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-Chapter 6-

The past two days were quite interesting for Uzumaki Naruto to deal with, though the first day was much worse than the second. If he had to decide which of the two days he liked better, it would of been yesterday, though he hated the lack of sleep he got thanks to him being excited for today. The reason for his excitement wouldn't be obvious to most of the villagers, but to those who came from a shinobi family, it would be easy to tell.

Today was the day he was going to find out who his teammates would be, as well as their jounin sensei!

'I can't wait to become Hokage, and this will prepare me to become the best!' Naruto thought to himself as he ran across the rooftops towards the academy with both of his Pokeballs inside his pocket, rather than on his Pokebelt. Due to the special occasion, he decided to wear a silver shirt with a white trench coat and black pants, something that he came to appreciate from Anko and Valkyria when she was in her Omega form. He thought that, since he was wearing things that were inspired by some of the most important people in his life, that he should wear something in tribute to Naruko. The only problem with that was that, due to her being happy with everything he did, she said that "You're already making me a happy Pokegirl by our identical traits, plus your harem jutsu is so cool!"

'I guess she was saying that as a way for making up for the day before yesterday.' He thought as he remembered how he was forced to bed rest due to over-taming his two Pokegirls. Valkyria cooked for him the whole day and went to tell Anko about him being absent, which left Naruko to keep him company. Surprisingly, Anko decided to come over and teach him in his room, though he couldn't do any of the jutsu that she instructed him to do the next day. By the time that Anko had to leave, he felt much better than he ever did before he met Naruko and Valkyria, and was more than grateful for having them in his life.

The next day was quite fun, for him at least, since it gave him to try out the jutsu that Anko instructed him to try. The purpose of these jutsu were to see which element he was best suited for, without the use of chakra paper. Not only that, but it also gave him the perfect opportunity to use his clones to the best of their ability, or so Anko explained to him. He was to try the jutsu first before forcing a horde of clones to experiment with the jutsu. That way, he would find out the negative side effects and, from what she said, wouldn't feel as much pain when the clones died for similar reasons.

The first jutsu, Fuuton: Daitoppa, was to see if he was suited for wind jutsu. It was a simple burst of air that, with time and practice, could level trees to nothing more than broken chunks of lumber. This was the first jutsu that he mastered, as well as the first to not cause him any sort of pain as he practiced it. This was the only jutsu he worked on after he tested the other jutsu that Anko gave him.

The second jutsu was Doton: Dochuu Eigyo, a jutsu that Anko knew would be suited for someone like him. It allowed him to merge with the ground, hiding as his clones attacked the enemy, which would allow him to spy on his opponents, land a sneak attack, or even escape from his enemies. He managed to merge his feet to the ground, but nothing more, hence sending thirty clones to work on tha jutsu.

The third jutsu, which was the one he liked the least, was the Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu, a known jutsu of the Uchiha Police Force, as well as for most of the ninja in Konoha. For him to use it, he had to rotate the chakra inside of his lungs, guide it up his throat, and force it out with his hand in front of his mouth. The chakra channeled in his lungs, as it traveled up his throat, would become Katon chakra, which would be guided with the hand in front of his mouth, to control the fire that would come out. When he tried it, all he got was a painful feeling in his chest as he coughed up soot.

That just was the only one that he and his clones hated to perform, and didn't get the hang of.

Shunshin no Jutsu was the next jutsu he had to practice, though it didn't really impress Naruto. All he had to do was picture the place he wanted to be, force some chakra through the outer part of his body, and he'd appear at the place he pictured. He preferred the Dochuu Eigyo to the Shunshin, but he still learned it, since it would be disrespectful to ignore what Anko didn't have to do for him. A problem he found out about the jutsu was that it brought the surrounding elements, such as leaves, to spin around him as the jutsu took place. This would break his concentration, causing him to appear on top of a tree, in the wrong place he pictured, or only a step away from where he once was.

For the fourth jutsu, Naruto had to go towards a sufficient water source to use it. When he arrived at the small pond, he began to work on Suiton: Suiben. The jutsu was lacking to him, since all it became was a whip made of water, but he began to think of the various things he could do if he forced some type of poisonous water into the whip before using it on an opponent, making him practice it before he made clones to work on the jutsu. Out of the jutsu he practiced, Suiton: Suiben was the second easiest to use, though he would have to practice how to use a whip before it could be used in combat.

The final jutsu he was to practice wasn't a raiton jutsu like he expected, but a genjutsu called Kokohi, which changed the details of an object that was near him. Since he knew he couldn't use genjutsu, he didn't practice it himself, and gave it to the clones to use. Much to his surprise, the clones were able to use it, causing him to try it for himself, only for it to not work. When he asked Anko about it later on, she said that she didn't know for sure, but guessed that, since the clones had less chakra than he did, and didn't have the means to regenerate chakra as quickly as he could, they had the right amount of chakra to use genjutsu with ease. At this, Naruto told himself that he would practice a chakra control exercise until he could use genjutsu himself, rather than rely on the clones to use it for him.

The best thing about the jutsu he learned was that he was allowed to keep the scrolls that came with them, which gave him something to ask his sensei about once he learned who it was, or could be used with his teammates to improve the bond between them. By the time he got to his apartment, he had to be fed his dinner by his Pokegirls due to how much of a headache the memories of the clones forcing their way into his mind, and passed out on the kitchen table.

Despite what happened yesterday, he was one hundred percent ready for his sensei and teammates!

'There it is!' Naruto thought as he jumped off the last roof, landing next to the swing that he preferred to use when he was younger. Luckily, no one was outside of the academy, making him feel a sense of calmness as he walked into the building. Since it was an off day for the other classes, the other classrooms were disturbingly quiet, especially at how each room looked like one another with no distinctive uniqueness to any of them. As he got closer to the room Iruka and Mizuki used to teach his class, he heard various people talking, screaming, even going as far as to fight in the classroom, causing him to spy through the glass opening of the door to see that the 'fight' was from Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino, two girls in his class.

Haruno Sakura is a petite girl who tends to wear the same red dress with black biker shorts and, of course, the standard shinobi shoes. She came from a civilian family, meaning that she had no true source or family drive to become a ninja like most of the other students did, even he knew that she came for Uchiha Sasuke, but she was very smart, making her one of the few civilians who had a chance of living past the first year of shinobi training. Mind you, Naruto went by the chain that Anko told him about during the first day of class, which explained the likelihood of him seeing certain types of ninjas on and off missions.

Yamanaka Ino was one of the many clan heirs, or heiresses in her case. Her clan specialized in mental torture, taking over the body of an enemy ninja, and using it for espionage purposes. Ino herself was, like Sakura, loud, beautiful, commanding, but most of all, sneaky. Sakura was like a bull, since she charged forth with all of her anger, but Ino was like a panther hunting its prey during the twilight. It was thanks to her shifts in personality that she became so popular, making others stay away from him, and gathered many of the girls in the class to join the Sasuke fan-club.

As he spied through the glass, he noticed that the rest of the clan heirs were sitting near the back of the room. Nara Shikamaru was counting the tiles on the ceiling, like he did everyday, Akimichi Chouji was sitting next to him with a bag of chips on his desk, though he tried to offer Shikamaru a chip. Naruto liked those two, especially since both of them actually considered him a friend. Chouji was much stronger than his plump body revealed, causing most of the boys in their class to underestimate him during the taijutsu spars. Shikamaru, on the other hand, was smarter than Sakura, but had the trait of laziness like the rest of the Naras, causing him to fall rather low on the rankings in the class.

In the row next to those two were Hyuuga Hinata and Aburame Shino, another pair of clan heirs who were in the class. Both were rather quiet individuals, though Hinata was kind, and offered advice for those who asked her. Shino was quiet, mainly stuck to himself, and tended to talk to Sasuke or Shikamaru. Most of the class, excluding the clan heirs, disliked Shino due to his clan's use of Destruction Bugs, which lived in the bodies of the clan, in exchange for chakra.

The final clan heir in the class was Inuzuka Kiba, who always came to class with his canine familiar Akamaru. He was the only male classmate that he didn't like, though this was due to how Kiba always made fun of him during class. Kiba's clan mainly consisted of those who used unique jutsu that made them more in-tune with their canine companion, even going as far as to become clones of the dog. Akamaru is a friendly puppy who loved to be the center of attention, like Kiba, but could actually GET that attention without serious repercussions.

"Why are you standing out here Naruto?" Naruto, shocked that someone managed to sneak up behind him, quickly turned to see it was Iruka with a smile on his face.

"Oh!" Naruto gasped, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. "I was seeing who else passed sensei. I was hoping that I could be paired with someone that would see me as a friend, rather than a liability, ya know?" Iruka nodded at his comment, and rubbed his shoulder.

"Well, come with me to the staff door. Its the least I can do to give Uzumaki Naruto a cool story that will leave the other students in jealousy." Naruto couldn't help but to laugh with Iruka as they walked down to the other door and walked into the room. Instantly, the other students in the class were looking at them, but Naruto noticed that Uchiha Sasuke was looking at Iruka, rather than at him.

"Sensei, why is Naruto with you!" Sakura, as well as most of the other classmates, asked.

"That's because Naruto is a genin like the rest of you, as you can tell by his headband."

"But how did he pass? We all saw him fail!" Ino screamed, causing many of the girls in it to agree.

"It's because I had to do a follow up test, since they discovered that I had a chakra that could match a senior jounin. Iruka-sensei noticed it as I performed the bunshin jutsu." Naruto said, causing Iruka to nod.

"Now be quiet before I have to scream everyone." The dark tone in Iruka's voice got everyone in the classroom to focus on him, causing Naruto to snicker. "Naruto, please sit in the empty chair next to Hinata. From there, I can proceed with the next part of today's schedule." Wirh a nod, Naruto walked up the steps, earning a glare from a few students as he sat next to Hinata, who started to blush upon his arrival.

"G-glad to see that you graduated with us Naruto-kun." Hinata whispered.

"Likewise Hinata." He replied, causing her blush to darken as he focused on Iruka, who grabbed a stack of papers.

"Everyone, normally I would be congratulating you on becoming genin of Konoha. You are the beginning of the newest generation of ninja who will protect this ninja village with your lives, may it be by becoming medic-nins, Anbu, or even becoming a Jounin sensei like the ones you all will be receiving later today, but I have one last test to give you." At that, most of the class began to mumble amongst one another. Some, like Sakura and Kiba, were vocal about their confusion, in Sakura's case, or anger, in Kiba's case. "WILL YOU BE QUIET!" Iruka shouted with the use of his signature enlarged head jutsu, making the students shut up.

'That was kinda cool. Maybe I could learn that if I asked him?' Naruto thought as Iruka began to hand out the papers.

"The papers I'm handing out to you are a personality questionnaire like the ones you all answered at the beginning of the year, except these are more adult in terms. Some of these scenarios many of you will have to face when you're on a mission, and some of those I don't dare to wish upon you. However, despite the questions, I expect for you to answer them with the ink and brush provided in your desks, and for each of you to return the papers to my desk. You have a half an hour, and you can begin once you obtain your copy of the questionnaire." By the time Iruka finished, he gave the sheets to everyone and was already at his desk, causing everyone, including Naruto, to begin the moment that Iruka allowed them.

'When Iruka-sensei said that some of the questions were something that he wouldn't wish upon anyone, he meant it.' Naruto wrote down his answers for the questionnaire carefully, thinking of each one as if it were to happen to him. Some questions asked about sex, women rights, and the proper way to act to people, while others were more dark, such as how to handle a rape victim, what would you do if a loved one was being raped by an enemy ninja, suicide attempts, betrayals, and various other questions that didn't sit well in his stomach.

By the time he was done with his questionnaire, he realized that most of the civilian genin, including Sakura, had already turned in their papers to Iruka. After he turned his in, Sasuke went after him, followed by most of the other clan heirs, excluding Ino, who became the last student to turn in her papers. Once Iruka got them sealed into a storage scroll, he stood up and bowed to them.

"It was wonderful teaching each and every one of you genin of Konoha. I hope you drop by for a visit every once and a while, and I do hope that you each become a ninja worthy of the will of fire. Someone will come for you in about fifteen minutes. Sayonara." Iruka left the room, leaving Naruto and the rest of the genin to look to one another for an answer that no one had. Well, no one except him of course, but he only knew the bare minimum of things, and this was confusing him as well.

When fifteen minutes came, the room became silent as he watched the doors. He could feel someone with a high chakra coming towards them, but he didn't recognize who exactly it was by that alone. Others perked up when the person got closer, though these individuals were clan heirs, which didn't surprise Naruto in the slightest. When this person opened the doors and walked in, he was surprised to see it was the guy who ran the bar entrance to the Pokegirl class. He wore a jounin jacket with a black headband across his forehead. The only thing that made Naruto recognize him was the smell that came from the cigarette the guy smoked.

"Will the following come with me: Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki, Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuuga, Inuzuka Kiba, Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Chouji Akimichi. For the rest of you, another person will come to you in about ten, twenty minutes tops. If you leave this room, you'll give up your spot as a genin. Remember that, now come along." Naruto was the forth to get to the man, since Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba were closer, making the other clan heirs follow behind him as they followed the barman. He could feel how nervous Hinata was behind him, and turned to smile at her. She became more calm, causing him to smile before looking straight ahead, which was at the right time, since he just walked into the indoor auditorium with everyone else. In front of the stage was Jiji with three Anbu and two jounin that he didn't recognize.

The first jounin was tall with silver hair that spiked upwards, had his headband covering his left eye, and wore a mask that went from the nose down. The only thing that made him unique was the orange book he was reading. The other jounin was a woman who was the same height as the barman with long, black hair, unique red eyes, and wore a sleeveless red shirt that was mostly hidden by her jounin jacket. What caught his interest was not the two jounin, but the table that had several Pokeballs on them, causing the gears in his head to work up if he would be receiving a Pokegirl or not.

"Alright kiddies." The barman said. "This is where most of us will part ways. All of you stand in front of the Hokage while I join the other jounin senseis on stage. Good luck." The man walked away, leaving the rest of the genin to walk in front of the Hokage, who smiled at them.

"Good morning genin of Konoha. What I'm about to tell you will be odd, strange even, but it is the truth and I expect you to not form an opinion until I'm done talking." Naruto nodded, as did everyone else. "A few years ago, weird creatures began to appear in Konoha, taking us by surprise with their abnormal abilities. With time, we were able to catch these creatures, study them, and the technology that came with them, which improved Konoha's security, hospitals, and gave us new ways to teach you and the other hopeful genin.

"Even now, years after the event which brought these creatures to our land, they continue to come with no known way to stop them from coming. However, we have learned from the first battle, and have discovered ways to take down these creatures known as Pokegirls. These creatures come from another world, but are mostly female in shape, with abilities that rival Kekkei Genkai in ways that you couldn't possibly imagine. Before today, only selective chuunin, jounin, and Anbu have been allowed the chance to obtain Pokegirls, and use them to combat the Pokegirls that appear in our village; however, Pokegirls are appearing at a fast rate, much faster than it was years ago, and its been decided that we were to start a new study to see when would be the best time to give a ninja a Pokegirl.

"Hence, I have decided to start with the best genin Konoha has to offer, to implement them in what is called the Ninja Project. Depending on your questionnaires, each of you will be receiving either one or two Pokegirls, a storage scroll with what you'll need to catch, train, and tame a Pokegirl, as well as a Pokedex, a foreign technology from the world Pokegirls come from that allows you to study any Pokegirl that it scans. I warn you now that, in order for a Pokegirl to be tame, you must have sex with it, and I've asked each of your parents, excluding certain individuals, for their permission of this, and they've accepted the responsibilities of this new path for you. If you feel uncomfortable with the thought of this, speak up, and we will pull you out of the program, and place you with the rest of the genin."

'I'm not giving this up. I'm not going to let Valkyria and Naruko down!' Naruto stared at the Hokage with determination in his eyes. No one made a sound for several minutes, other than the puff from the barman, and a giggle from the silver haired jounin.

"No one wishes to remove themselves from the project?" Again, no one moved. "Wonderful. From here on out, each of you are a member of the Ninja Project, and certain privileges are now open for you that most genin don't obtain until they're chuunin. What these are, your senseis will tell you, but first, its time for each of you to claim a Pokegirl. First up is Hyuuga Hinata!"

"Eep!" The Hyuuga squeaked in surprise as her name was called out. The girl walked up the stage to the woman who grabbed one of the trays with an H on the front of it.

"Due to your scores on the questionnaire, you're allowed to pick two Pokeballs. You will not know which Pokegirls these are, but each of these were picked for your benefit." Naruto watched as Hinata nodded, looked at the Pokeballs on the tray, and picked two that were next to each other. She hurried to her spot as soon as she grabbed her storage scroll, causing Naruto to smile at her and offer her a high five.

'Why do I enjoy encouraging her so much?' Naruto wondered as he watched Kiba hurry up the stage for his tray. Unlike Hinata, he was only allowed one Pokeball, which seemed to darken the Inuzuka's mood as he grabbed a random Pokeball and his storage scroll before returning. After Shino went, who was able to obtain a single Pokeball with his storage scroll, the woman put the tray down and stood forward.

"From this moment on, the three of you are under my leadership. My name is Yuuhi Kurenai. I expect you to follow my commands, respect one another as well as your Pokegirls, and to become the best you can be. Is that understood?"

"Hai, SENSEI!" The three genin replied, causing the woman to smile at them before she walked away from the table. The barman took her trays and dumped the remaining Pokeballs into a basket before grabbing his three.

"First up is Nara Shikamaru!" The Hokage declared, causing the boy to mutter "Troublesome" as he walked up the stage.

"Due to your scores, you can obtain up to two Pokeballs." With a nod, Shikamaru picked up the two that were the furthest away from each other, grabbed his storage scroll, and walked away.

"Yamanaka Ino!"

"Y-Yes Sir!" Ino hurried up to the stage and grabbed a Pokeball and her storage scroll before returning with the others.

"Akimichi Chouji!" Instead of replying, Chouji calmly walked up to the stage and grabbed his storage scroll before grabbing two Pokeballs. Once he returned, the barman walked forward.

"If you couldn't tell by now, I'm your jounin sensei. My name is Sarutobi Asuma, and I'm going to make you three the best genin and Pokegirl tamers in Konoha. Everything is planned out." For some reason, Naruto felt that what Asuma just said was a bluff, but to those who were now under his command, must of seemed like the real deal of leadership.

"And now that that's taken cared of." The silver haired man walked forward with his three trays. Once he placed them on the table, he turned to the genin and waved. "Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and Uzumaki Naruto, my name is Hatake Kakashi, and I'm your jounin sensei. We'll learn about each other later, so don't worry about the pesky details. For now, Sasuke, come and get your Pokegirl." Instead of saying anything, Sasuke nodded and went to grab his Pokeball. The one thing Naruto noticed right away was that the Pokeballs that Sasuke went to grab were all Great Balls, which meant that all of the Pokegirls within them were stronger, in one way of the other, than the rest of the Pokegirls that everyone else got.

'I bet someone from within has a hand in this.' Naruto frowned as their sensei called out Sakura's name. Much to his surprise, Sakura was allowed a single Pokegirl, something that also surprised Sakura as she grabbed her Pokeball and scroll before walking down. When his name was called, he smiled and walked forward to see that his tray only had one Pokeball on it with several others in their sealed form, and his storage scroll.

"Since Hokage-sama told me of your unique circumstance, he's allowed you to claim this Pokegirl that he hand picked for you, along with these unused Pokeballs, in hopes of making it up for the lack of a second Pokegirl."

"Thanks Kakashi-sensei." Naruto smiled and placed the unused Pokeballs in his other Pocket, grabbing the scroll and his new Pokegirl filled Pokeball with him to where Sakura and Sasuke stood, though he was earning looks from the rest of the genin.

"Now that you all have claimed your Pokegirls, I hope that each of you become sine shinobi of Konoha, and I shall see you in the near future." The Hokage disappeared with a Shunshin, shocking many except for Naruto and the jounin, who smiled and turned to each other.

"Must we really do this?" Kurenai asked as Asuma and Kakashi nodded. Alright then..."




"Yes!" Kakashi shouted as Kurenai and Asuma held out a rock to Kakashi's paper. "And now that I won, Kurenai, will you do us the honors of starting things off?"

"Thanks, hentai." Kakashi shrug as Kurenai looked at her three genin. "Will my team do the honors of releasing their Pokegirls first?" The three under Kurenai's command looked at each other for a moment until Kiba smirked and pressed the button on his Pokeball.

The Pokegirl that came out of his Pokeball was, for lack of a better word, a mutt. She was around 5'8 with long, brown hair with fur along her back, a long tail, and an average B-cup. She had a blue collar around her throat, something that seemed odd for a Pokegirl to have from Naruto's point of view, but smiled as she saw Akamaru and licked his cheek.

"Anyone who likes puppies can't be a bad person." The Pokegirl stated as she stood beside Kiba. One scan from his Pokedex revealed that she was a Doggirl, a common Normal type that had a few attacks, enhancements you would expect from a dog, and evolutions that would require an evolution stone, except for the Hound, which required an orgasm.

"I'll go next." Shino said before he released his Pokegirl. The Pokegirl that came out was short, along the lines of 4'9, with six arms, a pair of B-cup breasts between each set of arms, and red compound eyes. She even had some exoskeleton along her arms, and, thanks to the Pokedex, revealed that she was a Spinnertit. She was of the Bug/Poison dual type with a low amount of attacks to go with her. Her enhancements weren't too great either, but her evolutions were even harder to obtain, except for the Spider Girl, which was caused by battle stress.

"Its my turn, correct?" Hinata muttered as she released both of her Pokegirls. The first one was a shock, since hers was a Ravage, though younger than the one that he caught a few days ago. As soon as she was out of her Pokeball, the Ravage turned into three crows and stood on the girl's shoulders, rubbing up against her cheek like a cat. The second girl, on the other hand...

"Haha! So this is my tamer huh? Pathetic!" The second Pokegirl, who looked completely human, shouted as she pulled Hinata into her C-cup breasts. The girl wore more leather than Naruto ever saw on a single person, leaving only her head, cleavage, and hands free of the leather clothing.

"G-get away!" Hinata pushed the Pokegirl away, causing it to frown as it placed its right hand on its hip.

"I'm a Domina girly, and I'll be the on in control of you by the end of the day!" Surprisingly, the crows pecked at the Domina, allowing Hinata to recall the Plant/Poison Pokegirl before it could do more harm to her. With a scan of the Pokedex, it revealed that the Domina had a high chance of becoming, much to his humor, a Dominatrix, rather than the other evolution, which was a DragonQueen.

"Oh, Oh! I wanna go next!" Ino shouted, lifting her Pokeball in the air.

"Alright, since Kakashi won the game, my team has to go next anyway."

"Troublesome." Naruto heard Shikamaru mutter as Ino cheered and released her Pokegirl from the ball. The Pokegirl was 5'3 with light, goldenrod yellow skin, bob cut blond hair, and an A-cup bust. She had a pair of antennae that dangled above her eyebrows, a trait that left Naruto tilting his head, but what got him smirking was that the Pokegirl was sleeping while standing up.

"Look at that Ino. It looks like you'll be dealing with two lazy bums on your team." Sakura said with a smirk on her face, causing Ino and Shikamaru to glare at her. With a scan from his Pokedex, Naruto learned that the Pokegirl was an A-Bra, which was of the Psychic type, and would become a Ka-D-Bra with ease.

"I guess I should do the honors then, right? Shikamaru asked as he released his two Pokegirls. The first Pokegirl looked human enough. She was only an inch taller than Shikamaru with spiky black hair, wore a brown shirt, though he had to guess that her bust was around a high C, and wore a long skirt. The only odd thing about her were her yellow eyes and the odd three stars that made a triangle tattoo on her forehead. The second Pokegirl was a Kunoichi, Naruto could tell, who got on her knees the moment she was released.

"Thank you for picking me master." The first Pokegirl gave a meek wave to him, causing Shikamaru to wave back with a small smile as Naruto read the entry for the first girl, who was a Shieldmaiden. When it came to barriers and defense, the girl was good, but she couldn't use that many attacks, and, unless Shikamaru acquired a Cunnydew, would never evolve into a Barriermaiden.

"Cool Pokegirls Shika. Its my turn now!" Chouji said with a smile as he released his two Pokegirls. The first Pokegirl was a small girl of 4'6 with a slight build, slim hips, and a long, fluffy brown tail that was happily moving. She had long, fox-like ears that was dark brown, like the rest of the fur on the Pokegirl's body, with a B-cup bust.

"Master!" The Pokegirl squealed and hugged Chouji, causing the plump boy to widen his eyes and fall to the floor. One scan later revealed that she was an Eva, and didn't look further into it thanks to the second Pokegirl lifting the fox-squirrel by her neck and placed her on the ground. The second Pokegirl had bulging muscles that were hard to not notice with a mid C-cup bust, with brown fur and horns that reached a foot on her head.

"How about we act civilized, alright pip squeak?" The Pokegirl asked, glaring at the Eva, who nodded and helped Chouji up. "I'm a Minotaura, and I hope to make you into a true man, rather than the boy you obviously are."

'Maybe I can see if I can get her in the future? The look on Chouji's face isn't exactly the greatest of expressions.' Naruto watched as Chouji forced a smile on his face, looking at Shikamaru, who flared him a similar smile.

"And then there was my team." Kakashi stated with a joyful tone in his voice. "Sasuke, you're up."

"Of course. The great Uchiha has to go first." Naruto heard from, much to his surprise, Sasuke as he released the Pokegirl within the Great Ball. The Pokegirl had brown feathers with curly orange hair with red highlights. The feathers on her back, as well as on her wings, which were separated from her arms. She had a C-cup bust, though he could tell that she had a thick ass as well, and proudly stood next to Sasuke.

"I can feel the seriousness in you boy. We're going to become quite the pair." Naruto looked at the Phoenix, as revealed by the Pokedex, with a look of disgust before he focused back the the Pokedex.

'Apparently, with the use of battle stress, it can become a Fireburst, another Fire/Flying Pokegirl. As if its current enhancements and near fireproof body wasn't enough.' Naruto thought as he watched Sakura release her Pokegirl. Much to his annoyance, the Pokegirl was a Skatey and, if the glare on its face was anything to point out, remembered who he was, and the pain that Valkyria made the Water/Bug type feel.

"You!" The Skatey shouted as she walked over to Naruto. Right as she was about to get close to him, Kakashi appeared with a kunai pressed against its throat in seconds.

"Nu uh, you go back to your mistress and await orders, got it? There will be no team punishment unless I dish it." Naruto felt a sweat-drop form as he watched the Skatey walk back to Sakura's side. "Now, I believe its your turn to release your Pokegirls Naruto." At this, Naruto released a laugh and smiled.

"Don't you mean Pokegirl sensei?"

"No, I said Pokegirls, as in plural."

'Damn, I thought I heard right.' Naruto sighed as he released Naruko and Valkyria from their Pokeballs. Naruko's reaction was to be expected, happy, playful, and slightly perverted as she compared her breasts with the other Pokegirls in a blink of an eye. Valkyria, on the other hand, walked up to Chouji's Minotaura and introduced herself, an action Naruto could say he was honestly surprised by, due to taijutsu being one of the things she was weak against. 'And then there was one.' Naruto released the last Pokegirl, watching as it emerged in front of him.

This Pokegirl looked completely human, if not with a few odd colors making up her body. Deathly pale skin mixed with some dark purple seals on her neck leading downwards, leading him to assume that those markings were all over her body. She had long, dark green hair that went down to her waist, dull green eyes, and had a scar on her left cheek. She wore a blue robe with a brown pointy hat that dangled from her right shoulder, had brown pants, and wore sandals. What caught his attention was her staff. It was three inches taller than her, making her 6'3, made of a wood he never seen before, considering the staff itself was red, with a dark red jewel on top of the staff. As soon as he was done looking her over, she turned to him with her staff pointing at his forehead.

"I take it you're Uzumaki Naruto then?"

"Hai." Naruto replied, thinking of how mature the Pokegirl in front of him sounded.

"Good," She pulled her staff away, "I'm Vicky, a Witch, and I'm to be your newest Pokegirl, as ordered by the Hokage himself." On the up side, knowing that the Hokage did pick her out for him was awesome, since he thought that Kakashi was just being nice with what he said. On the down side, he felt everyone's eyes looking at him and his THREE Pokegirls, and could feel a few bits of killer intent from some of his classmates as well.

'God dammit Kakashi.'

"Now that we've got the sorting out of the way, lets get to the most important part, our introductions!" Kakashi chuckled as he leaned on the railing. Instead of staying in the auditorium with the others, Kakashi wanted them to go to the roof of the academy, saying how it would allow them to get to know each other without any awkwardness from the other genin, hence why they were on the roof. "Now I want Pinky to go first."

"But sensei," Sakura began, "Shouldn't you introduce yourself first?"

"That's true, since I guess none of you have any brain cells that can understand common sense." At that, Naruto chuckled as he saw Sasuke frown and Sakura's eyes widen. "But that is a fair question. During missions, you can never ask too many questions if they relate to the mission or enemy at hand. Normally, if it wasn't thanks to the Ninja Project, I wouldn't of given you any information, would of placed you in a teamwork exercise to see if you were true genin or not, and proceed to fail or pass you; however, since all genin in the Ninja Project pass automatically, I have to tell you actual information. A bummer huh?" Naruto felt his right eye twitch at the response, though he wasn't the only one who had some type of negative response. Sakura glared as Sasuke turned his head to the side. "Anyway, My name is Hatake Kakashi, my age doesn't matter at this point, I love perverted novels, especially those written by a certain pervert, and I am well trained in both jutsu and Pokegirls of the electric, ground, and rock types. Now its your turn Pinky."

"Hai, Kakashi-sensei." Sakura took a breath of air. "My name is Haruno Sakura, I'm the only ninja in my family to this point, and prefer to read up on the ways of a ninja before practicing them. I, I mean..." From here, Sakura began to blush as she shook her head. "That's not important!" She declared, causing Naruto to hold his ears at her loud voice. "I've been told I have great chakra control, and I'm, ahem, curious as to how I'm to get along with my Pokegirl."

"Oh, is there no one that you hate?" Kakashi asked. Sakura turned to Naruto, who looked at her eyes in response.

"I don't like Naruto, but for some reason, my Pokegirl HATES him. What did you do this time baka?" Naruto shrugged and looked at Kakashi, who chuckled before turning to Sasuke.

"Okay, brooding one, your turn." Instead of responding, Sasuke leaned forward with his chin resting on his hands.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. My likes and dislikes don't matter, but I have a dream, no, an-" Before he could continue, a coin was flicked at his nose, causing him to stutter as he looked at their sensei.

"No, if I was forced to tell things about me, you definitely have to do it. Now start again, or else you'll be sent on a one way ticket to the hospital in an uncomfortable manner." Kakashi declared, causing the boy to nod.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke, I like dango, training, but dislike fangirls and certain types of ramen. My ambition is to kill a certain man, and, as to my Phoenix, it's ironic, considering my clan is known for their fire jutsu, yet I pick one in an element I've mastered."

"Mastered, you say?" Kakashi asked, glancing at Naruto, who smiled and scratched the back of his head.

"Saved the best for last, right Kakashi-sensei? Alright, my name is Uzumaki Naruto, and I love training, Naruko and Valkyria, those are my two Pokegirls, and ramen. I dislike the three minutes it takes to make instant ramen, foxes, and headaches. I owe a lot to Jiji, Anko-sensei, and to the Pokedex for teaching me so much in so little time. As for my new Pokegirl, I'm excited to work with her!" As soon as he was done, Kakashi began to clap with a smile on his hidden face.

"Well, at least someone was informative for the rest of us. So, my first impression of you three is, well, you two are going to suck," Kakashi pointed at Sasuke and Sakura, "While you, Naruto, are going to survive against both higher class ninjas and Pokegirls. I want an equal team, so I want for each of you to go to this hotel on the address I'm about to give you, tame your newest Pokegirl, and go to training ground seven at ten o'clock. Sayonara." With that, Kakashi left in a Shunshin, leaving the three genin to look to one another for a few moments. Naruto noticed that a sheet of paper was falling towards them, and grabbed it.

"So, hm, does anyone want to grab a bite to eat before we go to this hotel?"

"Are you paying?" Naruto nearly fell on his ass as Sakura and Sasuke asked him at the same time.

"Yea, I'll pay, so will you?"

"Sure. Just not that ramen bar of yours."

"Well, since you're offering so kindly..."

'Well it looks like we're visiting Anko's dango bar then.' Naruto thought as the three genin walked away from the roof.

The time spent at the dango bar was, for lack of a better word, enjoyable. Anko was there eating dango, hence causing the group to be a little embarrassed at her state of dress, except for Naruto, who was use to it. For one reason or another, she had the most fun picking on Sakura, leaving the boys to randomly talk about various things from training, to Pokegirls, and, much to his surprise, ramen. The only reason the three had to leave was thanks to Sakura, who decided to scream at Anko for "being too perverted and weird" with her, and made their way to the hotel Kakashi told them to rent for the night.

When they got to the hotel, Naruto couldn't say he was surprised that it was a love hotel in the red light district. They were about to fuck Pokegirls, so the necessary perverted location was a blessing for them. What got to him was how it was being ran by a Bunnygirl with short blond hair and a slightly smaller bust than Naruko's own. After telling her their situation, she looked through the notebook for the night's rental, and looked up at them with a smile.

"I'm terribly sorry, but the only room available is the honeymoon away from the moon room, and you three would have to share it." Naruto looked at his teammates, who had looks of shock on their faces, and turned to the Bunnygirl with his wallet out.

"We'll take it." After he paid, she led them up to the room, which was on the third floor, and unlocked the door for them. The room was magnificent, he had to admit. It was large enough to host a private party, there seemed to be a mini-fridge on each side of the fancy over sized bed, and there were blinds, a major plus for them. After thanking the Bunnygirl, the three turned to one another and were about to walk in, only for Sakura to stand in front of them and pushed them into the hallway.

"I get first dibs!" Sakura screamed as she closed and locked the door, leaving the two boys to look at one another.

'Damn, there goes my chance to see Sakura naked.' Naruto thought as he turned to Sasuke, who had an annoyed look in his eyes.


"Yes Sasuke?"

"How exactly am I going to tame my Pokegirl when her body heat is around that of a katon jutsu?" Naruto had to blink a few times as he let the question roll in his head. After a few minutes, he pinched the bridge of his nose and pointed to the shopping district of Konoha.

"Lets go to the Pokegirl shop. Maybe they'll have something for you to use."

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(Team Seven)

Jounin sensei: Hakate Kakashi Pokegirls: Unknown

Genin: Haruno Sakura Pokegirls: Skatey (Name unknown)

Genin: Uchiha Sasuke Pokegirls: Phoenix (Name unknown)

Genin: Uzumaki Naruto Pokegirls: Bunnygirl (Naruko), GunValkyrie (Valkyria), Witch (Vicky)

(Team Eight)

Jounin sensei: Yuuhi Kurenai Pokegirls: Unknown

Genin: Aburame Shino Pokegirls: Spinnertit (Name unknown)

Genin: Inuzuka Kiba Pokegirls: Doggirl (Name unknown)

Genin: Hyuuga Hinata Pokegirls: Ravage & Domina (Names unknown)

(Team Ten)

Jounin sensei: Sarutobi Asuma Pokegirls: Unknown

Genin: Yamanaka Ino Pokegirls: A-bra (Name unknown)

Genin: Nara Shikamaru Pokegirls: Shieldmaiden & Kunoichi (Names unknown)

Genin: Akimichi Chouji Pokegirls: Eva & Minotaura (Names unknown)