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Chapter One: Weddings

Their wedding ceremony was a veritable who's who of the rich and powerful and all of them had descended on his estate. To John's surprise and pleasure, John's godfather had even managed to finagle the time to come.

So here he was, standing in a room putting the finishing touches to his dress uniform. He checked himself in the mirror to make sure his uniform was perfect. The only thing left to do was pin his Medal of Honour onto his jacket. Just as he raised his hand, he heard a knock on the door, "Come in."

John did not even blink as the two secret service agents walked in, obviously checking the room for his godfather. John smiled as his godfather walk into the room. President Henry Hayes loved his godson dearly. The President appreciated that his godson still treated him like a man.

The President picked up Johns Medal of Honour and pinned it to his chest, he did add. "You know I could do without any more potential heart attacks."

John snickered, "Its not me you have to worry about."

Henry laughed, "Yes I've heard all about Steve's exploits since I've reached the Island. Although, the Secret Service adores Steve."

John was well aware that last week Steve had broken a plot to hurt his Uncle Henry. Hayes grinned, "You ready kiddo?"

John took a deep breath, "More than anything."

John hadn't truly comprehended the depth of his feelings for Steve. He loved the man more than anything. He knew he would die for him but more importantly, he would live for him. What struck John most was his complete lack of nerves. When he had been preparing to take his vows with Nancy he was a sack of nerves.

The President smirked, "Well I'll be watching from the first row."

John smiled, "Thank you Uncle Henry."

The ceremony was being held on the beach behind their house. It was simply too gorgeous a site not to use. On top of that, it had the advantage of being easily secured, which was a must, when you considered the high profile guests.

Their ceremony was not going to be a traditional ceremony. After all, neither of them was the bride. They both were wearing their dress uniforms and looking ridiculously handsome according to the best men. Danny shook his head; they were a perfect poster for recruitment. Better yet, they were a good poster couple for a more enlightened military. Even the biggest idiot in the world, could clearly see that these men were heroes. Whether, they considered themselves so or not.

The priest was a Chaplin from the base. He smiled happily, as the ceremony got underway, "We are gathered her today to see these two men exchange vows…"

The ceremony passed in a blur. Although, both John and Steve relished sealing the deal with a kiss. The whoop from the crowd reminded people that several Marines and SEAL's were in the crowd.

The reception was long and expensive. It was so expensive, that even Stanley's eyes watered at the amount of money that was being spent on the ceremony. Danny could admit that he hadn't hidden his glee when he informed Step-Stan that John did not seem concerned about the money. He even used the words 'drop in the ocean', which almost made Step-Stan cry. Life was good.

For the most part, the newlywed couple were unaware. They played the game and spoke with all the important VIP's. Periodically, the one would find the other with his eyes. Steve teased John with sultry looks when he was talking with O'Neill and the Defence Secretary. All in the room could see that the couple were merely counting down to the time they could escape.

The Honeymoon night was memorable. Ironically, they spent it at the Sheppard suite because most of guests were staying at their house. John would have felt bad about dumping the care of all the guests onto Carrie and Mary but he had bribed them with gifts. It turns out that Diamonds really are a girl's best friend.

John hadn't even managed to open the door to the suite before Steve started toying with him. Steve nipped and teased at his ears, knowing it was a hot zone for John and he was rock hard immediately. As soon as they had shut the door, John was pressed up against the wall and he felt Steve's arousal digging into his thigh. Steve was like a whirlwind, his hands touching everywhere. The hands were teasing never staying long enough to bring relief, just tease him and arouse him further.

John though was not passive; he managed to untuck Steve's shirt. Steve pulled back to suck in air and John's hand immediately slithered up Steve's shirt. The couple shed there clothes in frenzied steps as they haphazardly made there way to the bed.

John collapsed on the bed and managed to sprawl sexily over the bed. He had discovered the art of sprawling in early puberty and had never looked back. Steve took a minute to stare; he was unsure where to begin. He did know one thing though; he promised his husband, "I'm gonna make you scream my name."

John shivered at the thought; he upped the ante, spreading his legs, "I'm right here."

Steve leaned over and pressed John into the mattress, John sighed at the skin on skin contact but it was not enough. Steve knew exactly how to tease him. Steve kissed him, hot and dirty. John moaned as his he opened his mouth and Steve slipped his tongue inside.

Steve kept his promise and John definitely screamed Steve's name.

Then again, after a short rest it was John's turn. He made sure to repay his husband for all the pleasure he had received earlier. Finally, afterwards, they collapsed exhausted, coiled around each other in post coital bliss. Steve pressed a gentle kiss to John's forehead, "Love you flyboy."

John's head was actually buried in the crook of his neck and he barely heard John say, "Love you too sailor," before he fell asleep.

The next morning they groaned as their pagers went off simultaneously. They disregarded their nudity in favour of reaching their cells, needing to know about the inevitable emergency. "Sheppard."


McGarrett listened with a sinking feeling as the governor told him the tsunami alarms had been triggered. He started to shuck on his clothes, he learned as the Governor informed him that he was to oversee the evacuation plans.

John was listening as Lorne told him exactly what was going down. He put his hand over the phone to let Steve know, "The tsunami buoys registered a wave several hundred miles off shore. Its expected to hit landfall in two hours."

Steve carried on listening, "Yes Governor I understand I'll be there in ten minutes."

Sheppard snickered at something said by his second, "Ask Caldwell if he minds us clogging up his empty bay with planes."

It was the perfect solution for the SG planes but he still needed to find somewhere for the non-SG planes that were still stationed at Hickham.

John was shucking on his BDU's as he pressed a number on his speed dial. "Yeah this General Sheppard I need to speak to Admiral Walker."

McGarrett wondered what John was planning. "Come on Andy. I have twenty-five planes that could do with a new berth. Out of the way of a Tsunami would be good."

McGarrett listened as John snickered, "Come on I'm married to a navy man, we're practically family."

Whatever was the reply, Steve saw John visibly relax, "You're a good man Andy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

Steve leaned forward and kissed John fiercely, "Stay safe."

John did not say anything he just grabbed Steve for a second kiss, "I'm not the one who will need a snorkel."

Steve gave him a cocky grin, "Good job that I'm a SEAL."

It had been an odd 48 hours for Steve. First, he had gotten married, which was the best thing that he had done in a while. Then he had been tasked with co-ordinating the Hawaiian response to a tsunami warning. It was a difficult task. It was made more difficult when he realised that there was NO tsunami.

He was enraged when he found out it was a plot to steal money from the asset forfeit locker at HPD. The most damning thing was that they had almost succeeded. When he had questioned the culprit, the masterminds only response was 'it was what I was owed'.

That had made Steve's blood boil in a way few things could. The man had taken an oath, not the other way round. He was just glad that his team had been able to foil the plan.

He had let John know immediately that it was a false alarm. He did not envy his husbands job. John, who had just organised what was in essence a bug-out of his base, now had to oversee everything being put back.

He actually beat John back home. He took one look at John and moved to help him out of his clothes. John looked at him sleepily, "We do have the next 48 hours off."

Steve snorted, "It was all we could swing as a honeymoon."

John nodded, just barely awake, "Okay we'll get around that tomorrow. Right now I need sleep."

Sneak peek: Well we all know that a perfect honeymoon stroll is tracking assassins through a jungle. Right?