Five years later.

You sigh as you flop onto your bed in your London apartment. It's a small apartment in the outskirts of London. It's a half an hour tube ride from your work in a small office apartment that deals with demolitions. You're part of the Public Relations sector so you're never anywhere the actual explosives.

You're apartment is covered in photos of friends and family members. There's none of the Becker family.

After Becker left you never heard from him again. Rob kept in contact for a year but then he joined the Arm and got drafted to Afghanistan. He was unable to write and told you so when he left. Six months after that and Travina suffered another stroke. She was at home alone and when you dropped by the next day you found her on the living room floor.

The funeral had been small and held in Romsey church. It had been a sunny day and she was laid to rest amongst brightly coloured flowers. Rob came home for the funeral but only stayed for three days. Becker never showed up. After that Mikey and Jenny went their separate ways, Jenny heading to Scotland and Mikey to Wales. Jenny later moved to Australia with her fiancée.

You gave up on Becker ever coming back or making any attempt to contact you and moved to London. You found the job in the PR industry and had worked at the demolitions office for six months. You hadn't made any friends seeing as the other people that worked with you were older and unsociable. Despite all of that you've managed to prove yourself several times over. And, as you're about to realise, this has been brought to the attention of several people in the 'Secret Government Organisations'.

You're slowly drifting off to sleep after a day in court when your mobile rings. You groan and answer it without looking at the caller ID or lifting your head from the pillow. "Hello?"

Is this Miss Si X of the Demolition Inc. PR Department? The voice belongs to a man that sounds as though he's from the upper classes of London.

"Yes. Who's asking?"

This is Sir James Lester calling on behalf of the Minister. You raise your eyebrows and sit up hurriedly. The Minister? You've heard the name thrown around and understand that the bosses are weary of him.

"Um, how can I help you?"

I have a job opportunity for you. At the ARC as our PR manager.


Yes. Anomaly Research Center. Oh. ARC. Come to the Red West Facility at nine am tomorrow morning.

"The big building with all of the mirror-like windows? Yes. I'll be there. Just let me clear it with my boss."

Already done. I will see you then. The phone line goes dead and your frown at the screen. You then sigh, shrug and get to your feet to fetch your dress suit from your wardrobe and drape it over the back of your chair.

Something inside of you tells you that tomorrow is going to be a huge leap forwards in your career and your personal life.

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