Beneath The Warrior.


Tales travel faster than she possibly could, despite how fast they said she could run. Many people believed she was simply a false threat to deter enemies, but the people she protected knew she was real.

"She travels on a fire pokemon, it's flames are blue just like her hair. She can climb like a Treeko and has the accuracy of a Sentret. Her stealth is deadly and her skills in different weaponry are unmatched. Not many have ever seen her, and even fewer have survived in her presence."

The children who had gathered around an elderly man were listening intently as he spoke of a woman in a distant land. He petted the blue and yellow wolf-like creature lay in his lap, its fur crackling gently against his skin.

"I am one of them." He whispered, and the children gasped in shock at this unveiling. "And she was magnificent."

"What happened?" A young girl asked in a hushed and excited voice. Many of the others murmured in agreement.

"How did you escape?" The boy who was sat next to her added.

The old story-teller nodded absently as he awaited silence, then as it came, he inhaled deeply. "She gratefully showed mercy to me as I was being attacked by a group of highway men." He stooped a little lower so his face was closer to his audience and his voice became quieter. "They came in the dead of night. I'd been careful not to travel during the dark, but still, they found me using their flying pokemon."

"Oh no!" One of the children cried.

"Yes, Manetric couldn't defend me from all of them, and they bound both of us. Said they wanted my treasure, they'd seen me collect it from Solaceon." He looked at the scar his electric type bore along it's left hind leg, a reminder of the traumatic experience. "They ripped my sacks, the merchandise I'd brought for the kingdom. They weren't to know I'd placed the treasure around my neck. It goes without saying that they weren't very happy, so their leader told them to slit our throats so they could leave. I thought our lives were about to end."

One child burst into tears, clinging to their brother as they fought to be brave like their sibling was. Other children were wide eyed and their mouths hung open. The rest realised that the man was still alive telling them the story, so grinned in anticipation for the next part of the story.

"But, to everybody's surprise, the man closing in on me suddenly dropped to the floor, gargling to his death." His eyes became absent as he stared at a patch of dried grass, clearly seeing the dying man in his imagination. "Upon closer inspection, they realised he'd been shot down with an arrow. Its Fletching was a blue feather, from a Swellow, and it's spine was metal." The memory was vivid, the gleam of silver as it flew through the air and landed through the victim's heart.

"She came out of nowhere, suddenly landing in the middle of the group, yet the arrow had come from behind them. They were too startled to react at first, and she swiftly removed the lives of two of the highway men with a sweeping movement of her sword. The last two remaining had unsheathed their own swords by that time, and she turned in time to parry with them both; her sword to their two, but hers was clearly better made, it held them back sufficiently." His voice picked up in volume and pace as he sat further upright, the tension contracting his muscles. The children were leaning in closer so as not to miss a word. "She knew she could not make a move from there, and so she rolled backwards out of the way. The two men stumbled forward and the leader pushed his final man toward her, yelling to end her life quickly. The man gulped as she sneered at him, but his pride told him she was a woman, she couldn't be much of a challenge. He lunged, and she parried with ease countering by spinning and slashing at his hamstrings. He collapsed in pain, and she made quick work of ending his life by shoving her blade through his back."

Some of the children wretched at the thought of a blade sticking through a man's chest, the story-teller had forgotten his audience. He reminded himself to hold back the gore as best he could without losing any of the story.

"The last remaining highway man tried to run away, tried to escape his fate, but she was small and lithe, her speed twice as fast as his. She smacked the man over the head with the hilt of her blade." he motioned the action as he said, "and he was unconscious. Moments later, none of my attackers were alive." He frowned, his lips pursed as the children clapped, some exclaiming in awe.

One of the elder children raised a hand, gaining the attention of the old man. "Why did she help you, sir?"

He smiled weakly, glad for the question, as it led rather nicely to the next part of the tale. "Well, young one, she too wanted the treasure."

The children all gasped together again, the question rang out from several of them. "Did she get it?"

The old man chuckled darkly, "She took many of my items I'd been carrying, and in return she spared my life. She never found the treasure, and I managed to return all the way home with it." With that, he pulled at a chain around his neck, revealing a symbol linked to it; a birds claw clutching a magnificent green orb that was clear like an emerald, yet smooth like a pearl. The children clapped in delight of the story, and dispersed in groups as they chattered endlessly about the exciting story.

With a sigh, the man decided to call it a day. He gently patted his oldest friend and they set off for home. His eyes wandered over the markets until he stopped at one stall and appraised some of the trinkets.

"You are a good story-teller." A woman's voice came from behind him, but as he turned, she was facing another stall, a hat covering her expression.

The man smiled anyway; "Why thank you, I try to entertain the children often, it should occupy them for quite some time."

"Yes, she seems a captivating subject." The woman agreed.

"I had no idea there were others listening." He turned his head to look at her again, but she was gone. With a surprised scoff, he shrugged and began his journey for home again.

Just as he rounded the corner, he came to a stop as he saw the same woman once more. Thinking it as mere coincidence, he smiled and took a step forward.

He took no more steps as she lifted the armed bow to position. The woman lifted her head to allow the hat to fall off, releasing blue hair that fell and swung dramatically behind her. "I don't usually like disguises, but as you said, not many people know who I am."

Carefully, he raised his hands in surrender. "Now, lower the bow, we can talk about this."

"We can talk while the bow is up." She muttered, not moving an inch.

He nodded nervously; "I guess you're right."

"You had the treasure all along." She stated.

"You can have it, in return for my life again." He was already lifting it above his head, and he threw it forward, appealing the mercy she'd shown last time.

She glanced down to it, then back up at him, he flinched at her stare. "Sorry, I don't give second chances."

And with that, the silver flash of a bow glinted in his eye was his last memory as the broad-head lodged into his heart.

Before anybody had time to notice and scream, she'd disappeared up the rooftops and cleared the area, leaping from one roof to land on her steed as it whinnied and reared, warning all civilians that they were coming. They disappeared before anybody had started to look for them.


So new story. This is a common occurrence for me lately. Not good.

I guess I should explain my disappearance.
I have lately had some troubles that meant I had to move to the countryside, and with that meant I had no means of communication. No mobile reception, no internet, nothing.
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