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"Gay," Alec scuffed to me.

I smirked, "Jace is sooo not gay!"

"C'mon, Clary," He said. "Have you ever seen Jace stay with a girl for more than two days?"

"No, but that doesn't make him gay!" I nearly shouted. Alec just laughed and shook his head. "Seriously Magnus seems like a great guy, why don't you like him?"

"He's just not my type," Alec shrugged.

I crossed my arms over my chest and raised my brows, "And Jace Wayland is?"

"Yes," Alec grinned. "Yes he is."

"You are ridiculous!" I told him as we walked towards the cafeteria together.

Feeling a gaze on my back, I turned around and caught tawny eyes staring straight at me. His eyes narrowed, but he didn't break his gaze. It honestly made me feel awkward so I grabbed Alec's arm and hurried him inside the lunchroom.

Idris High was like your average high school. You got the smart ass jocks and the "it" girls who think they're all that. Then you got the wannabes who are just plain mean because they think they are awesome. But let us not forget the wonderful nerds who are socially awkward and the misfits and the "normal" people who lie in between the cracks of the social pyramid. Alec and I are fortunate to not even be on the pyramid since we are absolute nobodies.

Alec Lightwood, my best friend: my gay best friend. We became besties when we started dating during the summer, but then he told me he was gay and we remained friends ever since. He was pretty hot and I admit I wish he wasn't gay. Alec had those deep blue eyes and raven black hair. About 6 foot in height. Why does he have to be gay? Well anyways, when he came out of the closet to his parents, they kicked him out. So ever since then, Alec has been living with me and my mom.

Alec at first was more reserved, but after being each other's only friends, I managed to break down his social barrier. Now I have the wild talkative Alec as a friend, but in public he still tends to be a little bit quiet.

I used to have another best friend, Simon Lewis. We were best friends up till last year, sophomore year. Around Christmas/Chanukah time, Simon confessed he was in love with me. We started dating till March. I broke up with him because I wasn't feeling any spark between us. Ever since then, he and I avoided each other.

"You know what?" Alec asked. "I was completely shocked that you and Lewis went out. I was positive he was gay. But then again, my gaydar needs some improvement."

"You got that right," I agreed. We went to our table which was in the back corner. No one really bothered us here. So it was all good. "Don't look now, but your crush has just entered," I murmured to Alec as Jace walked in.

Alec looked over, "How can you not have a crush on that?" He pointed to Jace. "He's gorgeous!"

"And he's a know-it-all arrogant ass!" I told him.

"Yeah, but-" Alec was interrupted.

"Excuse me," We both looked over and saw Magnus Bane standing near us. "I'm having a party tonight and I think you two should come."

"I don't know," I said at the same time as Alec said, "Cool, we'd love to come."

"Great, I'll see you guys at 7 or whenever," Magnus walked off.

"Cool, we'd love to come?" I glared at Alec. "Why would you agree to that?"

"Well it's Friday and it's not like we have anything awesome planned…And the whole school goes to his parties…"

"You do know that the only reason we were invited to this is because Magnus is in love with you, right?"

"I can't help the advantages my sex appeal brings," Alec mischievously grinned.

I slapped him lightheartedly, "Oh shut up!"

"Hey, I'm going to throw out my water bottle, be right back," He got up and I quickly grabbed the bottle from him.

"It's because of you the world is a horrible place!" I scolded. "Recycle!" The recycling bin was outside the lunchroom and much farther away than the garbage can, which is why Alec insists on throwing it out instead.

I headed towards the blue bin and passed Simon's table. He was laughing and having a good time with his current girlfriend, Isabelle Lightwood, Alec's twin sister. She and Alec don't talk much anymore ever since he came out of the closet. Mostly because she blames him for all the issues she has at home.

I threw the bottle into the bin and was about to walk away, until a finger lightly tapped my shoulder. It was Jace Wayland. "Hi?" It came out sounding like a question.

"Hey, Clary," he gave me a gentle smile. He knows my name? Thrill shot through me and caused me to miss what he just said.

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked him.

Jace chuckled, "I asked if you know what the chem. homework is?" He pulled out a pen.

I looked on my hand because that's where I scribbled the homework pages on. "It's pages 320-325 in the textbook."

"Okay," he wrote it down on his arm. "Thanks."

I looked away for second, "You do know Mr. Hodge keeps the homework list outside the classroom door, right?"

"Yeah, I know," Jace grinned at me and then walked back into the cafeteria. I did the same and then I gushed to Alec about what had just happened.


"So what do you think?" I asked Alec. I was wearing black skinny jeans with black wedges and a tie-dye blue, frilly tank top.

"You look marvelous," he answered sounding bored. Style was not Alec's thing. I swear he was color blind with the weird clothes he puts on, but tonight he managed to dress normal. Wearing dark washed jeans and a grey tee-shirt.

"You look pretty dashing, yourself," I linked our arms together and we walked towards Alec's black Volvo.

I linked our arms once again as we rang Magnus's doorbell. Magnus looked sparkly as usual, but he looked surprised as well. He probably didn't expect us to show up.

"C'mon, Alec, I have something to show you!" Magnus pulled Alec away from me and Alec gave me an apologetic smile. I told him to go have fun.

Everyone was wasted or at least drinking. I totally do not belong here. I poured myself a drink and walked outside to get away from the mayhem. It was just as wild outside, but I found I quiet bench in the far right corner that no one was occupying.

I took a big sip of the drink in my hand. It burned my throat. I went to take another sip, but then the bench creaked causing me to drop my drink.

"Whoops," Someone commented. I looked at the person who had sat down next to me. "Didn't mean to startle you," he said.

"It's alright," I told him, who turned out to be Jace Wayland. "I shouldn't have been drinking anyways."

"You got that right," he beamed. "So what brings you here on this fine night?" His gold eyes looked almost silver in the moonlight.

"Gay love," I laughed at the thought of Alec being alone with Magnus and then Alec coming back covered in glitter. Jace cocked his head to the side in confusion. "My friend, not me," To clarify I'm not the gay one.

"Oh, good," Jace's grin returned. "I-"

"Yo, Jace, man, get over here!" Someone called to him. I think it was Sebastian Verlac, but who knows and who cares.

"Well, I'll see you around, Clary," he said and then got off the bench.

I watched him walk away just as Alec appeared. Him and Jace bumped into each other, Alec acted like it didn't happen and darted towards me. "Clary!" I smiled at him and I noticed he had glitter on his face. He sat down next to me and draped his arm around me. "Guess what!"

"What?" I said to him. He was telling me about him and Magnus, but I could hardly focus because Jace had turned around and gave Alec the death glare before he stalked away.

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