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Chapter 13: Art Show Jealously

Dave smiled as he watched Charley scramble around the show room placing her pieces and placing them somewhere else. Charley turned and sent a quick glare to her chuckling boyfriend before turning back to her show with a contemplative look. Dave got up from his seat and wrapped his arms around Charley's small waist.

"Charley, your show is going to be amazing. Who cares where you put your pieces?" Dave said in an attempt to comfort Charley. However, you never tell an art major that it doesn't matter where their pieces are. Charley whipped around with a shocked look.

"Don't care?! Dave! Placement is an important part to an art show! It must flow, your pieces must harmoniously coexist or else they start fighting for attention and no one is able to fully appreciate what is created!" Charley explained in a flamboyant way as she moved about her show making adjustments. Dave just blinked in astonishment before carefully hedging towards Charley again.

"Sorry, but I'm not an art major so I wouldn't know these things. But if you ask me, I think your show looks amazing. A lot better than some of them," Dave said as he looked at the variety of fantasy creatures that Charley created. From the detailed dragons to the graceful fairies, Charley displayed various techniques and mediums with apparent ease; too bad only Dave knew of the hours she put in and the amount of stress that they individually created. "Hon, just take a deep breath and relax. You finally got rid of the stress from making all of this, now it's time to simply feel proud and enjoy the finished projects," Dave said as he rubbed at Charley's shoulders.

"You're right. I should just relax. I have the show flowing between the elements with transition creatures between each. It flows nicely, the colors don't clash and everything is placed in optimal light to enhance the images. I just need to take a step back and just appreciate," Charley said as she took some deep breaths. "Thank you, Dave," Charley said before she turned and gave him a quick kiss. "You are coming to the show right?" Charley asked.

"I am, as is Kaleros, Balthazar, and Veronica," Dave said. "We have to be slightly dressy for this thing right? Nice pants and shirt?" Dave asked as he held his girlfriend. Charley nodded in confirmation before looking over Dave's shoulder.

"Charley, your show ready for tonight?" the art professor asked as he walked over to the couple.

"That I am. And thanks for helping me price out my pieces. I've been looking around and some of the prices my fellow classmates have come up with are astronomical!" Charley said.

"Well we have to get you started somewhere price wise. And when you become famous, which you will, you can start asking for the 'astronomical' prices," the professor said with a wink before he walked off to check on the other shows. Charley turned to face Dave again with a smile.

"Well I have to go get ready for tonight. So I shall see you later," Charley said before giving Dave one last kiss and strutting out of the building the show was being hosted in.


The building was bustling with art appreciators as they "oohed" and "awed" at the vast display of artwork. Charley smiled as she wandered around her show and answered any questions the admirers had. Her cream colored dress with blue designs at the bottom complimented not only her, but also her show.

"I must say, Charlemagne, that your show is quite impressive," Kaleros said as he, Blathazar, Veronica, and Dave walked up.

"Thank you! I'm so happy that school is almost over. Then Dave and I can go and visit my folks for a bit," Charley said as she hugged all three of them.

"You should really be proud of yourself, Charley. Your work is beautiful," Veronica said as she admired her mermaid sculpture that was smashed once before.

"That's a remake of piece. The original was smashed 'on accident'," Charley explained, putting air quotes on the accident part. Kaleros just quirked an eyebrow as he continued to look through the show. "You guys should go and enjoy the rest of the show. I'll be fine here on my own," Charley said as the three of them just hung around her show.

"You sure, hon?" Dave checked before being kissed.

"Yes, now go. Some of my classmates have amazing pieces themselves," Charley said.

"When is the purchasing going to take place? I'm noticing price tags," Kaleros asked in interest.

"Pieces can be bought after the show ends later tonight. That way the artists have an entire show rather than bits and pieces," Charley answered. "Why? Planning on buying one of my pieces, Master?" Charley teased.

"Watch it, apprentice," Kaleros said with a light head slap. Charley just giggled as she watched her friends wander off to see the rest of the shows. Charley smiled before turning back around when a person asked her a question about one of her pieces.

Time passed in a leisurely slow pace as the artists showed off their work to art enthusiasts. Charley sighed in joy as people passed by and commented on her work.

"Pardon me, but may I ask you a question?" a masculine voice all but purred. Charley turned and gaped at the man.

"Michael?" Charley breathed in astonishment. "Oh my gosh I haven't seen you in years! You look amazing!" Charley said as she hugged the chuckling man.

"I must say that you have certainly grown up a bit yourself," Michael said with a sigh. "It's wonderful to see you again. When I saw the flyer for the art show and saw your name, I couldn't help but feel light hearted. I finally have a chance to see you again after all these years," Michael said as he held Charley at arm's length.

"Really? I mean from what I remembered, you were the one that said you never wanted to see me again," Charley teased as she held onto Michael's shoulders.

"And I've regretted saying that ever since the words left my mouth," Michael said as he smoothed back some of his blonde bangs. His green eyes showed deep content as he gazed at Charley. "You're just as beautiful as I remembered," he breathed before bringing Charley into another deep hug.

"And you're still a charmer," Charley said as she hugged just a bit tighter. Just at that moment, Dave turned and saw his girlfriend hug a random guy. His stomach plummeted and his heart raced as he watched them move back and smile at each other.

"It could be anyone. Maybe it's a family member that she hasn't seen in a while or maybe an old friend. There's no need to jump to conclusions," Dave told himself. But seeing the content in their eyes he knew that there was something more there. "Or maybe he's an ex-boyfriend she never really stopped caring for," Dave said with a defeated tone.

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