This is set five to six years before Primeval and You. I hope you enjoy it.

It's one of the hottest days on record for March, you're school jumper's tied round your waist, your tie stuffed into your bag. You've switched your black school shoes for white trainers and you've ditched the watch you wear. It's a Thursday afternoon and you and Rob have walked the three miles home from school, like you do everyday.

You grin as you chase Robert Becker up the empty street of white washed to his house. "Wait for me!" you yell but Robert only runs faster and laughs harder. He runs across the green lawn that lines the front of his house and up the gravel path leading to the red door. Rob, who's a good two heads taller than you, insists on racing you the last two hundred yards to either his house or yours.

"C'mon!" he calls. "Or I'll eat all the food!" you roll your eyes at his obsession with food and decide that he really needs a new one. You also decide that you need to go to the gym more.

"You always eat all the food!" you yell back as the door slams shut behind him. You're across the yard in three long strides. You push his front door open, running past the living room on the way to the kitchen. You hear the door slam behind you and you wince at the force you closed it with as the window frames rattle. At least neither of you chipped the door-frame. Again.

You and Rob have been best friends since you moved to Romsey when you were two. You went to nursery together and you've slowly worked your way through various schools together, managing to get into the same secondary school. Because of your closeness, Rob's house is your second home and your house is Rob's second home. You also share parents.

"Hi Mrs Becker!" you yell as you run past the dinning room they use on special occasions and into the kitchen. Mrs Becker, or as she insists- Travina, is thirty-nine and she's always at home. She works for some business company from an office she's created herself in the garden. Rob's dad walked out on them seven years ago when Rob was nine. Two years later and they get a letter through the post saying he's gone to court for being married to two women at one time.

You skid around the island in the middle of the room and grab the bowl of Chocolate Eclaires from Robert. "Ladies first." you grin.

"Age before beauty." Robert snatches the bowl back, grinning also. You hit his arm playfully and decide to share the bowl. Robert's three months and twelve days older than you and he'll never let you forget it. He's 5"8 at the age of sixteen and is five years younger than his older brother who you've never seen. All you know about the mysterious boy is that he's in Sandhurst. "Right, news." Robert grins, swallowing another sweet.

"Christina's pregnant with Jamie's child." you smile. It took you a few days to get the information out of the 'inner circle' of gossipers but you did it. Robert hand you two five pound notes- one for getting the information and one for being right about the dad being Jamie. "Her mother's going to kill her provided she can stay sober long enough. Dad isn't around so he doesn't know. Your news?"

"Other than the fact my brother came top in his shooting class last week? Let me see..." Rob pauses for dramatic effect and you take the chance to steal another chocolate. It's more of a big deal when Rob's elder brother doesn't come top of his class. Rob also takes delight in reminding you that his brother's the youngest in his troop by three years. "Oh yeah!" he slaps his forehead. "The boys are going on strike a week today."

"Why?" you frown, doubting that your last lesson of the day, R.E, had anything to do with it, even if it was 'group discussions'.

"We don't see why we need to sit through a PSE lesson whilst the nurse talks to the girls about their time of the month infront of us." Rob replies un-phased. You fight to hold back a laugh and loose.

You laugh at him as he shudders dramatically and he kicks you under the table. "How do you think we feel when we have to learn how to put condoms on boys! Your bits, your job!"

"Yeah, well, I'm never going to need to buy anything for you." Rob sticks his tongue out and you smirk. The banter goes back and forth for a while before you deicide to end it.

"And I'm not having sex with, or putting a condom on, you. So we're even." you fetch a knife from the counter behind you and slice the last eclair in half.

"Should the two of you even be taking about such a thing?" Rob's mum enters the kitchen and the two of you grin at each other.

"Sorry mum." Rob smiles. "But it was the topic of our PSE lesson today."

"Yes, well, things like that can stay in the classroom!" Rob's mum laughs. You like Rob's mum, Travina. She'd lively and bouncy and accepts that you pretty much live at her house. She even has the spare room set up for you. "You staying for tea? Of course you are. Have you told your mum? No need I suppose, she'll already know where you are." you smile and Travina's habit of answering her own questions. "Dinner should be about half an hour. Go up and play." Travina smiles and an unspoken pact passes between you and Rob that the last one up to his room has to clean the dishes. You sprint towards the stairs, taking them two at a time. You and Rob race into his room at breakneck speed, you throwing yourself onto his brother's scarcely used bed.

"And the girl wins again!" you yell, jumping around the room. "I. Am. Good." you grin and Rob throws a pillow at you.

"Well, that does depend on your point of view. Okay, we've got board games, video games or our fists." You take a second to weigh up your options before deciding on your fists. "Just because it's the only one you can beat me at!" you grin, pulling Rob to his feet.

"You know, that's not a good thing." you make the first swipe, an easy one that he blocks. "for you." you spar for a few minutes before Rob begins to talk.

"So, as your best friend, I think I have the right to know who's top of your crush list right now." you smile at how he's already panting.

"Well, Tommy from your class is rather nice." you shrug, ducking a swipe to the head.

"He's gay." Rob replies bluntly and you laugh. Rob's tenancy to know everything about his fellow classmates can sometimes be useful. You successfully land a light kick to his stomach ad he stumbles backwards a few paces.

You mentally cross Tom of your list and move onto the next name. "Okay, what about Dan?"

"He's not gay." Rob smiles as you use your right foot to slip his feet out from underneath him.

"So." you smile, tucking your hair from your face, settling on his chest as he struggles to breath. "How are Mikey and Jenny doing?" Mikey Ray is Rob's best friend and Jenny Saunders is yours. They've been dating a few weeks and appear to be getting on rather well.

"Rather... well. Get... of me!" he struggles to say and you laugh, peeling yourself off him.

"Surrender, eh? I think that means you have to wash up!" you grin, doing a victory dance around Rob's bedroom as he gets to his feet. "That makes another day to me!" you smirk, plonking yourself on Rob's brother's bed. "3-1 this week to moi!"

"If you're going to gloat, I'll tell mum it's your turn." you eye up the sulking Rob before cupping your hands around your mouth.

"ROB'S WASHING UP TONIGHT!" you yell loudly and Rob clamps his hands over his ears. There's a quiet laugh from downstairs as the smell of something rather delicious wafts up the red carpeted stairs, filling your nose.

"Bloody hell." Rob mutters, rubbing his ears in a comical way. "'m deaf now!" he shakes his head, making his messy brown hair even messier.

"Aw, stop your whining!" you smile, clapping him across the back of his head. The two of you end up play-fighting, rolling around on the green floor and narrowly missing items of furniture.

"Dinner!" there's a faint shout from downstairs and you and Rob grin before racing to the steps and sprinting down them.

"C'mon! I'll race you to the kitchen!" Rob calls, running past you and sliding down the banister. You roll your eyes, but run after him anyway, taking the stairs two at a time. Everything's a race with him. Even how fast you can eat your dinner. You're ten steps from the bottom when you misjudge a step and tumble down the stairs. You expect to hit the far wall but you don't/ Someone catches you.

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