© Olexia Engel 2011



Ai no Kusabi belongs to Yoshihara Rieko.


Fistfuls of black, matted hair. Blondie pulls hard.

A strangled cry, swallowed by a kiss.

The Master is ruthless tonight.

Chains jangle, garments rip. Blue eyes rake exposed flesh.

Nails bite, teeth sink. Bruised back arches off the bed.

Brutal slap, a bloody nose, warm tongue nurses the stricken face.

Throat suddenly clamped in a punishing vise. Legs are spread wide.

Feeble resistance. Blondie is swiftly buried to the hilt.

Piercing scream, surge of tears. Hot crimson aids the merciless friction.

Bodies undulate, cries escalate. Pet is pillaged as hearts exasperate.

Muscles tense and eyes stare wide. Blondie grunts as mongrel spurts.

Master thrusts, seed shoots deep. Both collapse in a frenetic heap.

Blondie chuckles, pet smiles timidly.

Breeze butterflies through open window.

Hearts hammer as black eyes slowly find blue.

Then the mongrel stammers, "R-Round two?"