Bravestarr Chronicles: A Legacy of Blast

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Summary: A recent graduate from the Galactic Marshal Academy gets offered a great opportunity, but will he take it? This is the story of marshal Rio Blast.

AN: This is the first of multiple short stories that will detail the various characters found within the Bravestarr world. Some will crossover into He-Man, while others will not. Rio's story will be three chapters in length.

Chapter 3: Rio Blast

It was nearly a month later that found Rick 'Rio' Bass standing in front of the council once more, a nervous smile appearing on his young face. He looked fully recovered, with his muscle tone even more chiseled and sculpted than it had been before he had undergone the experiment. He felt strong, healthy, and most of all, powerful, and he was more than ready to go out into the galaxy to combat the evil outlaws that plagued the good people of the Federation. His senses exploded, and he knew that he was much more than a normal human now, though he had yet to fully test out his new capabilities and powers. As he waited for the council to speak, he stared around the hangar that they were gathered in, a much different setting than the boardroom that they had met in the last time. He watched as the multitude of scientists bustled around, working on the various projects that they were assigned to work on.

"Congratulations, Marshall Rio Bass," The head of the council said, handing over to Rio a white cowboy hat that had on the front an orange squiggly line that seemed to be in the shape of a river. It was the universal symbol of the Galactic Marshals, a white hat with an orange pendant above the brim, decorated in whatever shape the individual marshal preferred. Many had a simple star, while others had a spread eagle, a flame, or some other odd shape that was significant to them in some way. Rio's was in the shape of a river, referencing the fact that his nickname had been the word for river in an old language called Spanish that had been all but forgotten in everyday speech.

"Thank you, sir." Rio nodded, gladly taking his hat with a large, proud smile. He placed it atop his head, delighting in the feeling of nobility and purpose that it gave him. "But I am no longer Rio Bass anymore. I am now Rio Blast!" He said, accepting the fact that he was different than how he had been before the experiment, changed from the way that he used to be. He had incredible powers and abilities now, ones that he had to use for the betterment of all those around him.

"We know that it is usual to allow the Planetary Marshal to choose his own planet, whichever that may be, that he will protect, but we were hoping you would accept a different kind of mission instead." The council member in charge of the marshals said, looking over to Rio with a sideways glance.

"What mission is that?" Rio inquired, intrigued by the proposition. He knew it had to be a secret and dangerous mission, or else they probably would have opened it to a lot more people than just him, especially to other great marshals that had been a marshal for far longer than he had like Bravestarr or Lucas Conway.

The leader of the council took a step forward, to be closer to Rio so no one else could overhear what he was going to tell the newly appointed marshal. "Twenty four years ago, the Federation sent out a space probe called the Valiant to explore a galactic core. Their mission, called Project Photog was to travel through a dimensional rift to observe, explore and photograph the apparent center of the universe. Months into their mission, they ran into an asteroid field and an electrical storm, however, and we lost contact with them. At the time, we sent another astronaut to follow in their wake, but he too was lost and we aborted the entire mission immediately after. Recently, we have finally been able to descramble their distress calls, twenty four years after we lost communication with them in the first place. Now, we hope to send you out to the area of space their last transmission was sent from, in the hopes of investigating what has happened to the crew of the probe and what became of their fate."

"I accept," Rio said immediately without second thought, knowing that it was his duty to find out what had happened to those astronauts. He didn't have any family, so he wasn't going to be leaving behind much if something were to happen to him, compared to many of the other marshals, whom had wives or husbands and children depending on them.

"Just as we expected," Commander Kane said in an unsurprised tone, having known what kind of person Rio was. He was a good hearted, albeit a bit prone to violence, mischievous overachiever that was willing to risk anything and everything to be the kind of person that his parents wanted him to become. "We have weapons to outfit you with for your mission. As you already know, your hat houses numerous optical lenses that will allow you to see long distances as well as profile anyone that you have come in contact with once before or download profiles from the Federation's database. Your hat also acts as a radio communicator and a loud speaker, allowing you to communicate vast distances. You also have the marshal star, which when activated, can form into an energy shield that will protect you from harm, regardless if it's a physical assault or laser technology attacking you. In addition, we also have a new cybersteed for you: it's a Skull Walker Bravo, a highly advanced riding system that has the most technologically sophisticated artificial intelligence software that we have on record. This Skull Walker, like the others before it, will also allow you to ride on it as if it is a real live steed, as well as fly on it like a jet cycle."

The skull walker walked up to Rio from across the room and stared at him, as if sizing him up. "You're a Bravo edition, huh?" Rio smiled, patting the cold steel horn of the skull walker. "I shall call you Rio Bravo, then. Rio Blast and Rio Bravo, the perfect team, the evil of the galaxy will know our names and we shall live in their nightmares." Rio laughed dramatically, admiring the walker for what it was.

"Next," Commander Kane said, gesturing for Rio to follow her over to a table that housed what seemed to be a metal backpack and a helmet. "This is a laser cannon that will allow you to shoot much further than your internal blasters will. You wear it on your back, and when you wish to fire, the cannons will rest on your shoulders and the eyepiece will come over your head for adjusted vision. I warn you, Rio, this is an extremely powerful weapon, and I would not take it lightly."

Rio grinned as he took the pack onto his back, barely even feeling its tremendous weight. He guessed that the experiment also made him much stronger than a normal human was in terms of physical strength; though he had no idea to what degree it had enhanced his strength. "This should come in handy," He said, taking the pack off and placing back down on the table. "Do you have anything else?" He questioned, and after seeing the council shake their heads in the negative, he grinned. "As long as the space shuttle I am going to be taking is fueled and stocked with necessities, I will leave immediately after I eat."

"Okay," Commander Kane nodded, agreeing with Rio's desires. "I will explain to you where you will be going over breakfast."

It was immediately after he had eaten breakfast that Rio entered into his one-man shuttle and prepared to fly off into space. After his armaments were packed into the cargo hold, his food and water supplies were stocked, and Rio Bravo was connected to the piloting system, Rio said his goodbyes and entered the cockpit. When the countdown was completed, the shuttle lifted out of the bay and flew outwards into space. He set course for the sector of space that the Federation had directed him to investigate and entered into subluminal travel speed. Before long, Rio entered into his hibernation, and when he would awaken next, he would be nearer to his destination.

Rio didn't know how long it had been, but he awoke when his craft hit the turbulence that was created when it had entered a space storm. Asteroids and other debris began to bombard the craft, and suddenly Rio's auto-pilot was disconnected, forcing him to take the controls himself. He was unable to bear the stress, however, and the craft began to spin uncontrollably, though due to the weightlessness of space, he did not feel the effects. Like his computers previously, the radio airwaves went to static, and his communications were cut off.

"Despondos! Despondos!" A frightening voice said over the speakers, cutting through the static. Again the voice came: it was deep and resonating, as if some great beast from the annals of history was reaching out to say something to Rio.

"What the heck is Despondos?" Rio questioned out loud, wondering if Bravo would have any information in his databank. Just then, there was a flash, and they were suddenly falling towards a large blue planet that was half covered in darkness. "Mayday, mayday," Rio screamed into the communicator, hoping to both save himself and Bravo and prevent any reckless rescue attempt by the Federation. "Mayday, we are going down. The storm…"

Before he could finish what he was about to say, however, he entered the planet's atmosphere, the jolt of which whipped his head back against the leather seat. Dazed, he barely had his eyes open when the craft crashed in what seemed to be a dense jungle, near to a giant golden palace that was off in the distance. "Mayday," Rio whispered, before passing out, sparks flying from the technology located within his right forearm.

He awoke at the sound of shouts and yells, and when he opened up the cockpit, he fell out of his seat and onto the lush ground below. "Halt!" A voiced yelled when he made to get to his feet, staggering a bit in the process.

"What…the…" Rio dazedly said, noticing that he was surrounded by men wearing green and orange armor as if they were the praetorian guard of ancient Rome. They looked human, and with the way the planet looked, he wondered if he had indeed crashed on Earth. Could it be, he questioned himself, having himself never been to the home world of the human race, though he had been told stories of it growing up. "Where am I?" He inquired, not knowing what planet he had crashed on. He stared around the area, and noticed once more that the environment looked and felt strangely like the planet Earth.

None of the guards answered him, until one with a mustache and his hair pulled back in a small pony tail took a step forward, apparently the leader of the group. "You are on Eternia, friend."

AN: Well, that's it for Rio Blast and how he came to be on Eternia, though I may add an epilogue later on telling more of his adventure if people are interested. Thanks for reading!