My prompt was 'silk' and inspired by my reading of 'Shogun' and all those silk kimonos.


Fire Lord Zuko glanced up from his reading and smiled. Mai was coming. The seductive rustling of her robes, made from the finest silks in the land, always caught his attention. He imagined the long, pale legs beneath the yards of material, and then imagined other things, things many would consider improper. By the time Mai stepped into his office, the enticing scent of her jasmine perfume preceding her, Zuko was already aflame with desire.

He had long since gotten over any embarrassment about his frequent and easily prompted arousal. And Mai certainly didn't mind, though occasionally, during a meeting or a dinner, she'd had to deflect attention away from a flushed Fire Lord. Truth be told, she was all right with the entire world knowing just how much her husband loved and wanted her, needed her. The intensity of his emotions, the fierceness of his desire, thrilled Mai and never ceased to make her feel special.

"I thought you might like a break," Mai said as soon as she stepped into the office.

She carried a tray with a delicate red teapot and two matching cups. When she set it down, poured a cup for each of them and then looked across at Zuko, she smirked. "Ready to go, aren't you?"

"Um, yeah," Zuko admitted, and twitched in his seat. "I just can't help myself. I want you so much…all the time…and the silk and the noise it makes, that swish-swish, and your legs…"

Mai chuckled throatily. "You're so easy." She took a sip of the green tea and gave her pink lips a lick afterwards. She watched as Zuko's eyes followed her actions closely.

"Easy, yeah, I guess that I am." He drank too, swallowing most of the tea at once, despite its heat. Getting up from his chair, he moved around to the other side of the desk.

The Fire Lady was doing a fine job of masking her own excitement, but she was practiced in hiding her emotions. It was second nature to her. "Don't you want more?" She casually indicated the tea pot and his cup.

"Yes," he breathed, his raspy voice thick with lust. "But not tea." He skillfully unpinned her hair and watched as it cascaded down her back, reaching almost to her slender waist. Zuko ran his fingers through the midnight black tresses and sighed with pure pleasure. He pressed his lips to the top of her head and ran his hands up and down her arms, adding just a touch of extra warmth.

Mai shifted in her chair and the silk made a delicate sound, like a lover's whisper. "More," she demanded with quiet authority.

"Who's easy now?" Zuko teased, bending down to kiss her neck.

"If I admit it, will you take care of things?"

He moved his hands around to the front of her robes. "Definitely."

"I'm easy," Mai admitted breathily.

The Fire Lord kicked the door shut and went back to work.