This Song Will Find You

Prologue: Did You See The World?

Author's Notes: 1. The Premise(Ten years after the end of the TV show. The gang is 25-26 years old at this point. They've drifted apart after high school when RFR ended and Travis never returned to town, and embarked on their own separate adventures. This is their story of coming back together.) 2. A Small Side-Note(Also, there maybe be a very slight Instant Star crossover, but it won't interfere at all for those who aren't familiar with IS. Just assume the two operate in the same universe, which is absolutely probable given their similar content.) NOW, ON TO THE STORY:

Toronto, Canada- 4am Friday:

The alarm goes off in the dark hotel room of budding indie rock star, Lily Randall. She groans, rolls over, and hits snooze for the third time. She's exhausted. The Junos had been the night before, and then there was the after-party, and in the months before that she'd been on tour with her third solo album; a hit in Canada and a modest success stateside. Her life was a constant blur these days: motel rooms, strange cities, strange people, interviews, and tour buses. And this was just the beginning! If she didn't get up soon, she was going to miss her flight to Tokyo. Her record label was working to make her a star in countries outside of Canada. This meant going to Japan to play a few gigs, appear on a few wacky game shows, do some interviews... and oh yeah, and record her latest album with a Japan-based producer whose name she was told translated to DJ Powerful Rhythms. Sometimes, Lily Randall hated being a rock star.

Vancouver, Canada- 1am Friday:

The station jingle is cued and Robbie McGrath, also known as DJ Robert Smooth on 98.4 FM Adult Contemporary Mega-Hits, signs off for the night. He pinches the bridge of his nose and hands off the booth to his co-worker. He hops into his modest sedan and peels out of the lot on the way to his favourite watering hole, Gadzooks, a grungy hipster bar where no one knows who he is. Of course they don't know who he is; no one under 50 would be caught dead listening to Adult Contemporary Mega-Hits... if he had to play one more Kenny G song his head was going to implode. "This was married life to Kim Carlisle, reporter for Global Vancouver", he thought to himself, ordering a pint of beer. Robbie McGrath knew he never should have told the radio execs about his past obsession with boy bands in the job interview.

Los Angeles, USA- 1am Friday:

Walking out of the night club, Ray Brennan put his arm around the shoulders of his girlfriend, Mandy. She compliments him on his set at the comedy show. It was just an opening gig for the Flight of The Concords, but still. He's left Canada to gamble on the tougher American scene in the hopes of a big pay-off. By day, he was working at cafe similar to Mickey's, something he found comforting. He hoped to save enough to buy an engagement ring for Mandy. And then a house. Ray Brennan had grown up, and he liked it.

An international flight from London, time unknown:

Travis Strong turned the page of his well-thumbed copy of Nietche's "Beyond Good and Evil" with a sigh. The plane was dark and most of the other passengers were fast asleep. He was still up; reading light on and headphones in, listening to a break-up soundtrack on a transcontinental flight, again. He'd been in London for some time with a girlfriend, but now he was flying back home, alone. It was the same old story: he couldn't open up and connect. Travis Strong was a commitment-phobe and tired of being alone.