Note: Alright, here's Sam's version! :) Thanks for your reviews!


1) I've installed a parental control and porn blocker software on my laptop. It's for his own good, believe me.

2) I replace every girl's number he saves on his phone with Bobby's number. I don't like lending my things.

3) I know that Led Zeppelin isn't a type of rigid airship.

4) I save every single text message he sends me. And that even includes the "Piss off Sasquatch!" and the "Forget the pie & you're a dead man" ones.

5) I don't grimace anymore when he eats a burger in front of me and speaks with his mouth full.

6) I've stopped whistling and nudging him when he snores, and invested in a pair of earplugs instead.

7) I tried not to laugh the day I realised the rag I had used to clean my vomit actually was his comfort blanket from when he was a little kid. I swear I tried!

8) I never told Dad he gave me candies to do his homework when he was in high school.

9) I've learnt to eat cookies without dropping a single crumb in his precious Impala. Which means I almost have to swallow them whole. Took a lot of practice!

10) He's the only one in the whole universe allowed to call me Sammy. Speaks for itself.

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Published on August.4 2011