Plot: Dean gives us ten proofs that Sam really means a lot to him...

Note: I know the fandom must be teeming with this kind of fics, but I had those sentences in mind and didn't know what to do with them...

Please keep in mind that I'm French, hence the English mistakes ;)



1) I let him drive the Impala. Enough said.

2) I got him a copy of Snow White. The porn version, that's it. A personal favourite of mine. As his big brother, it is my duty to take care of his sexual education.

3) I secretly keep a picture of him in my wallet. It is hidden behind a picture of Jessica Alba in a bikini sexier than the one James Bond girl Ursula Andress wore in Dr No.

4) When it's frigging cold outside, I make sure he doesn't leave the car without a scarf and a hat. Please, like I'd want him to get a cold and blow snot all over my Baby's dashboard.

5) Once a week, I let him pick out the music he wants to listen to in the car and I didn't even yell at him the day he chose the Bee Gees greatest hits. I've only put itching powder in his underwear the following day, and believe me, that was a poor punishment compared to what I suffered.

6) If he was half-starved, I'd let him eat the pickles of my cheeseburger. Self-sacrifice is something that runs in the family.

7) When we were kids, I lent him my GI Joe's. Well, only the rubbish ones. But, if he gave me his dessert, I'd even let him play with Scarlett. She had one sexy ass, Scarlett!

8) When I chat up a girl, I always try to find out if she's got a little sister. If she has, I give Sam's number to the little sis'. Of course, if they are both hot, I keep them both to myself. My generosity has limits.

9) He gets demon blood while I have a coke at the vending machine, and I still love him...

10) Dammit! I won a ticket to Hell for him! How much proof do you need, you son of a bitch?

Thanks for reading! :)

And if I am inspired, maybe I'll write the Sam version of this! :)

Published on July.31 2011