Bravestarr Chronicles: A Legacy of Blast

Summary: A recent graduate from the Galactic Marshal Academy gets offered a great opportunity, but will he take it? This is the story of Marshal Rio Blast.

AN: This is the first of multiple short stories that will detail the various characters found within the Bravestarr world. Some will crossover into He-Man, while others will not. Rio's story will be three chapters in length.

Chapter 1: Rio Bass

"Marshal Rick Bass," A noble, kind sounding male voice said to a tall, stout man that stood in the center of a circular room, looking forward towards a council of nine that stared interestedly back at him. Powerfully built, the man in the center of the room had blue eyes and unruly brown hair that went against the immaculate look that his pressed clothes and polished brown leather cowboy boots portrayed.

"Please, call me Rio, sir." The man returned, earning a nod of approval from the owner of the first voice. He stared up at his superiors, the council that presided over all matters involving the planetary marshals and space marines. Comprising of five men and four women, they were each from a particular field of their specialty and not all of them had been marshals or marines prior to their appointment to the council.

"Yes, yes," The older man nodded, giving Rio a small smile in return. "Congratulations on your graduation from the academy. We are pleased to have you within the ranks of our marshals."

"Thank you, sir," Rio nodded in respect, wanting to show his gratitude for the compliment that was bestowed upon him. He nervously smacked his lips together, hoping that he hadn't gotten himself into trouble already. After all, he had a penchant for mischief and wasn't exactly known for following the rules.

"I bet you are wondering why we called you into our chambers," A female next to the older man said in a thick Scottish accent, somehow reading his mind. Her face was lined and her hair was gray in age, being worn short, just above her shoulders.

"A little," Rio nodded, his eyes moving from the man to the female next to him. "Does this have anything to do with that questionnaire the other graduates and I took, Commander Kane?"

"How very astute of you," Another voice said, this time male once more, which earned Rio's attention. "You, along with five others, are the only ones who have shown a…willingness to combating evil that is needed for a very special assignment."

"Anything," Rio nodded with a growl, agreeing with the assessment that he was willing to do whatever was necessary to combat the evil that beleaguered the Federation and that plagued the innocent people on the various planets.

"Please, tell us about yourself and your family," The first male said, silencing the rest of the council with a simple look. The point of the deposition was to learn more about Rio, to see if he was the one to be able to do what they had planned, and as such, he knew he had to take control to keep the council on point.

"I was born on the planet New Texas to a relatively loving couple named Marta and Zebulon Bass." Rio answered, his gaze moving slowly over the entirety of the council. He knew they wanted his life story, though he couldn't figure out exactly why just yet. "My father was a prospector and my mother was a seamstress. We didn't have much money, but we had a roof over our heads, food on the table, and of course, we did have each other, however clichéd or trite that idea is."

"Your father was prospecting for kerium?" The woman on the far right questioned, as she raised a curious blonde eyebrow. She was relatively young compared to the others on the council, though Rio knew that with the technology available, how young or old someone looked was often times deceiving.

"No," Rio shook his head in the negative. "He was prospecting for kerphite. We lived in the outback of the eastern lands on New Texas, not the western deserts where the land is bountiful with kerium."

"And they were murdered, no?" The same woman questioned, looking down at a folder that was marked with Rio's name. A neo-psychologist, she was the one whom counseled any of the marshals or marines that needed to speak with someone confidentially. In addition, without her psychologically tested approval, no marshal could be given an assignment, making her both well respected and feared around the marshal community as she was the gatekeeper for a marshal being allowed to work or not.

"By outlaws, yeah" Rio admitted with sadness in his heart, remembering that horrible day that stole his parents from him. "When I was thirteen, outlaws attacked our village, searching for kerphite. They were brutal and stopped at nothing to try and find it, going so far as to mercilessly kill my parents. Fortunately for me, they had hidden me away in the makeshift panic room before the outlaws entered our home, so I was safe and protected, but unfortunately they themselves were left unprotected."

"That is the reason you joined the Marshal Academy, correct?" She inquired once more, seemingly already knowing the answers to all of her questions. Truthfully, it was his reaction to the questions that they were trying to gauge, not necessarily the answer themselves.

"Absolutely," Rio agreed with a quick nod of his head. "To fight off evil, to make sure that the citizens of the Federation are safe is the noblest of goals. After my parents were murdered, I was sent to live with my great aunt on Loredos, where I attended the Starband Academy and worked at the Gemini Astro-Jail for a time, before being accepted into the Galactic Marshal Academy."

"And what is your favorite food?" A male at the end of the bench said, giving Rio a broad smile, trying to lighten the mood.

"Old fashioned New Texas chili," Rio grinned, licking his lips at the thought of a bowl of chili. His stomach rumbled just then, and he sheepishly scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Very well," The first man spoke up once again, seemingly in charge of all the other members of the council. "What we are about to speak about is to be taken with the utmost of secrecy, never leaving the walls of this room. Do you understand?" He questioned Rio, staring down at him while everyone else did the same, their smiles gone and steely resolve taking its place on their faces.