A Wandering Heart
Extras: Outtakes

by Kim McFarland


[SCENE: the Gorg's garden. It is raining and the ground is muddy. Sage grabs the leaves growing out of a radish almost as big as she is and pulls hard. After much effort, skidding around in the mud, the radish comes loose—and rolls on top of her, smushing her into the squelchy mud.]


[Janken is writing on Fraggle paper, whatever that is. Mica comes in and reads over his shoulder.]

Mica: "It was a dark and stormy night"?

Janken: The Storyteller starts out that way when her imagination's out to lunch.

[Janken and Mica are sitting side-by-side, her arm around his back. The atmosphere is bittersweet. They sit for a little while. Then Mica looks at him.]

Janken: What?

Mica: Your stomach was supposed to growl.

Janken: I can't make my stomach growl on command. They'll have to dub it in.

Mica: So much for method acting.

Janken: [burps] Will that do?

Mica: We'll stick with dubbing.


Cantus: We will be moving on this afternoon. If you decide to join us, be ready to leave then.

Janken: [flustered] I... thanks!

[Janken dashes off. The Minstrels watch him go.]

Murray: [to Cantus] Why do you get all the groupies?


[The Minstrels have swapped instruments and played some music.]

Murray: [to Janken] Surprised?

Janken: Yes. I didn't know you played other instruments.

Cantus: To play as one, you must understand the whole.

Janken: [nodding] Oh, that makes sense.

Cantus: [startled] It does?

Murray: You're slipping, boss.

PART 10:

[Janken emerges from a small tunnel into a dark storage room filled with boxes. He feels around in the dark, finds the door, and can't open it. He goes back to his backpack and gets something out. Then he climbs up the pile of boxes. When he reaches the top he plants a flag bearing the Solemn Mark of the Fraggle on the lid.]

PART 12:

[Janken accepts a telephone receiver from Lana.]

Doc: [through the phone] Janken Fraggle?

Janken: Doc! Is that you?

Doc: Of course it's me! They told me you've been stuck out there for months! Why didn't you call earlier? Or at least send a postcard so your family would know what happened to you?

Janken: Er... I didn't think of it?

PART 15:

[Janken and Scooter are sitting alone in the theater, holding hands. A movie has just finished. Scooter holds up a DVD remote player with his free ahnd and, aiming over the seat back, turns off the DVD player.]

Janken: Thanks.

Scooter: Glad you liked it.

Janken: It's the second best thing that happened to me today.

[Scooter makes a face.]

Janken: What?

Scooter: Whew! Dragon breath.

Janken: Who put the peppers and onions in my salad?

Scooter: Next time, I'm packing mouthwash.

Janken: Fine by me, carnivore.

PART 17:

[The Great Hall, the winter solstice. Everyone has finished singing There's A Promise and Janken has joyfully returned to his family. Now Cantus and Janken are speaking.]

Cantus: You have learned to listen.

Janken: Thank you. Can I ask you a question?

Cantus: There can be no answers without questions.

Janken: What does 'Let Me Be Your Song' really mean? It sounds like... you know.

Cantus: [momentarily flustered, then recovers and answers] I was young once too.

Janken: [grinning] Thought so.

Scooter and the Muppet Theater are copyright © The Muppets Studio, LLC. Cantus, Murray, and Doc are copyright © The Jim Henson Company. All copyrighted properties are used without permission but with much respect and affection. Sage, Janken, Mica, and the overall story are copyright © Kim McFarland (negaduck9 at aol dot com). Permission is given by the author to copy it for personal use only.