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2 Years Later

"Sutherland! Let's go!" Teo Alvarez barked, his voice echoing throughout the baggage claim area in Heathrow Airport. Sutherland ignored him, his head bobbing up and down as he talked animatedly with the pretty brunette the medic had been sitting next to on the plane. Alvarez rolled his eyes. "Now, Sutherland!" The only sign that the fair-haired Scotsman even heard his unit leader over the general hub-bub was the hand he discreetly lifted behind his back to give a single-fingered response.

Alvarez growled and took a step forward with the full intent of dragging his teammate away from the pretty, little bimbo, but Ben's restraining hand held him back. "Just give him a minute, Teo. We've got plenty of time to get to the Bank."

"Besides," Henry said, shouldering his pack, "it's about time Mac got back in the dating scene. He's been moping around enough about that other chic for long enough."

"I don't even see why; she was a complete ditz," Ben said. "He told me that when he finally told her he worked for the Secret Air Service, she asked if that meant he could fly her and her friends to Barbados for free."

Alvarez snorted. "Sounds like a real winner; though this one doesn't look much better." He glared at the back of Sutherland's head.

Henry tsked, shaking his head. "You shouldn't judge her before you meet her, Teo. I thought you would have learned that after Marie." He grinned as Ben coughed in his hand, attempting to cover his laugh. Teo just rolled his eyes.

The first time Henry had brought Marie over to meet his 'brothers,' she'd spent half the night glaring at Teo from across the room. Occasionally, she'd raise an eyebrow when he caught her looking at him, almost as if daring him to 'bring it on.' It was after a loudly whispered inquiry about the whereabouts of his "adorable younger brother," and whether Teo had "buried him somewhere in the backyard," that Henry decided it was time to come clean about his profession.

Marie had taken it remarkably well. After taking a day or two to come to terms with the truth, the happy couple was right back where they left off – except Henry now began taking her to the shooting range and showing her the basics of handling and firing a gun. He figured that if she loved him despite his occupation, she was a keeper, and he would do everything in his power to keep her safe.

"Did you let her know you were going to be back from Afghanistan?" Ben asked. The question was more to keep Teo distracted until Mac could finish his flirting, but he was a bit curious as well. Henry was currently the only one of the four with a love life, and it was always interesting to see how the boundaries of the relationship were pushed when Henry was going on an especially dangerous mission or came back hurt.

Henry shook his head. "Every time we go on a mission with Cub, she worries ten times more than when it's just regular SAS duty. She's already stressing about the wedding as it is, and..." he paused, sighing. "And I don't even know how long we'll be here. If we have a few days of R and R when this is over, I might drop by and surprise her."

Ben nodded and continued the conversation, but Teo was much more distracted by a thought that had slowly taken form in his head at Henry's statement. He hadn't really taken much notice of it till now, but the man had really matured over the last two years. Sure, he was still a goofball with wicked fast wit and a pranking streak, but he was no longer as careless with his actions – especially in the field. Having found someone he truly cared about, Henry had realized that he wasn't just living for himself anymore.

And just when Teo was about to get deep into the personal lives and psychology of his team, he saw Sutherland wrapping up his flirt session out of the corner of his eye. The man sauntered over to his unit, a ghost of a smile visible on his face as his hand shoved a folded piece of paper into his pocket.

"So you got her number then, did ya, Mac?" Ben grinned, picking up his pack and swinging it onto his back. Mac gave him a knowing smile.

Teo rolled his eyes. "Right, Sutherland; if you're done wasting our time, we need to head over to the rental lot and pick up the car."

The man glared at him and opened his mouth to retort, but was silenced by a playful jab in the ribs by Henry. "Don't take Teo's attitude to heart, Mac," he said, eyes twinkling. "He's just jealous."

Teo had already stalked half way to the door before he could finish.

"Oh c'mon, Teo! It's no secret that your love life has been found by the roadside, flattened by the semis of misguided affection!" Henry said, panting after the three sniggering men had jogged to catch up with him.

"Yeah, mate! We're your unit! We're here to help you!" Ben attempted a friendly slap on the back, but decided against it when Teo shot him a look that promised he wouldn't be getting that hand back.

They'd just about reached the rental car office, Teo visibly become tenser with each remark.

"Hey," Mac piped up, "maybe if I hit it off with this chic, I can ask her if she has any friends that would be interested in dating The Teminator."

"I think it'd be more like Wolverine…" Ben's forehead scrunched in thought.

Henry shook his head. "I say Mad Eye Moody."

The man finally snapped, whirling around on his teammates. "Do you three ever shut up? Bloody hell! I feel like I'm traveling with Rain Man, Forrest Gump, and Radio or something!" He pinched the bridge of his nose. "Just…wait out here while I get the keys, and try not to run into oncoming traffic, alright?" he said, yanking open the door to the building.

There was a moment of silence as the three men watched Teo approach the counter through the thick glass front.

"Wow…" Ben said finally. "You're right, Mac, definitelyThe Terminator."

Forty-five minutes and several not-so-veiled threats from Teo later, they arrived at The Royal and General Bank. The receptionist waved them past to the elevators with a friendly smile, Teo's eyes narrowing at the flirtatious wink she shot Ben as they passed.

"You know her, Ben?" He said stiffly as the elevator doors closed.

Ben flashed an easy smile. "Of course I do. We've done fifteen missions for MI6 in the past two years, Teo. Don't tell me you haven't gotten to know a few of the people around here."

The man glowered at the wood paneling on the doors in front of him, choosing not to respond. The rest of the ride to the seventh floor was spent in silence – or silent laughter.

Alan Blunt and Mrs. Jones were already seated and waiting for them when they entered the conference room, as was someone else they had all come quite familiar with – and dare they say close to – during the past few years working with him.

"Hey, Cub," Henry said. He frowned when he didn't get a response; the teen didn't even look up from the table. He exchanged a questioning glace with Ben, but the man shrugged and shook his head.

"Gentlemen, as always, thank you for coming," they turned their attention back where Mrs. Jones now stood, passing out files to everyone in the room. "This meeting will hopefully be brief; we want to give you as much time as possible to come up with a strategy before we send you off the day after tomorrow."

Teo opened the file and scanned over the contents, his eyebrows rising as he got to the mission classification. "Recovery?" he asked, looking at Jones for clarification. The only person they had ever had to recover was Cub, and that was thankfully only on a few missions.

"Yes, Wolf," Blunt said, folding his hands on the conference table. "Alex's cover was blown while working undercover in a weapons manufacturing ring; they've decided to make him pay for it."

Mac frowned. "Who are we recovering, then?"

At this Alex's head jerked up, drawing the whole attention of the room. It was immediately apparent by the dark rings under his eyes that the teen hadn't been sleeping well, and there was a gauntness to his frame that hadn't been there the last time K-Unit had seen him. He looked at Teo, and said a name with such dread and finality, that Teo half wondered if they were recovering a corpse.

"Tom Harris. His name is Tom Harris."

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