E/O Challenge: Blunt - 100 words on the dot.

Just something random and silly cuz I needed a laugh! Thanks for having a look, feedback would be awesome;)

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

"So, am I right?"

"Yeah, says blunt force trauma."

"I know the murder weapon too."

"There's no way you'll ever..."


"But… how?"

"I'm going with Colonel Mustard, in the library, with a candlestick."


"No case here, just some human nutbag."

"Come on…"

"Think about it. Rope, gun, knife, wrench. All the classic weapons. Plus, don't forget the poor bastard who had his brains bashed in with a lead pipe."

"But… CLUE? Seriously?"

"Loved that game. Miss Scarlet? Dude, that bitch was hot."

"Congratulations, it's official."

"That I'm awesome?"

"Nope, that there's a new geek in town."

"Shut up."

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