch over and I'll travel to the next region and do it all again! I'll fight every League I can. I know there's some military duties attached to being Champion, but I'm a soldier. I'm not a very good soldier, but it's true. I'm going to conquer a whole region.

I'm going to leave tomorrow. I didn't tell anyone yet. Nobody knows except Pikachu.

Misty already trekked all over this region with me. So tonight, I'm going to ask her to do it again.

I hope she says yes.

*AN: Now I'm really glad I did this. Thank you, guys. And this is goodbye.*