He leaned back onto the rock, the bumps of natural erosion over time feeling relaxing to his slightly-tired body. A tingly sensation ran up and down his limbs. A breeze ruffled his blonde hair slightly, cooling him.

A sense of tranquility overtook him, and he was only aware of the presence beside him and the lap of the lake against the rock.

"Kuon?" A voice he never tired of hearing came from above, and he felt the sun blocked from his face.

"Hmmm?" He opened his eyes just so he could see her silhouette and the comfortingly large bulk of snow capped mountain.

"There's a gigantic fly right on your nose."

Peaceful tranquility passed him by as he felt pain right on the tip of his nose.

"Owwww! That hurts! Help, Kyoko!" He lept up, swatting at his nose.

She just laughed at his misfortunes.

His poor ego, spilling down his now-fly-contaminated blood.

"Don't laugh at me! It hurts!"

"You should have seen your face, though! I wish Yashiro was here, then he could have documented it."

"That memorable, huh?" He glowered, watching her search through her heavy backpack for something. He had wanted to carry all of the weight, or most of it, but then she had piled all of the equipment they needed (ALL of it, mind you!) on his back. He toppled over, landing heavily. In the middle of the parking lot. Not only did he have the humiliation of his own wife laughing at him, but also the sniggers of the fellow tourists.

He hated when she decided to illustrate her point more than necessary.

Usually because when she did, he was dead wrong.

And then he would get a lecture about his stubbornness.

Although he loved Kyoko more than words could ever express, sometimes all the lectures would get rather tiring.

He could look at it on the positive side, though. The lectures meant she deeply cared for his well-being.

Suddenly; it all didn't seem so bad.

"Aha! Here it is!" She said triumphantly, wielding something that at the moment looked like his worst enemy.

Rubbing alcohol.

"No, no, no, Kyoko, that's not going to be necessary."

"Of course it is! That fly probably had bitten several other people, and who knows what was in their blood! Did you know that blood is a surefire way for disease from one host to another? No, well, get over here so you can avoid blood-communicable diseases!"

With a sigh of defeat, he walked over, muttering.

"I'm definitely getting a kiss for this to make it better."

"If you're a good patient, you will get one."

He focused on the slightly blush on her cheeks as he leaned in so she could clean his wound.

His eyes trailed down her body, down her petite form to her smooth legs. He was mesmerized as he watched the dappled sunlight from the water play patterns across the lightly-tanned skin.

He didn't even feel the sting of the disinfectant.

"There, all done! Now, shall we continue on? Kuon...?" The blood rushed to her cheeks as he traced the beautiful illuminating patterns on her skin with a feather-light touch.

His gaze shifted up to her eyes, observing the deep blush coloring her cheeks.

"I was a good patient, wasn't I, Kyoko?" His voice, deep, sending shivers down her spine.

"Y...yes... Kuon." She said nervously.

"Then I do get my kiss to make it better, correct?"

She didn't even get a chance to answer. He claimed her lips, passionately but softly still.

A current ran through her.

As he slowly broke it off with a mischievous grin, she glared at him.

"It was supposed to be on the nose." She huffed.

The only reaction she got was the resounding laugh and deeper grin of her husband.