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Normal Talking

Normal Thinking/Dreams/Flashbacks

Demon Talking

Demon Thinking

*Scene Change*


Five-year-old Naruto Namikaze watches in horror as the Kyuubi no Yoko attacks the village.

"If the Kyuubi's here, then what happened to Mom? Dad? My little sisters?"

Konoha ninja attack the beast, trying desperately to stop it. Their attacks are no use. Suddenly, a barrier of chakra chains forms around the Kyuubi.

"Mom's okay!"

*Scene Change*

Kushina Uzumaki coughs as she tries to maintain both the barrier and grip she has on the Kyuubi. "Minato, if you have a plan, now would be a good time to do it!"

Minato Namikaze looks at her. "I found the notes on the seal that the first Mito Uzumaki used when she sealed the Kyuubi into herself."

Kushina's eyes widen. "That means that you don't have to summon the Shinigami!"

"Which means I don't have to sacrifice my soul. But there's a catch. I'll have to split the Kyuubi between the two children. As infants, neither would be able to handle the full power of the Kyuubi, but they should each be able to handle half."

"And condemn them to the lives of Jinchuriki?"

"It won't be like the others. They all contain the entire beasts. Our children will each contain half of the Kyuubi. Its mind will be too split and unfocused to even try to take over either child. It'll make them less likely to be scorned by others."

"I hope you know what you're doing."

"So do I."

*Scene Change*

Naruto watches as the Kyuubi is engulfed in a bright light. When the light fades away, the Kyuubi is gone. He takes off for the site of the battle.

*Scene Change*

Hiruzen Sarutobi walks up to where the Kyuubi was. He finds two crying infants being calmed down by two smiling parents.

Minato sees Hiruzen. "We did it. The Kyuubi has been sealed again. The threat has passed."

"Where did you seal it?"

"We split it into the two twins here. Meet Motoko and Mito Namikaze."

"They're beautiful, Minato. Come on, let's help Kushina get to a hospital."

"Mom! Dad!"

The whole group turns to see Naruto run up.

Kushina smiles. "Naruto!"

Naruto runs up to his mother and hugs her. Then he hugs his dad. He turns his attention to the twins. "Are they-?"

"Yes. Naruto, say hello to your baby sisters."

Naruto glows with excitement as he looks at the two babies. "Hello there. I'm your big brother."

Hiruzen smiles at the scene. If only he knew that this would be the last real family moment that Naruto will have with the others for a long time.

Vanex: Once again, a short prologue. Hopefully, it does the job of getting you guys curious about this story. See you all next time!