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"Demon Talking"

"Demon Thinking"

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Chapter 9

The weeks passed by, with the bonds between Naruto and the three women of his family slowly being restored. Kushina would spend her time with Naruto and so would the twins, when they weren't in school. Also, during this time, Jiraiya returned, having heard about what happened.

Finally, the day of Minato's trial arrives. Naruto is recovered enough, that they transport him over in a wheelchair.

The Fire Daimyo walks in and sits at his podium. "This trial is called against Minato Namikaze for charges of assault and unnecessary use of memory manipulation against Kushina Namikaze, as well as charges of assault and attempted murder against Naruto Namikaze. Bring in the accused."

The door opens and a restrained Minato Namikaze is brought in. He glares at Mikoto, Yugao, and the twins. Then he glares at Naruto and Kushina. He is brought over to his seat and is forced to sit in it.

"Minato Namikaze, you have heard the charges. How do you plead?"

"Not guilty."

"The defendant pleads not guilty. Prosecution, present your case."

The prosecution attorney stands up. "Thank you Lord Daimyo. Now, I am here to prove to you that that man, our own Fourth Hokage, is a traitor to his own family! A man who would assault and manipulate the members of his family to meet his own selfish, personal agenda! A man who doesn't deserve to call himself a father! To start, I'd like to present Exhibit A, the book of the Namikaze seals. In particular, this entry about a memory seal. 'This memory seal is designed to affect a subject's memory, allowing the user to suppress the memories of one person that the subject knows of. Note: In case of an outside influence trying to remind subject of forgotten person, user can take control of subject's mind long enough to divert the conversation elsewhere.' I'd like to call Mikoto Uchiha to the stand."

Mikoto gets up and sits down in the stand.

"How long have you known Kushina Namikaze?"

"Since we were students at the academy. We are the best of friends."

"How would you describe her?"

"A fiery woman. Powerful in her own right. A devoted mother to her children. When she found out she was pregnant with Naruto, she was so excited."

"Did you see her often in the years after Naruto was born?"


"Describe the relationship between Kushina and her son, before the twins were born, as you saw it."

"Well, the two were close. Kushina was a model mother then, always keeping an eye on Naruto and making sure he was safe, even when she was talking to me."

"What about after the twins were born?"

"That's when things changed. I didn't notice it at first, because I didn't see the Namikaze family much. But, one day I noticed Naruto all by himself. He told me about what happened and then I confronted Kushina."

"What happened?"

"Well, Kushina was acting strange, focusing on the twins while barely acknowledging Naruto. It was like she couldn't see that he was there. I confronted her about the fact that she didn't know where Naruto was. She then escaped the conversation by asking me what was the point of it. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This was totally out of character for Kushina. I knew something was wrong."

"Is there any doubt in your mind that Kushina was not talking of her own accord?"


"After the attack on Naruto, you went to the hospital where he was, correct?"


"What happened?"

"The twins were already there, worried for their brother. Yugao and the Third Hokage joined us within a few minutes. About half an hour later, Kushina joined us, having disabled all the Flying Thunder God seals."

"Why did she do that?"

"To prevent Minato from escaping from his cell upon waking up."

"What happened next?"

"She told us what happened, before breaking down in my arms, crying over the fact that Naruto could die from that Rasengan hit."

"Is there no doubt in your mind that Kushina was showing genuine concern for Naruto when you saw her in the hospital?"

"No doubt at all."

"I have no more questions."

The defense attorney stands up.

"How can you be certain that Kushina was not talking of her own accord?"

"Because Kushina is a woman who loves her children. She always told me she was raised on the belief that family came first."

"So, there's no doubt in your mind that Kushina couldn't have been faking her crying in the hospital room?"

"Of course not! I was the one comforting her. The woman was hysterical, crying over the possibility of losing her son, forever. I can't believe you asked me that question!"

"Even if she was controlled, how can you be certain that the Hokage was responsible?"

"Naruto confirmed it with his Seal Examination Technique. The seal was placed on her by Minato, the day after the twins were born."

"I have no more questions."

"I'd like to call Yugao Uzuki to the stand."

Yugao sits at the stand.

"How long have you known Naruto?"

"Since we were at the academy. I was one of the only few friends he had."

"And when you two graduated you were put on the same team?"

"That's correct."

"Did Naruto ever speak of his problems at home?"

"Yes. I was one of the only people he would tell them too."

"Your team was nominated for the recent Chunin Exams in Suna, correct?"


"Now, as protocol dictates, the Hokage should have shown up at the finals correct?"


"Did he?"


"Why not?"

"He planned his family vacation to be at the same time as the finals, so the previous Hokage had to come in his place."

"He planned his family vacation to be at same time as the finals. The same finals that Naruto would be participating. So, I assume that Naruto was asked to drop out to join the family?"


"What do you mean?"

"They didn't even tell him. We didn't find out until the Third Hokage told us."

"So, the Fourth Hokage took his family on vacation, without bothering to even mention it to his son?"


"When Naruto was attacked in his home and taken to the hospital, you also went there, correct?"


"What happened?"

"When I arrived, Mikoto-sensei and the twins were already there. Less than a minute later, the Third Hokage arrived. Some time later, Naruto's mother arrived. She told us about what happened and then broke down in Mikoto-sensei's arms."

"Why would she do that?"

"She was very frightened that she could lose Naruto."

"I have no more questions."

"Miss Uzuki, is it true that both you and Naruto were friends with Itachi Uchiha?"


"The same Itachi Uchiha who slaughtered the Uchiha clan?"


"Why should we trust testimony given by either you or Naruto? The same people who were friends with a traitor?"

"Objection, Lord Daimyo! Their association with Itachi is irrelevant to this case!"


"You mentioned that the Hokage planned his vacation to be at the same time as the finals?"


"How do you know he didn't just simply forgot about the finals?"

"Because the Hokage knew of our participation in the Chunin Exams. He had a whole month to change his plans for the vacation."

"I have no more questions."

"I'd like to call Hiruzen Sarutobi to the stand."

Hiruzen sits at the stand.

"While Minato was on his vacation, you had to take his place at the finals, correct?"

"That is correct."

"And after the exams, you promoted Naruto, Itachi, and Yugao to chunin, correct?"

"That is correct."

"How did Minato take the news?"

"He called both me and Naruto to his office and questioned me on why I promoted him."

"Why did you promote him?"

"He showed skills beyond a chunin. He was more than ready for the promotion. The Kazekage can back me up on this."

"So what happened with Minato?"

"I asked him if he didn't trust my judgment. He said he did, except in the case of promoting Naruto, so he tried to demote Naruto."

"Did he succeed?"

"No, Naruto brought up a law that states that the Hokage can't demote a ninja without giving a legitimate reason to why the demotion should happen."

"Did he provide a legitimate reason?"


"Did he provide any reason at all?"

"No. So, Naruto was allowed to remain a chunin."

"What happened after that?"

"I confronted Naruto and he revealed to me about what was happening with his family."

"When Naruto was attacked and ended up in the hospital, you went there, correct?"

"That is correct."

"What happened?"

"Well, when I arrived, Mikoto, Yugao, and the twins were already there. Half an hour later Kushina arrived. She told us about what had happened before breaking down into Mikoto's arms."

"Is there any doubt in your mind that Kushina wasn't heartbroken over Naruto's injuries?"

"None at all."

"I have no more questions."

"The defense has no questions."

"I'd like to call Tsunade Senju to the stand."

Tsunade sits at the stand.

"You were the doctor who took care of Naruto when he ended up in the hospital after the attempt on his life, correct?"


"Tell me about the injury."

"He had a gaping hole in his stomach, consistent with the size and damage caused by the Rasengan technique."

"Who could have used this attack?"

"The only two people who have mastered the Rasengan are Minato and Jiraiya."

"Where was Jiraiya during these events?"

"Outside the village, gathering info from his spy network."

"So, there is no doubt in your mind that Minato used the Rasengan on Naruto?"


"I have no more questions."

"Lady Tsunade, how can you be certain that the injury was caused by the Rasengan?"

"During the war, I had to treat enemy soldiers so that they could be fit enough for interrogation. I've treated some of them for Rasengan injuries. I know what one looks like."

"I have no more questions."

"I'd like to call Motoko and Mito Namikaze to the stand."

The twins stand up and sit at the stand.

"You two were present when the attack on Naruto happened, correct?"

"Yes," they both say. Note: They both give the same testimony, so every time there is a response to a question, they are both saying it.

"What happened that morning?"

"Well, we both woke up like usual and went into the kitchen to see Mom talking with a blonde stranger, who we then learned was our older brother, Naruto."

"Why didn't you know he was your brother before then?"

"Whenever we saw him in the hallways, he would walk by fast. By the time we registered that he was even there, he was long gone. We confronted Mom and Dad about it. Mom just kept feeling light-headed and not really with us. Dad went to investigate our claims, and told us that Naruto was a figment of our imaginations. Since he was our dad, we had no reason to question him."

"Now, what happened after you entered the kitchen?"

"Mom told us about the seal placed on her neck that suppressed her memories of Naruto and what had happened between them last night. Naruto went into the pantry to get some cereal. That was when Dad walked in."

"What happened?"

"Well, we confronted our father about what he had done to both Mom and Naruto. Naruto rejoined us in the kitchen, where Dad called him a bad word."

"What happened next?"

"Dad used his Flying Thunder God Technique to teleport himself next to Naruto. He then used the Rasengan on Naruto, sending him flying to the kitchen wall. We rand over to check on him, but Dad advanced on us, saying that he was going to kill Naruto. Mom jumped in though, using her katana to knock him out. Mom then sent us to get help, which we did, and Brother was taken to the hospital. Mom then sent us to the hospital, while she went to disable all of the Flying Thunder God seals."

"I have no more questions."

"The defense has no questions."

"Lord Daimyo, it would probably be best for everyone here, if we take a recess."

"I agree. I grant a one hour recess."

The Daimyo gets up and leaves the courtroom. Minato is escorted to a secure location, while everyone else begins leaving the courtroom or starts talking to each other, waiting for the trial to resume.

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