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Warnings – fluffffff, shortness

More Than Meets the Eye

Chapter Eighteen – The Epilogue

Written by Illumination

"Harry, time to wake up..."

The brunette stirred, shifting underneath the blanket. Fingers brushed hair from his forehead, possibly exposing his scar. His eyelids fluttered open, blurry vision settling on the dark-haired man above him. A small smile touched the man's lips.

"You'll be late."

Standing in front of the mirror, Harry took himself in. Too many emotions were playing on his face. Aquamarine eyes shone behind round frames. Dark brown hair was patted down the best it could be. A dark blue suit covered his body. Lifting his hands to his collar, he straightened his white tie.

He had done it. He'd made it through six years of Hogwarts. He'd hunted down all seven horcruxes. He'd succeeded in destroying them all. He'd lost quite a few friends on the way, but he had saved many lives, including his beloved best friends. He never backed down. He never gave up. Never lost control; never lowered his wand and yielded. He'd greeted death like an old friend. He'd killed Lord Voldemort. Despite all the times he'd been told he couldn't do it, all the disbeliefs, the enemies he'd made. He had done it.

Severus appeared behind him, placing his hands on the brunette's shoulders. "Ready to go?" A single nod and the couple disappeared from the bedroom, apparating behind the brick wall of a building. Severus's hands came down upon the younger one's shoulders again, turning him to face him.

"Harry. Don't try to be perfect. Don't try to be someone else." The dark-haired man smiled down at his companion. "They don't deserve you if they can't accept you as you are."

"You did," the brunette murmured, a small smile forming on his lips. The taller male nodded.

"That I did." Brushing a stray strand of hair from the boy's forehead, he revealed his scar. "And don't hide this." His voice was merely a whisper. "It's part of who you are. Not all of you. Just one small part. Because you're so much more than that."

Harry wrapped his arms around the taller man's neck in a hug. Snape embraced him in return, squeezing him tight. "Tonight, we will visit Hogwarts. I know you'd want to. We can find some flowers. And we can pay a visit to the Burrow, to see their graves directly."

Harry nodded. "Now go." Lips curving into another smile, Harry turned to walk across the street, hands stuffed into his jacket.


He turned back, excitement, anxiety and determination all wrapped up into one gaze. Severus held back a tear. How far had Harry come, from the little eleven-year-old boy who barely knew what magic was...

"I love you."

A grin formed on the brunette's face.

"Love you too, Severus."

One last glance spared, and he turned to hurry up the bustling sidewalk to the stairs. Turning left, Harry slipped into the red phonebooth located beside the building. Shutting the door, he smiled as he dialed the numbers.






"Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Please state your name and business." The cool female voice was all too familiar.

Harry gripped the phone's handle tight, his breath beginning to fog up the glass windows.

"Harry James Potter, arriving to attend his first day as an Auror."