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Breaking Point

Chapter8: The Russians Are Coming

I had walked off of the plane. The runway was a beautiful sight to see…Considering that I had just survived another ride on one of those stupid metal deathtraps. Not to mention that the pilot did a horrible job pressurizing the cabin. My ears still ached as I made my way over to the baggage claim.

Ever since I had left Jason back in Prague, my thoughts had been a jumbled mess. Something about Russia, for the few minutes that I'd landed safely here, didn't seem right. I bit my lip as I continued onward, staring at the clean tile floor. I just couldn't place it. There was a lot going through my mind. The very little that I had learned so far, none of it made sense.

And what had the Russian man said? What wasn't Jason telling me?

It was dark outside by the time I had grabbed my luggage. I had goose bumps for a reason that I couldn't place, and my stomach felt uneasy. As soon as I pushed my way through the glass doors of the airport, it was silent. Almost too silent.

It was late, and I was sure that I could somehow find a ride, if there were any cabs nearby. Perhaps I should've looked into this before I left Prague on a whim...

I wasn't far down the road when I saw a little girl, standing there, crying. It seemed fishy, but I was a titan. Titan's help anyone in need. She was short, very short, and couldn't have been more than six or seven years old. Her clothes were torn and ragged, and her close cropped brown hair matted. As soon as she saw me, she looked up, running over to me. A flurry of Russian words flowed out from her mouth as she tugged on my cloak, which I'd decided to wear because of the bite of the Russian air.

"I'm sorry...I don't speak—" I began to speak, but she cut me off.

"Please, please lady. My mama. Please. She needs help. These men, they grabbed her and—" I was immediately on alert. Near the airport? She didn't look like she'd gotten off of the plane with someone. She looked like she hadn't taken a bath for a few weeks. Actually, now that I could see her underneath the glow of the street light, she looked like...

"I told you that you had not seen the last of us." My blood turned to ice as I struggled with the clasp on the holo ring. But it was too late. There had been no mistaking the thick Russian accent.

Something pricked my arm.

Everything swam together, and even with my demon blood fighting it, I was beginning to succumb to whatever drug they'd pumped into my veins.

The last thing I remember seeing before I was pushed beneath the surface of dreams was a dirty grin.

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