Title: Enchanted

Rating: PG

Pairing: Pre-Kurt/Blaine, hinted Pre Kurt/Karofsky, pre-Karofsky/OC

Warnings: None

Spoilers: None for Glee. Spoilers for the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, if you have, for some reason, not read it.

Word Count: 12,500~ for these two parts.

Summary: At 11 years old Kurt Hummel receives his letter to Hogwarts ready to embark on his own magical journey, ready to make his father proud, but growing up is never easy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or Harry Potter.

Authour's Note: Straight to the point on this one. This story will be long like you would not believe, this is the first half of the first chapter, and I estimate the first chapter to be roughly 6 parts, so be prepared. This is 1st year only, but I hope to be able to do all 7 years. So, I hope you all enjoy.


"I thought we're going to magical school," Finn called a little to loudly, drawing the attention of passersby. Burt hushed him, pulling two trolleys up to the trunk of the taxi. Pulling the trunks out he set them on top of the respective trolleys, Kurt placing his owl on top of his trunk, the driver still eyeing the birds in curiosity.

"Come on, Pavarotti, let's find, Dave," Kurt told his owl, the owl seeming to give a nod before sticking it's beak in the air as usual. Steering his trolley he moved through the hoards of muggles, moving towards platform 9 ¾ where Dave said he'd be waiting for him. Burt had offered to let Dave ride with them but it seemed Dave and Pavarotti did not get along as was evident by Pavarotti's refusal to be in the same room as Dave. Then again, Pavarotti wasn't fond of anyone save for Kurt it seemed.

The first hoot of annoyance was the first sign that Pavarotti had spotted Dave, and sure enough Kurt's friend was standing between platforms 9 and 10, waiting for him. "Kurt!" he called, pushing his trolley towards him, Pavarotti throwing a fit in his cage. Muggles stopped to stare at the owl that had the appearance of a child throwing a tantrum.

"Kurt, calm Pavarotti down," Burt ordered, coming up behind him. Kurt nodded, opening the cage door holding his arm out to Pavarotti who happily hopped up, nipping him affectionately.

Finn looked around, turning himself in circles looking for platform 9 ¾. "Where's the platform?"

"Between platform 9 and 10," Dave answered. "Kurt, you want to go through with me?"


"Nice and casual boys, don't want to draw attention."

"I know," Dave smiled, walking towards the brick wall between 9 and 10, Kurt right behind him. Subtly, they walked through the brick, disappearing as if they'd never been there. Finn made a motion to yell only for Burt to catch him, walking him towards the wall. Carole walked behind them, walking through the wall with them, almost tripping at the sensation of falling forward. But there was no falling merely feet moving from one platform to the next.

"WHOA!" Finn yelled, eyes scanning over the scarlet steam engine that proudly declared 'Hogwarts Express'.

Dave waved to Kurt, telling him he'd meet up with him again in a minute before walking off to say bye to his mother and siblings.

"Kurt, you watch your brother, alright? This is all new to him."

"I will, dad," Kurt assured, placing Pavarotti back in his cage so he could reach up to hug his father.

Carole gave her step-son a quick hug after he said bye to his father, turning to her son giving him a kiss to the forehead. "Listen to Kurt and send frequent owls."

"Okay, hopefully Drizzle doesn't get lost, I'd be sad."

"Pav won't get lost, he's to good to get lost," Kurt boasted, his owl hooting in agreement. "Now hurry up I want to get Pavarotti settled in the owl compartment before we leave."

With one last smile and kiss Burt sent his son in the direction of the steam engine. "Have a good term boy, see you at Christmas."

Kurt smiled, pulling his step-brother onto the train Finn yelling his last goodbyes.

Kurt looked in the door of each compartment as they passed, Dave and Finn hot on his heels. "Are there no empty compartments?"

"Here, just go with this one," Dave sighed, pulling a door open and walking in. The compartment's three occupants stopped their chattering, looking at the new arrivals. A latina girl that sat next to the window leaned over to a latino boy across from her, whispering something. Kurt wondered if they were siblings as they both shared similar features such as dark brown hair and brown eyes. They both had soft features, the only difference being the girl was a bit of a darker skin tone than the male. So maybe not related but from similar areas of the Spain.

"Let me help you," Dave whispered, grabbing Kurt's trunk and hoisting it into the rack with Finn's help. Kurt thanked him, taking a seat next to the latino boy across from a curly haired male that smiled kindly at him. Finn jumped down into the seat to this boy's left, and Dave sat to Kurt's right after closing the compartment door. Kurt stared at the boy across from him, mesmerized by hazel eyes with specks of chocolate, he didn't see boys like this in his town.

"I'm Blaine Anderson," the hazel eyed boy spoke, and Kurt had to stop himself from swooning a bit. "This is Santana Lopez," he motioned to the girl on his right. "And that's Andrew Dominguez," he introduced, pointing to the boy next to Kurt.

"I'm Kurt Hummel," Kurt said in a low wisp of a tone, practically breathless. "This is Dave Karofsky, my best friend, and Finn Hudson, my step-brother," he introduced, pointing them out as Blaine had.

Blaine smiled, waving to them. "So is this everyone's first year at Hogwarts?"

"Obviously as no one here has a house crest on their trunk," Santana answered with a roll of her eyes. Kurt looked at her questioningly, or rather her accent. "Yeah, yeah, I know," she sighed, as if sensing his question. "I was born in America but my dad decides to marry an English woman and bam, here I am. Since I live in England now I have to attend Hogwarts. I'm half-blood, by the way, dad's a wizard, mom's a muggle."

Kurt gave an arch of his eyebrow, turning back to Blaine. "Oh, is it my turn to share?" he flushed with a smile. "Well I'm muggleborn, simple as that I suppose. I had always been strange growing up and when strange things started happening around me I hid it from my parents. Then one day a man in robes knocks on our door and tells everyone I'm a wizard. Me. So, here I am. My parents are so thrilled and my little brother will be turning 11 soon so they hope to receive a letter for him too."

"Me too, I'm muggle born too," Finn exclaimed. "But I just got a letter, no guide, because my mom met Kurt's dad and he explained everything and we moved in with them in a wizard town and Dave is Kurt's neighbor."

"You're really loud," Andrew scowled, covering his ears.

"So, how about you, Andrew?" Blaine asked with a kind inviting smile.

"My mom is Spanish, my dad is English, pureblood, that's all you need to know."

"Loquacious," Blaine laughed, turning to Kurt. "And you, Kurt?"

Kurt looked down at his hands, feeling his face flush. "I'm pureblood, I live with my dad in West Harrowville and that's about it, nothing really interesting to speak of."

"West Harrowville? I've never heard of that city. Is it new?" questioned Blaine kindly.

"It's a wizard town in the Ravena Mountains. Muggles can't see the town nor the mountains, the only way in is through apparation or through a wizard guide," Andrew answered with a scoff.

"Like Andrew said. It's a wizard town, the only time muggles come in is when they marry a witch or a wizard like Dave's dad did or Finn's mom."

"Oh," Blaine awed, eyes wide in wonderment. "What's it like? Lots of people flying on brooms? Magic everywhere?"

"It's nothing like that," Dave snapped. "All the houses are the same and boring, the only one difference is Kurt's and that's because he made a sun catcher from a foe glass."

"Dave, what's wrong with you?" Kurt questioned.

"I think somebody is jealous," Andrew whistled, looking out the window, eyes following the rapidly passing trees.

"I'm not jealous of anything."

Andrew rolled his eyes. "Let me guess, you and Kurt grew up together, practically born mates, right? But since the moment he's sat down he's been talking to the muggle born boy and not you. I can sense your growing chagrin from over here."

"Dave, is that true?" Kurt asked gently, placing his hand on his friend's arm."I'm not trying to take anyone away from anyone, I'm just new to the wizardry world so these things are fascinating to me."

"It's a boring town," Dave ended.

"Okay then," Blaine nodded, turning his attention to Finn.

"Dave, that was rude," Kurt scolded.

"You were my friend first, he's trying to take you away."

"I was just talking to him. Like you said, our town is boring, and I don't like a lot of the other boys and girls that live there. I mean did you see Sally Rilan's robes? Whoever told her forest is a good color on her lied."

"You're always doing that! I don't care what color dress robes a girl is wearing or how flattering they are," Dave bit out.

Kurt gave a pout, looking down. "You don't have to be so mean. I play your games all the time but when I want to play dress up you refuse."

"We're not girls, Kurt. We don't play with dollies and costumes. We play Death Eater and Auror, and imagine playing Quidditch."

"Well maybe I want to do something else then play Death Eater and Auror, and I don't even like Quidditch that much. The only reason I like it is because dad repairs brooms, and the only reason I play Death Eater and Auror is to be nice to you, but I don't like that game either. I'm always getting hurt, and I don't even want to be an Auror."

"They're just games!"

"But we never play the games I want to play," Kurt argued back.

"Fine, then Blaine Anderson can be your friend, since I'm so mean!" Dave sneered.

"Dave, I didn't mean it like that, you're still my friend."

"No, Andrew can be my friend now!"

"Excuse me?" Andrew blinked, looking at him. Dave stood up, moving over, pushing Kurt over and sitting next to Andrew.

"We're friends now," Dave declared.

"Fine," Kurt huffed, turning his attention to Blaine. Blaine gave an uncomfortable shrug not really wanting to be involved. "Finn, switch seats with me."

"O-okay," he stuttered, switching sides with Kurt, Kurt sitting down next to Blaine with a huff.

"Anything off the trolley, dears?" a kind voice asked, slicing through the tension. Blaine hopped up first, looking at the assortment of sweets.

"What is all this?" he asked, Kurt coming to stand behind him.

"They're wizard sweets. Try a liquorice wand, chocolate frog, and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans," Kurt suggested, smiling at the plump witch pushing the trolley.

Blaine smiled. "I'll take what Kurt said, and one of those," he ordered, pointing to the cauldron cakes.

"Two pumpkin pasties and a pack of droobles, please," Kurt ordered, smiling at his new brother. After handing over their sickles, the witch gave them their sweets, peering into the compartment.

"Anything else dears?"

The remaining occupants shook their heads, the witch taking off to the next compartment. Andrew dug under his seat, pulling out a bag of cauldron cakes, wrapped in plastic. "My mom makes homemade cauldron cakes for me. Would you like one, Dave?"


"We're friends now, right?"

"Uh, right," Dave smiled, accepting a silver filled cake once Andrew had gotten the bag open.

"Santana, would you like one?"

"The one with purple," she said, pointing it out.

"Hey, can I have the jelly beans, I love jelly beans," Finn asked, reaching for them. Blaine gave a laugh handing them to him after taking one. He popped it into his mouth, chewing for a moment before giving a small appreciative moan. "Strawberry," he cooed. Finn smiled, dumping a handful into his palm, everyone watching him in wonder, no one bothering to stop him as he popped the beans into his mouth. He chewed for a moment before his face began to distort into a grimace of dislike. In alarm his spit the beans out on the floor, coughing, brushing at his tongue."Muggle borns," Andrew laughed, everyone else laughing with him.

"Finn, there's a reason they're called every flavour beans," Kurt pointed out, feet now in the seat away from the jelly bean massacre on the floor. "Here, eat a pumpkin pasties, it will help," he said, holding the treat out to him. Finn took it hesitantly now wary of wizardry sweets.

"Watch it," Santana yelled, peeling Blaine's chocolate frog from her shoulder.

"I'm sorry," he flushed. "I didn't know it'd do that," he said, taking it back by it's foot. "It's not a real frog is it?"

"Just a spell, after the initial jump it's just chocolate, what card did you get?"

Blaine looked at the packaging, picking up the pentagon card, turning it over. "Circe," he beamed, showing the card to him.

"Dave has like six of her."

"I'm missing Babayaga, Merlin, Herpo the Foul and a few others," Dave elaborated.

"I have two Merlins," Andrew told him. "And three Babayagas."

"Really? Would you be willing to trade?"

"Maybe, if you have something of interest to me," Andrew smiled, offering him another cauldron cake.

"Maybe I do, I almost have all of them," Dave smiled, accepting the gold filled cake. Kurt looked at them, glaring slightly, before turning to Blaine.

"So," Blaine began, nibbling on his liquourice wand. "Can I ask about this You-Know-Who person? I've heard lots of whispered talk about him, but the thing is I don't know who."

"I was wondering that too," Finn spoke up. "Mom said dad might have been killed by You-Know-Who and Kurt's mom was killed by this person's followers-"

"Yes, please bring that up, Finn," Kurt snapped.

"Sorry," he flushed. "But everyone always seemed to say You-Know-Who or He-who-must-not-be-named, but I don't know who they're talking about."

"He's just a bad wizard, that's all that really needs to be said," Kurt answered. "It doesn't really matter because he's gone and he's never coming back, Harry Potter made sure of that."

"I've heard whispers of him being on the train," Blaine pointed out. "Who is he? How did he defeat this You-know-who?"

"Nobody knows," Santana answered, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "All we know is that You-know-who tried to kill Harry Potter but his spell rebound and You-know-who was blown to pieces. Ever since then everything has been happy again, and that's all we need to know according to my dad."

"Weren't you living in America during You-know-who's 'reign'?" Andrew asked.

"You don't think the entire wizardry knows about him? It doesn't matter what country you're in, everyone knows who You-know-who is."

"Well, I'm still a bit confused," admitted Blaine. "But I suppose I'll learn sometime."

"Excuse me," a girl's voice sounded, the compartment door opening. She peered in, Kurt having the urge to grab her and fix her mess of a hair style. Had she never heard of straightening spells? "I'm looking for a toad, a boy, Neville, lost his," she told them. They looked around, shaking their heads in the negative the girl sighing, taking off to the next compartment.

"Okay, was I the only one looking at those teeth?" Santana questioned, mimicking the girl's horribly

large front teeth.

"I was to busy looking at the frizzy hair, has she never heard of a comb?"

"That's mean," Blaine said. "I mean, yes, maybe physically she's not the prettiest girl but it's the inside that matters, not the outside."

"Right, well while you boys debate that, I'm going to go change into my robes," Santana announced, standing up and getting her bundle of robes down from the rack. Without so much as an excuse me, she exited the compartment, closing the door behind her.

"We should change too," Kurt agreed, standing up to close the blinds of the compartment. Finn hopped up, reaching over Kurt's head for his bundle of robes, Kurt glaring as he moved out of the way, trying to avoid his giant of a step-brother and the nasty pile of chewed beans. The maneuver was messy and as the train shifted sent him falling into a soft lap.

"You okay?" Blaine asked, placing a steadying hand on the small of Kurt's back.

"I'm fine," Kurt answered, hoping he wasn't blushing as furiously on the outside as he was on the inside. Carefully he stood up, Dave handing him his robes. "Thank you, David."

"Didn't want Finn knocking you over again. But don't think I'm not still mad at you."

Kurt smiled. "Yeah, me too."

Carefully Kurt stepped off the train, almost knocked over once again by his step-brother who was eager to see. "The castle isn't going anywhere," he scolded, stepping down on the platform of Hogsmeade station. Finn jumped out of the train, startling a few nearby first years, eyes taking in everything they could in the dark.

"Firs' years this way," a booming voice called.

"WOAH! HE'S HUGE!" Finn shouted, earning a large amount of snickering and chattering as they followed the procession of first years. Once everyone was gathered together the large man smiled out at them, telling them they'd see the castle in just moments. Finn, in his excitement, grabbed Kurt's hand as if to keep himself planted to the ground as they walked around the bend, the first wave of 'ohs' and 'ahs' rumbling through the group. "Look at it!" Finn exclaimed, eyes scanning everywhere he could of the castle in the distance, barely visible thanks to it's glowing warm lights.

Blaine seemed to be in the same state of wonder as he pointed everything out to Kurt, including the black lake they were quickly approaching. The man stopped, motioning to the fleet of small row boats, each decorated with little lanterns at the front. "No more'n four," he called, Finn running off to be at the front of a boat. Kurt shook his head, climbing into the nearest boat with Blaine right behind him followed by Dave and Andrew.

"No jumpin' round," the man called, no doubt at Finn as the rest of the first years, found their spots in their boats. Once all the first years were seated the giant of a man yelled 'forward' and as one the boats took off across the lake. Kurt wasn't afraid of water by any means but it almost scared him how dark and smooth the water beneath him was, like it was hiding something vicious beneath it's surface, something that could reach out and pull him in. Everyone else craned their heads, keeping the looming castle in sight as they grew closer, Kurt's eyes stayed on the barely rippling water, afraid to turn his back on it.

"Heads down!" Was yelled from the lead boat, all the first years ducking their heads under hanging ivy as the boats went under the castle's cliff side. The boats continued onward through a dark tunnel that no doubt went under the castle, guided only by the lanterns on the ends of their boats. One by one they pulled to a stop on a pebbled shore the giant man climbing out. He moved down the row, helping students out as needed.

The boy, Neville, cried in triumph as his toad was located. He kept the small amphibian clutched in his hands as they were lead across the dew moistened grass, through the shadow of their new school. They clambered up the stone steps, stopping at the huge oak front doors, Kurt glaring as some boy jostled him from behind.

Giant man, Kurt made a note to find out his name later, raised his fist wrapping on the door thrice, the doors swinging open with a low creek. Emerald green robes was the first thing that caught Kurt's eyes, followed by an immaculate up-do of graying black hair, finally to a stern set pair of lips, that told them all this witch was nothing less than serious. Giant man handed off the imaginary leash to this witch, who he had addressed as Professor McGonagall. She led them through the entrance hall, shoes clacking against the flagstone, which reminded Kurt of the cobblestone lined streets of his home, which made him wonder how his father was doing.

After walking for mere moments they were pulled off to the side of a room that was undoubtedly where the other students were seated as Kurt could hear the chattering of hundreds of voices. Professor McGonagall called their attention, giving them a welcome speech and explaining what would be happening shortly. She made note of how houses were like family and discouraged rule breaking. "The sorting ceremony will begin shortly," she announced, walking off to prepare leaving them with a small trinket of sharpening their minds.

"What did she mean?" Blaine questioned, obviously nervous about his impending sorting.

"Don't worry, it's just-" Kurt began, Dave covering his mouth.

"It's horribly painful, they test your wizard blood and if no house will take you they kick you out. Needless to say not many muggle borns pass the test."

With a hard push Kurt detached his friend from him, glaring. "Why would you say that? That's mean."

"What's the fun if you can't tease the muggle borns?" Andrew asked, a laugh in his eyes.

A scream from behind them cuts off the laughter as ghost after ghost emerges from the walls. The ghosts seemed to be conversing quite heatedly as they glided over the floor, paying no mind to the students. The subject seemed to be a poltergeist and the difference between poltergeist and ghosts, but Kurt found his attention drawn to the ruffled bloodied attire of the one. If Kurt was quite honest the ghost looked akin to a baron from 11th century Spain, a bloody baron but a baron known the less. The other seemed to be a monk, possibly a friar, and Kurt found it ironic that the man of the cloth was plump. Wasn't one of the seven deadly sins gluttony?

The ghosts seem to take notice of them, the fat friar (Kurt would call him this till corrected) glided through the crowd smiling to students speaking with them briefly, hoping to see them in Hufflepuff. Professor McGonagall returned, proving she was all business by sending the ghosts away, ordering the first years into a line.

There was a moment of push and shove as the first years got into a single file line, as he thought Kurt ended up behind Blaine who smiled nervously back at him. A tap on his shoulder made Kurt look just enough to his right to see a brunette girl had ended up behind him. "I'm Rachel Berry, I'm a half-blood and I have two gay dads," she introduced in a flurry of words. Kurt was thankful as the line surged forward giving him a reason to ignore her and focus on walking through the double doors leading into the great hall.

As they walked the older students watched and whispered every now and then pointing at a first year as if choosing who they wanted for their house. Kurt kept his nose turned up this resulted in many whispers of 'Slytherin' as he passed as if it were assured. "Look at the ceiling," Blaine whispered, head completely arched back looking up at the stars above. "It's almost like there's no ceiling at all."

"It's bewitched," Kurt told him. "A lot of things here are."

"It's so neat," Blaine awed, coming to a stop with the other first years, Professor McGonagall disappearing for a moment before returning with a four legged stool and a dirty old hat. Kurt really prayed to the powers that be that he did not have to let it touch his head. Just as a plan to wash the hat was hatching in his head a rip opened and the hat began to sing, causing a few first years to jump. Out of the corners of his eyes he could see a few students swaying to the hat's song. Kurt sighed, tapping his foot, eager to see where he was placed.

The hall broke into applause as the hat finished it's song before stilling in silence. Professor McGonagall stepped forward, a long parchment in her hands. "When I call your name you will sit on the stool to be sorted," she told them, unfurling the roll. "Abbott, Hannah!" The pigtailed blonde walked up, sitting on the stool, shakily she placed the hat upon her head, the brim falling over her eyes.


Abbott, Hannah hopped off the stool hurrying over to the cheering table on the far right of the great hall.

"Anderson, Blaine."

Blaine walked up the steps, giving Kurt a nervous smile, sitting on the stool placing the hat upon his head. The hat seemed to be deep in thought as he searched Blaine's head for the qualities that made him special, that made him belong. It took a moment longer than Hannah but finally the hat cried out, "Gryffindor!" Blaine smiled, getting down from the stool, tripping on his robes with a blush before joining the cheering Gryffindors.

Berry, Rachel was next and she was almost immediately placed in Ravenclaw. Bones, Susan joined Hufflepuff while Boot, Terry joined Rachel over in Ravenclaw. They continued through the Bs, skipping over the lack of Cs, coming to the only D on the list. Dominguez, Andrew. The feminine boy walked up to the stool, sitting down, the hat did not even touch his head before crying out Slytherin. He winked to Santana before joining the Slytherin table. Fabray, Quinn was next on the list, the blonde princess of a girl gliding up to the stool, sitting upon it, ankles crossed. That hat slid over her eyes, taking a moment before declaring Ravenclaw. Gracefully she stood, fixing her hair as she walked to join her fellow housemates. Finch-Fletchley Justin was next, joining Hufflepuff, followed by Finnigan, Seamus who joined Gryffindor.

Granger, Hermione, the fluffy haired buck toothed girl from the train joined Gryffindor. Hudson, Finn, after much contemplation from the sorting hat made Gryffindor his new home. Finally, it was Kurt's turn and he walked up to that stool with as much confidence as he could muster. He sat upon the stool, hat covering his eyes. The hat seemed to be contemplating, muttering in his ears about courage and cunning and intelligence and loyalty. It seemed like forever since he put on the hat, the old hat contemplating long and hard on which trait was strongest in him. Finally it came down to the hat weighing back and forth between intelligence and cunning, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. "RAVENCLAW!" It yelled, Kurt inwardly cheering at being placed in his mother's house.

Karofsky, Dave was next and he sat upon the stool, smiling nervously to Kurt as Blaine had before remembering they were still semi mad at each other. He sat for less time then Kurt but the hat seemed to be finding him difficult as well, but after a few moments the rip opened and yelled "GRYFFINDOR!". Dave hopped down, joining the Gryffindor table, Blaine greeting him kindly. Lopez, Santana was next and the hat immediately shouted out Slytherin, Santana joining Andrew with a triumphant smirk. Longbottom, Neville was next and the hat took even longer to decide for him than it had with Kurt. When the hat finally declared Gryffindor the boy ran off wearing the hat, before coming back and handing it to MacDougal, Morag.

Malfoy, Draco found his place in Slytherin just as quickly as Dominguez, Andrew and Lopez, Santana had. The list dwindled, the hall dissolving into whispers as Potter, Harry was called forth.

"That's Harry Potter," Rachel whispered to Quinn and Kurt. "He defeated You-Know-Who." They both gave her 'we know' looks before turning their eyes to the boy with the lightning bolt shaped scar. The hat seemed to contemplate for a bit, almost rubbing it's chin in thought before declaring Gryffindor the boy who lived sighing in relief before running to join his house. A raucous cry of 'we got potter' erupted from Gryffindor's notorious twins, before the hall calmed once again for Puckerman, Noah who made his home in Gryffindor. Thomas, Dean followed him into Gryffindor while Turpin, Lisa fell into Ravenclaw. Weasley, Ronald joined the group of redheads in Gryffindor. Zabini, Blaise joined Slytherin and Zizes, Lauren rounded it out joining Slytherin as well.

Once Professor McGonagall took the hat and stool away, Albus Dumbledore stood good humorously saying a few words before the tables filled with dinner, much to the surprise and awes of the many muggle born students in the hall. "Everything looks delicious," Rachel cooed. "But don't they have anything for a vegan palate?"

"So, Quinn," Kurt smiled, turning to the blonde. "What's your blood status?"

"Not that it matters, but I'm a pureblood."

"Ah, as am I. I grew up in West Harrowville."

"I've been there," Quinn nodded. "Quaint little wizard town, everything looks the same though."

"I've been told."

Quinn smiled, looking over at Rachel who was animatedly talking to a fellow Ravenclaw. "Does she ever stop talking?"

"Probably not," Kurt laughed, eyes turning to the Gryffindor stuffed his mouth with roast chicken and mashed potatoes, simultaneously talking as best he could. Noah seemed to be challenging him as they communicated and competed in the 'stuffed mouth, talking competition' the girls grimacing in disgust. "Did you see Fabray?" Noah asked after swallowing down his roast beef. "She's pretty, probably a pureblood princess though."

"How about Santana? She's pretty, kind of mean though," Finn ventured, looking over to the Slytherin table. Santana was engaged in conversation with Andrew and Draco Malfoy as well as a few other boys, the other girls looking rather miffed..

"Hey, Blaine, whose more attractive? Fabray or Lopez?" Noah asked, digging a spoon into the Yorkshire pudding.

"What?" he flushed. "I-I don't really think about girls, I'm only 11."

"If you don't think early all the good ones will be gone by the time you think you're old enough," Noah told, waving his spoon at him only succeeding in confusing him.

"Uh, Rachel's pretty I guess," he answered, looking over to Seamus Finnigan who was talking with the house ghost of Gryffindor.

"She's alright, maybe grow up to be passable. You have to think of the future, what are the girls going to look like in a couple of years?"

"Well, I'm just thinking about my classes right now. What subjects I'll be best in? Will I be any good at flying? That sort of thing," Blaine admitted.

"You're boring," Noah sighed, stabbing his fork into the roast chicken, shoving it in his mouth. The conversation switched from girls to blood status in a heart beat, like a medal was given to those who were pure blood and a frown on those muggle born. "Man, I'm half and half," Noah announced. "Old man just told my mom one day and she was scared, threatened to leave him and all, it was rather funny."

"I'm muggle-" Blaine began only to be interrupted by a loud holler. Everyone looked to the Slytherin tables where a group of first years was holding back Santana from a curly haired upperclassman.

"That's Jesse St. James," the Weasley twins gossiped to the first years. "He's always getting someone riled up. He's had at least 27 death threats in the past three years he's been here."

"He thinks he's the best seeker Slytherin has ever seen."

Blaine looked back at the curly haired third year that now seemed to be powdering his nose. "Is he any good?"

"Average," the twins answered in unison turning back to their Jell-O. Blaine watched as Jesse St. James turned his attention to the bloodied ghost floating about the Slyterin chatting amicably. He made a note to avoid the Slytherins. Just as this thought passed the deserts disappeared and Professor Dumbledore stood from his seat.

"You know," Rachel began as Dumbledore warned of the Dark Forest. "I heard they give detentions in the Dark Forest sometimes, so isn't it redundant to express forbidding?" Quinn and Kurt rolled their eyes, Professor Dumbledore continued on, announcing Quidditch try-outs. "I think I'll play Quidditch next year. I'm rather small you see, make for a fair seeker, plus my dads know the seeker of the Holyhead Harpies so I have the leg up. I've even trained with Gwenog Jones, she's rather nice in my opinion," Rachel rambled on. "Oh, what did Dumbledore say about painful death? Well I suppose it's not important, did I tell you yet about when I met The Weird Sisters, I was only 7 mind you-" and she carried on and on much to Kurt and Quinn's chagrin. "Oh, the school song!" she clapped, jumping up from her seat, primping her hair as Dumbledore waved his wand, the words appearing in the air. She sang loud, belting out the song as if her life depended on it, her voice echoing through out the hall. Kurt would admit she could sing, even if she was annoying as all hell. Despite her holding of each note she wasn't the last to finish the song, the same loud twins at the Gryffindor table continued to sing in a funeral march long after everyone else finished. Dumbledore wiped at his eyes, dismissing everyone to bed.

"First years this way," Penelope Clearwater ordered the Ravenclaw first years. The Hufflepuff prefect was a silent boy, ordering his house along, while the Slytherin Prefect pulled his first years ahead of the rest. Percy Weasley, the Gryffindor prefect, was the loudest most authoritative of the prefects leading his group of first year Gryffindors along the Ravenclaws.

"I hear the staircases move and are always switching so you have to be aware at all times," Rachel rambled. "And the paintings-"

Kurt looked to his Gryffindor friends, pleading for their help but them seemed to be enraptured in their own examination of the castle. He sighed, following his housemates up the opposite tower of the Gryffindors, Rachel still going on about this or that. They climbed the spiraling staircase, up and up until they came to a stop outside a door with a single eagle knocker. The students came to a quiet, the eagle knocker speaking out in a low tone. "Which came first, the phoenix, or the flame?" he questioned, Penelope turning to the first years waiting for them to answer.

"A circle has no start!" Rachel yelled loudly, jumping up, arm in the air. The door swung open, Rachel searching for accolades from her fellow Ravenclaws, who merely entered the common room without a word.

"Wow," Quinn awed, looking up at the domed starry ceiling. "It's beautiful."

Kurt nodded in agreement looking around their blue common room, from the midnight blue carpet to the blue silks hanging over the windows, even the chairs held blue cushions.

"This is Rowena Ravenclaw, our house founder," Penelope called proudly, motioning to the white marble statue that stood before the dormitories entrance. She was tall in stature, with long hair which bore a tiara upon it.

"What a pretty tiara," Padma Patil cooed, leaning closer."That is the lost diadem of Rowen Ravenclaw, a valuable treasure indeed," Penelope answered with a smile. "Well, time for bed. Girls to the right, boys to the left," she ordered, pointing in the correct directions. Rachel followed Quinn still talking her ear off while Kurt proceeded up to the left with the other boys, four poster beds readied for them, their trunks at the foot. Kurt walked over to his between Terry Boot and Michael Corner. He sat on his bed, picking up his scarf of blue and bronze, sliding his fingers over the soft cotton, he really did love scarves.

The boys changed, climbing into their beds, Michael Corner pulling the blue curtains of his bed closed. Kurt changed in silence, placing his new colors carefully over his trunk before climbing into his own bed looking up at the ceiling. Here he was, in the house of his mother and he couldn't be happier. Rolling over on his side he closed his eyes, a smile on his face, he couldn't wait to send an owl to his father.