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If he'd known this was possible he'd never have let it happen.

Chase Young was aware that, as a dragon, he possessed qualities and abilities that no other person on the planet had. He was stronger than most and his martial arts skills far exceeded the norm. He was different to most people not only physically - he could change into a giant lizard, for God's sake - but also emotionally. Usually, he didn't show that emotion - it wasn't that he didn't have the feelings everyone else displayed, it was just that he liked to keep up his reputation.

He had never been impressed by his own taste in lovers, which was why he had never told a soul - had made his beloved swear on his own life to never tell a soul - that he was secretly dating Jack Spicer, evil boy genius. Not that he was a genius, and his version of 'evil' was quite different to the likes of Chase Young himself, or Chase's enemy, Hannibal Bean, or even Wuya.

Chase had been with Jack - secretly, never in public, always careful not be seen - for over a year now. In the public eye, they were enemies, united only by being on the side of evil and by their quests for the shen gong wu - and also by the fact that neither trusted Wuya or Hannibal, who had teamed up together during the Heylin Eclipse years ago and had never separated since.

But behind closed doors - at Chase's palace, since Jack's place was too easily intercepted and spied on - it was all different for the two. Only Chase's jungle cats would ever know what went on between the two lovers, and even they didn't get to see what happened when the two retired to the bedroom for the night.

Now, it was only natural, given Jack's somewhat feminine auras, that he was easily dominated, and for the most part, Chase played on it. In both kisses and in their nightly activities, Chase took over Jack and the other could do little to nothing about it, although he couldn't say he didn't try - not that he really minded, seeing as Chase was both his love and his evil idol.

The rule was this: Chase was the dominant one.

But isn't there an exception to every rule?

That exception had, for these two lovers, come eight months ago, on Jack's birthday. The pale skinned, slightly feminine boy had been ecstatic about his birthday and looked forward to having a private celebration with Chase at the dragon's lair. His plans were going perfectly until Jack realised the obvious - with Hannibal and Wuya plotting and the Xiaolin monks fighting them for the revealing shen gong wu, Chase Young had completely forgotten about his young lover's birthday.

His forgetfulness had resulted in sixty minutes of screaming, sulking and crying coming from behind the closed bedroom door at his own home - Jack had refused to come out, whimpering about not being loved. Chase had found it all very annoying and he certainly wasn't one to come out with a dramatically romantic speech about how sorry he was, so he had had to improvise.

That 'improvising' was what had started this whole big mess. If he had never gone through with it, he would not be in his present condition.


Chase had let Jack take his turn in being the dominant one in the bedroom, just that once. He had assured the red haired male that it would be only once, never again, and it was only because he felt somewhat guilty that he was letting him do it at all - but he had. And after those minutes were over, Chase had gotten up and headed for the shower, because letting Jack be on top had made him feel both weak and unclean. He was so used to being the dominant one - it was the way it damn well should be. Never again would he let the other have that kind of power over him.

Jack being more than satisfied with his birthday present - secretly hoping Chase would never remember his birthday again - their lives had returned to normal. Jack built his robots, Chase spied on Hannibal, they fought Xiaolin Showdowns with the monks. They pretended to hate each other during the day and then made love at night. It sounded almost complicated, but it was only routine.

And like every routine, it had to be broken sometime or another.

It had all fallen apart when Chase had began feeling very sick. He rarely got sick - the last time he'd felt really weak had been during the Heylin Eclipse - and so was a bit concerned, but being him, he hadn't let it interfere in his daily lifestyle. Not even when the sickness kept him up at night and made him suffer fevers did he allow it to really bother him.

But then he began noticing he changes in himself. It took almost three full months, but inevitably, it had happened. He had begun to put on weight, but only in the stomach area. That surprised him greatly - he always took great care of his body, all areas of it, and no matter what he did, the bump that had formed on his stomach would not be toned. Eventually, he had given into the pleas - mainly because they were so loud and whiny and annoying - of Jack Spicer, and done various basic health tests on himself. He wouldn't go, of course, to a doctor - a dragon going to the doctor was just plain stupid.

And through all those tests, Chase confirmed nought but the fact that he was a perfectly healthy man. Oh, that and he had another perfectly healthy person inside him.

He had gotten Jack's equipment in order to get a proper view of the 'problem', convinced that he'd made a mistake, several, somewhere. But the results were consistent.

Chase Young was carrying a child.

How was a mystery to him but he could put it down only to his dragon genes. Could a male dragon reproduce? He didn't know - there was nobody like himself that he could make a comparison to. And so, he was entirely on his own, left to wonder how and why it had happened.


Since that fateful, horrible day when he had discovered the truth, five months had gone by. For the last four he had not taken part in any fights or showdowns. For the last three he had not even left his home.

He felt lazy, fat, useless and weakened. And it sickened him.

There was no speaking to the child within him, no placing his hand on his stomach to feel the vicious kicks of the unborn baby, no smiling at his situation.

Instead, he would try to train as he usually did and become annoyed that his agility was nothing like as good as it had been, get pissed off because he couldn't throw a punch the same way he used to, get irritated over the fact that he no longer fit into his armour and was reduced to wearing loose, humiliating clothes. Oversized shirts were comfortable but if anyone was to see them, they would royally screw up his self image.

Chase Young had invited Jack to stay with him for the duration of the pregnancy, if only to have someone else to talk to - he resented being seen in his present condition, and thus had closed off most contacts with the outside world. He wasn't concerned any more about people finding out he and Spicer were together - why should he worry about that now? He was carrying a baby - that had to be the most humiliating thing he could ever do. What was a relationship when you could laugh at the pregnant male? The bitter thought of Hannibal and Wuya laughing at him, if they ever found out, irritated the dragon at no end.

Jack had been sworn to secrecy to tell nobody about his lover's condition - Chase's reputation was hugely at stake. And although there was a lot of talk - mostly from Hannibal Bean - about the sudden disappearance of Chase Young, Jack didn't say anything. Indeed, he only pretended that Chase had left and that he, Jack Spicer, had taken over his home.

Not having any interest whatsoever in Jack, Hannibal and Wuya had never stopped by for a visit. They had already taken the shen gong wu that Chase had possessed and Jack was, to be frank, inadequate at winning showdowns consistently. Hannibal and Wuya were focussing on their true threats: the Xiaolin monks, led by Raimundo.

And so Chase was left in his home on his own - Jack being out trying to obtain some newly revealed shen gong wu - with nobody but his jungle cats for company.

He didn't count the 'thing' growing inside him.

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