The Beginning of the End

"I figure we'll check out the farm and then the area by the party and we are going to get that damn thing tonight I can't keep this schedule of no sleeping up," Dean said after they dropped Katie off.

"I want this over as well, my client can't keep losing his stock," Sam agreed.

Mrs. Cooper said she would be back around 9:30 to pick the kids up Lacy nodded and shut the door behind her. The two looked at the scene before them in awe; every nook and cranny was decorated to the hilt. Scarecrows were peeking from hay bales, skeletons hung from the trees bats and black cats were strewn around and ghosts were floating from everywhere.

"Hey guys," Jason greeted "you two look great, we have tons of stuff to do. We have games over there," he pointed to the west, "and food by the fire, hotdogs and stuff you can cook yourself, um later we're going to have some contests like water balloon toss and races and a costume contest and I would say both of you could be contenders. You have to start at the haunted barn, my grandpa will take you through," the boy finished showing the couple the way to the barn. "This is Braden and Lacy and they are all yours," Jason said with a smile.

"Welcome young ones I will be your host on this frightening journey. First off you will come out alive, our rules are simple no running in and out of the house a million times and stay on this side of the rope," he said indicating the roped off area, "that is where the animals are and they won't be too happy if you go traipsing over there, besides its very dark and you'll probably get hurt, other than that we only ask that you have a good time."

The tour was exciting with Lacy grabbing onto Braden's arm more than once during the excursion, but they did indeed survive the ghosts that flew into their faces the monsters that popped up and the bowls full brains and eyeballs that they put their hands into. They exited and Braden was sure he had heard the Impala roar by just as he walked outside. He was a bit distracted for a few minutes but once they started roasting their hotdogs he forgot all about it.

Lacy was having the time of her life, they roasted hotdogs and Braden toasted a bunch of marshmallows for her and they won the egg race which gave them a ton of candy for a prize. She was 4th in the costume contest and Braden came in 1st in a unanimous decision, all the kids had welcomed her as Braden assured her they would and she wished she could bottle up the night and keep it forever.

A few kids had already left as it was after 9:00 but most were still around. Braden was munching on a candy bar staring off to the land beyond the rope. "I'm proud you didn't feel the need to go past the rope this time," Lacy said.

"Yeah I'm pretty content right here," he sighed a bit saddened that the evening was coming to an end.

As the two along with several others jabbered and listened to the music blaring from the nearby speakers two chickens ran past them.

"What are the chickens doing out?" somebody asked.

"I don't know they were in their coop," Jason said as he called out for his grandparents.

As they waited a cow gave out a deep moan and more chickens ran their way. "What is going on?" Jason's grandmother asked out loud just as a bloody chicken carcass came flying their way.

"I'm not sure but I think it has something to do with that ugly dog," Braden said pointing into the darkness.

Dean and Sam had been driving all around and thought they had sighted the creature a couple of times but couldn't corner it. Finally they found its trail as it headed east towards a pasture of cows. The boys could hear music in the distance and Dean figured it was the party he had forbidden Braden to attend. He breathed a sigh of relief knowing his son wasn't among the guests that appeared to be in the path of this zoological nightmare.

"There it is," Sam whispered as they saw the creature behead a chicken and slurp up its liquid contents.

Dean pulled out his gun as Sam readied the flashlight, they both knew there were quite a few people only 50 yards away and wanted to get this done and get out of the area before they were spotted.

Dean steadied the gun complete with silencer as they feared they would be in a populated area when they found the beast and fired. But just as Dean pulled the trigger the another chicken flew by causing the Chupacabra to rear up and take off right towards the lighted area strewn with party goers.

"I think I got him in the leg," Dean said as they ran up to the spot where it had been.

"Yep, there's a blood trail alright," Sam said squatting down.

The two ran off in the direction of their prey hoping nobody would be in its path.

"There was somebody out there with a flashlight," Jason's grandpa said.

"Yeah I saw it too," Mark said.

"Probably somebody playing a joke," Braden said dreading the fact that he was most likely wrong. He had a very uneasy feeling as he watched the flashlight beam make its way closer.

Jason's grandmother had gotten many of the kids into the house with a few more being picked up during the distraction. Braden looked over at Lacy and saw that she had just put her phone back into the small pocket sewn into her outfit. "My mom said she would be here close to 10:00 my brother had some kind of problem and she had to go pick him up."

Braden looked up his eyes huge unsure of what had him more scared the black beady eyed creature running his way or the fact that it was being chased by his father and uncle.

"What is it?" Lacy yelled as the Chupacabra came into view.

"A really, really ugly dog," Braden said grabbing her hand and heading towards the house.

The beast with dark skin, black beady eyes and what looked like spikes on its back blew right on by the kids and off across the road. Braden and Lacy had gotten as far as the back porch when Braden heard the voice he dreaded, "Braden can I speak with you a moment," Dean asked in a very tight unyielding tone.

Sam left Dean's side and made his way to Lacy who was a bit shaken at what she had just seen. While Braden forced one foot in front of the other hoping his father's wrath wouldn't take center stage.

"Do you mind telling me what the hell you are doing here?" Dean asked in hushed tone that a biting edge to it.

In the background he could hear words such as 'new breeds' and 'hairless' as Sam tried to calm Lacy.

"Sorry," was Braden could muster.

"Oh you will be I can promise you that," Dean hissed.

Lacy called her mom canceling the ride as Dean jogged back to get the Impala that was parked a half mile down the road figuring the activity would help calm his nerves and keep him from strangling his son. Sam stood with kids as they all watched cars come and honk and animated kids jabbering about the weird thing they saw kept them occupied. So far other than the Chupacabra Lacy had no inclination of the trouble that was brewing for Braden. He would have to give his father credit for keeping his disobedient act quiet. Finally they all boarded the classic car for the return home with only the motor making any noise.

"How was the party?" Sam asked as Dean glared at him.

"Fine, it was really cool," Lacy began filling them in with all kinds of details as Braden sat quietly feeling Dean's anger roll off of him.

"Dean look out," Sam yelled at the same time that Dean slammed on the brakes.

The car hit something that made an incredible thud and the two men hopped from the front seat to examine what the damage was.

"Well mission accomplished," Sam said as he looked at the crumpled remains of their hunt.

"And not in even a dent to my baby," Dean said proudly. "You stay here with the kids while I drag this thing off and burn it."

Sam moved the car to the side of the road and distracted the kids while Dean hastily did as he said.

"What was it?" Lacy asked.

"It was some kind of dog, I think it was sick or something," Sam said as Braden wrinkled his nose knowing a lie when he heard it.

"I had a great time Braden," Lacy gushed as he walked her to the door. "In fact that was probably the best time I ever had. Thank you, thank you for taking me."

Braden smiled and told her it was his pleasure and that he would see her Monday. After she closed the door behind her he turned to face his doom.

The ride home was silent but as soon as they got home Dean ordered the boy upstairs to change and prepare for bed. "What happened?" Mia asked.

"He went to that party I told him not to."

"You're kidding?"

"No I'm not and right now I am fit to be tied, I don't think I've ever been so mad and disappointed in him. He blatantly disobeyed on a grand scale," Dean fumed.

"Okay well let's talk about it for a few minutes so you can calm down," Mia encouraged.

They both decided on what punishment would be best and the list was rather long. So after his hands stopped shaking and he had taken several deep breaths Dean headed upstairs. Braden sat on his bed knowing he was in a lot of trouble and his resolve was melting away, he was going to die. He knew with certainty that he would most like be grounded forever and he imagined physical pain along with that and the possibility of losing his hockey season loomed large.

Dean didn't bother knocking he just walked into his son's room and got angry all over again.

"I'm sorry Dad," Braden offered immediately.

"Not good enough son, you have no idea how angry I am right now. I told you that you were not to go to that party and you completely disregarded me. You have to understand that it is your job to do what you are told whether you agree with it or not; that I know what is best not you."

"But Lacy would've been so disappointed if we hadn't gone," Braden tried.

"While I admire your thoughtfulness did you think about how much danger you put her in? You gave her a great night, but who knows what kind of nightmares might plague her or what if that thing had done damage, did you ever think of that?"

"You didn't tell me why I couldn't go only that you didn't want me to," Braden argued.

"Sometimes it isn't for you to know only to obey. Our lives are complicated and sometimes you are just going to have to trust me. Am I being clear?"

"I guess so, but I wouldn't have told anyone," Braden continued.

"So you would have told Lacy what, there was a creature out there or would you have lied?"

Braden only shrugged, "I just can't wait until I'm bigger and can hunt too."

This was not what Dean wanted to hear at all as his mother's desire to have her children live normal lives had gone out the window followed by her grandson's. "Well that is something we will deal with in the future. As of right now you will do as you're told simply because it is what you are told, whether it is by me or Mia, understand?"

Braden seemed to chew on what Dean had said, "I am big enough and it's stupid," he said quietly.

Dean let the air escape from his lungs as he pulled Braden up off the bed moving the mattress with is foot and resting it on the box spring below he pulled his belt free and leaned his son against his leg and began to remind the boy who was boss.

Braden could kick himself for what he had said, Dean's eyes had softened a bit and he felt things swinging to his favor until he opened his big mouth again. Why couldn't he have just agreed but no he had nobody to blame for this but himself and as the pain spread through his body he knew he had greatly pissed his old man off. There was no doubt Dean was sending a message that he was the boss and insubordination would not be tolerated. By the end he was exhausted and their relationship had been taken to a new intensity.

Dean released his son who he could tell was valiantly trying to hold tears back but was unsuccessful. "That is what will await you if you insist on keeping up this type of behavior. You have successfully put yourself on the next level and believe or not I can ratchet it up if you so desire. Now pay attention," Dean said as he went over to Braden's dry erase board. He erased the doodles on there and began to write with the marker, "eyes up here son, you will be grounded for a month with the first two weeks helping at the garage after school, you will write a paper on the creature we were hunting and I want it very detailed, and since I can't trust you instead of being left alone next Saturday while Mia and I go on date night you will have a babysitter and there will be no rock block all month. I was very close to saying no hockey but I was reminded that we have already invested over $400 in fees and equipment but let me tell you this Braden John Winchester if you pull another stunt like this you will be pulled from the team and some of your savings will land in my bank account to help pay for it. You will also be schooled in the area of respect, meaning that I expect to be called sir and Mia ma'am and you will not question anything you are told. I expect you to behave in school because so help you God if Mr. Law calls me with any problems. Am I clear?"

"Yes sir crystal clear," Braden said sniffling.

"I'm sorry that this had to happen and I'm sorry that you hate me right now, but you need to understand the enormity of your decisions in our lifestyle. Now go to bed and I'll see you tomorrow."

Dean left as Braden rolled over on his side. He closed his eyes as the tears dripped out and when he reopened them he saw the sympathetic face of his Grandpa John who knew exactly what his son and grandson were feeling.

Stay tuned;) TBC