This is a story I promised two of me friend's I'd write. A while ago. Honestly, I'm just terribly lazy. But at least I admit to it! Anyways, this will most likely end up being extremely random and full of inside jokes. If you read and enjoy it anyways, more power to you.

I hope to get a couple chapters up while she's at camp. She's mad at me right now, but that's not uncommon. I tend to be an irritating person...heh heh...Anyways~!

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"One fine day in the middle of the night..." Kyoko and Shizuki Nanizuka began reciting together.

"What is with you and repeating that over and over?" Natsumi grumbled.

She wasn't very happy about being dragged along on another adventure of the twins. They had apparently heard rumors about a 'Host Club' that now inhabited Music Room 3.

"But it's so much fun! And you know what we always say~"

"Long live oxymoron's!" Kyoko began, as Shizuki finished her sentence.

"What are you talking about? You never say that!" She was growing visibly more frustrated.

"Negative Nancy!"

"Depressing Debbie!"

Wisely, Natsumi chose to ignore them.

~~Time Warp: 1 Hour Later~~

"You guys, we've been wandering around for an hour! Let me go home!"

"No! Not until we find the elusive creature that is the Host Club" Shizuki declared

"Kyoko, you have to be with me on this, right? Tell your sister to let us go home"

Kyoko just looked between Natsumi and her sister, then raised an eyebrow.

"What makes you think I would do that?"

The read haired girl didn't have time to argue, because at that moment they came upon a door. Not just a door, oh no, this was much more. It was the door to Music Room 3.

"Ah ha! We have found the beast! Now we must tame it!" The Nanizuka sisters announced triumphantly.

"You're mom doesn't pay me enough to hang out with you two..."

"Gotta love us~ "

"Cause we're utterly adorable."

"Stop finishing each others' sentences!"

"Make~ "


"Ugh! Let's get this over with."

"No need to be so mean. Besides, I hear this club is brimming with cute guys" Shizuki said, winking.

"Just open the freakin' door!"

"Aye, aye cap'n!"

And with that, the twins pulled open the doors.

"What's with the rose petals?" Natsumi muttered, picking some out of her hair.

"I don't know, but it sure is festive." Kyoko said, peering into the room.

"Welcome!" A blonde boy sitting in a throne-like chair exclaimed. He was surrounded by others. A tall dark haired guy with glasses, twin boys, some dude who looked like he was 8, another tall boy behind him, and a girl.

"Hey." The three said, completely unfazed by the bright light and petals still flowing from the room.

"What brings you lovely ladies to the Host Club?" The blonde asked, standing up and grandly gesturing to the others.

"We're here to deliver cookies, what do you think?" Natsumi stated sarcastically.

"Cookies? That's so nice!" The little one bounded forward, a huge grin on his face

"That was sarcasm..." She explained.

" no cookies?" He looked so disappointed.

"No, now leave us alone. And who are all you people?" The twins said, rather rudely.

"Why that's kind of you to ask! I am Tamaki. King of this club!" Tamaki said proudly. "That's Hunny, Mori, Kyouya, Hikaru and Kaoru, and Haruhi!" He pointed to the others respectively.

"Aren't Host Clubs supposed to be all guys? Why is there a girl here?" Kyoko wondered, looking at Haruhi.

Things suddenly got quiet, and tense.

"W-what ever are you talking about? Haruhi is a boy!" The idiot king stuttered.

"No she's not~ " Shizuki began, "Don't lie to us" Kyoko finished

"H-how did you...?"

"It's actually pretty obvious. Especially with her eyes, and her figure" Natsumi said distractedly. She was staring around the room, taking note of all the cakes and beautiful art.

"Well, I'm sure I won't have to explain why you cannot tell anyone about Haruhi's true gender. It would end rather...badly for you." Kyouya stated calmly, an evil glint in his eyes.

The three girls just shrugged, already bored with this topic.

"" Shizuki and Kyoko gasped, eyes going wide. They had just spotted Hikaru and Kaoru, who were sitting on a couch ignoring everyone.

The two girls walked up slowly from behind, and for a few moments, just stared. Then tentatively, they each reached out a hand and began stroking the boy's heads. The Hitachiin's head snapped up, surprised by the strange girls.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" They said in unison, eyes narrowing.

But they only got two loud squeals in response.

"Twins! Twins! Twins!~ " Kyoyko squealed

"So...smexy..." Shizuki squeaked

And then they fainted.

The boys sighed and looked at Natsumi.

"How do you put up with that?"

"It's a hard art to master."


If you didn't like it, not really my problem. Like I said, it was made for my friends.

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