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This is DH2 movie cannon, Severus travels to Godric's Hallow and finds Lily dead, yet he quickly finds out she is alive. She takes Harry and disappears for fifteen years only to return for Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts.

Now this is Sempraseverus's fault over at Deviant Art, she did a piece titled "Enough Already" in which Severus is hugging Lily thinking her dead and she wakes up clearly alive and well. Oh and for a split second she thinks she is in the arms of James. Let's say when she finds out it is not James but Severus, well she gets a bit violent.


Chapter One: A New Life:

A tall lean man clad all in black from high collared black frock coat with a bit of white at his neck under the black cravat the coat buttoned up securely, a pair of black trousers and boots with long black greasy hair that hung around a pale face dominated by a hooked nose, wide black eyes and thin lipped mouth. He was a young man, clearly barely out of his teens and he was lean, nearly too lean from the looks of it. He gasped and held his left forearm and turned in the cool of the night to see a house appear, an ancient cottage, the roof half blown off. A scream of pain that ended quickly as the young man, Severus Snape ran to the house. He cared not for the danger he was in as he ran into the house, the front door blasted off the hinges. He passed the lifeless body of James, the man still had his wand in hand, his hazel eyes had dimmed in death though his hair was as messy and black as ever. At least he had died honorably in defense of his family. Severus nearly sneered at the man's muggle attire, the jeans, jumper and white shirt, no doubt Lily's doing.

He ran forward and staggered up the stairs, down the hall and into the wrecked nursery. It was quiet here, even the baby Harry was quiet, stunned as he sat in his cot blood trickling down his head as he looked on his mother. Severus cared not for the boy, so like his father with the same messy black hair but his mothers green eyes stared at him. He saw Lily, dear Lily laying sprawled out on the floor, wand at her side clad in jeans and a green button up shirt that would have matched her eyes if they were no dimmed by death. He staggered to her, brushed a dark red lock from her hair and gently he took her in his arms. She was still so warm and limp and he could pretend she was alive. He wept as never before, wept for the loss of one so pure and good as Lily. Harry watched still too stunned even to scream or cry, which was not good, babies normally scream at any trauma but Harry was in too much shock to do anything. It was then Lily stirred and Severus still holding her felt a bit of hope, she groaned and his face showed his shock.

"James?" Lily asked, "James is that you?"

"N-no Lily, J-James did not make it." Severus said, letting her go as she tensed up, "I thought you were dead!"

"You dare come here!" Lily said wand out she cursed Severus with several painful and bloody curses. "You, you death eater!"

"Do as you will, I would deserve no less, I am evil I know that." Severus replied.

"You heard the prophecy and went to Voldemort!" Lily hissed.

"Prophecies are for fools and the weak!" Severus replied, "I never thought he would believe, I am sorry, so very sorry, kill me or do as you wish to me. I will not fight you."

It was then Harry screamed and howled as he saw his mother alive and well. He would not stop screaming even when Lily picked him up and scanned him, she pressed a cold cloth she had conjured up to his cut, she dared not heal it until she made sure there was nothing in the cut. Severus heard a noise and saw Sirius Black come into the room, his shaggy near black hair was falling into his very pale face and his gray eyes showed horror and relief in seeing Lily and Harry alive. He never did get a chance to go to them as Severus drove him from the room and his cries of pain were all that could be heard for a time as Lily calmed Harry down then went out her baby in her arms, little Harry clutching her shirt as she hexed both men apart. Both were bleeding, Severus from her curses, Sirius from Severus's curses, in fact he was barely able to stand. He was not aware that Severus was on the side of good to want to hurt him as he had.

"Enough, no more fighting, we are all going to Hogwarts to sort this out." Lily snapped.

"He tried to kill me Lily!" Sirius said spitting out blood.

"You deserved it, everyone knows you are the secret keeper!"

"Hogwarts now!" Lily snapped taking out a pendant, "grab my arm both of you now! I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

At those words the portkey was activated and all four were whisked off away from the house and towards Hogwarts. They landed in the infirmary and Lily saw madam Pomfrey hurry up. She was a tall thin witch with long brown hair done up in a bun and she was clad in a gray gown with crisp white apron. She saw the two blooded men who refused care, they wanted little Harry looked after first. They could wait until Poppy had taken care of the babe, Sirius sat on a bed pale and weak while Severus retreated to the shadows. Poppy scowled as she ran a wand over the cut then stepped back. Lily looked worried, what was wrong with her baby?

"It's a dark curse, one I have never seen." Poppy said looking grave.

"The goblins should know." Lily said and at the look from Poppy, "they are good people Poppy, just used and abused by the Wizarding world, you know this."

"I still cannot stand them or trust them." Poppy replied.

"Well who else would not touch the wealth of those they fought in the rebellions?" Severus said, "the baby, Harry is not in pain? I might have a painkiller."

"Harry you hurting?" Lily asked Harry.

"No, mummy hurt?" Harry asked.

"No I am fine." Lily replied, "the bad man is gone now, he cannot hurt you now."

"Padfoot hurt." Harry said pointing to Sirius who was passed out.

"I will take care of him." Poppy said, "then you Severus."

"I am fine, I can take care of myself." Severus replied.

"Get on a bed before I stun you myself!" Poppy snapped.

Severus got on the bed and watched as Poppy healed up Sirius then she turned on him to heal him up. He did not deserve this and actually started to cry once more which stunned the women in the room. Lily had never seen him cry, not even when they were little children, he truly was broken if he was crying now. She walked up and put a hand on his shoulder, could she forgive him? Was there something for her to forgive him for? He sobbed on and was startled to find little hands touching his face. He looked down to see the baby Harry looking up at him with such bright green eyes filled with concern. How could one so young be so carrying?

"Why so sad?" Harry asked.

"I have done bad things." Severus said truthfully.

"You do bad now?" Harry asked.

"No, I swear I do no bad now." Severus said, "so like your mother you are."

He looked up to see the intimidating force of one Albus Dumbledore enter the room with Minerva McGonagall behind him. He looked from the bandaged and healing form of Severus, to Lily with a few bruises on her face and neck, to Severus bandaged, battered and bruised to little Harry with a bandage over his forehead. Severus could not look up at the tall lean man that was the headmaster with his long silver hair and beard his normally twinkling eyes were sad and hair as ice. He was clad in robes of blue and walked over to where Harry was sitting against Severus while Lily had finished talking to Poppy.

"Sirius was not the secret keeper." Lily said, "Peter was, I will go after him once I see to Harry, I have to take him to the goblins."

"I see, what of Severus here?" Dumbledore asked.

"You will leave him to me, he is under my protection now." Lily said getting Severus to look up in shock, "oh he will earn that protection to be sure."

"I see, I am glad you are alive my dear." Dumbledore said.

"Save it, I don't fit your plans old man, you would want James and I dead, send my son away and make sure he was owing to you. Well looks as if my being alive thwarts your plans Albus." Lily said.

"I am sorry you think that way my dear." Dumbledore said, "but I don't blame you, I never wanted you or James dead, you must believe me."

"The prophecy I believe has been fulfilled, do not ask how you are a Wizard and such things are not for a man to know." Lily said her green eyes smoldering, "am I clear?"

"Yes, of course." Dumbledore replied. "Can I talk to you after the funeral?"

"That will be fine, I might have calmed down enough to not hex your bits off by then." Lily said calmly.

Severus wanted to tell her not to speak to the headmaster in such a way but he saw Dumbledore was smiling! He really must be mad to smile at having his manhood blasted away! Or he recognized great power in Lily and was not going to fight her. He left the hospital wing and Lily called for Flitwick, a short man with wispy white hair clad in a morning suit straight out of the eighteen hundreds. He proudly stated he was half goblin, he was biologically fully human but had been adopted by a goblin clan. He spoke quietly with Lily and nodded to her and looked to Harry, they left the hospital wing and did not return until morning. Harry was fast asleep and the lightening shaped scar on his forehead was fading, it would be a silver color and never fully disappear but it would not be the ugly red that it would have remained with the curse still inside.


Two days after the funeral of James and a week after the attack on the Longbottoms that ended in the death of four death eaters Lily was back at Hogwarts. She had been staying at the Longbottom house and had taken the death eaters by surprise as they attacked the Longbottoms. She proved that a muggleborn witch could be very, very powerful and she was. Alice had got her wand back and with her light brown hair flying around her face joined Lily in battle. Rudolphus and Rabastan Lestrange were killed at once but Barty Crouch Jr. and Bellatrix Lestrange fought hard but in the end they two were killed. Lily and Alice were not playing nice anymore, and they sent a very clear message, the gloves were off and if a death eater attacked them they would die.

Now Lily was in the headmaster's office clad in a black robe with Harry seated with her clad in green robes that matched his eyes. Dumbledore knew that he could not persuade her away from her path and he was not sure he really wanted to. Though he had to try one more time. Severus was here seated by her with Sirius on the other side of Lily as Lily would not tolerate them fighting. They had learned quickly she would lay down the law and make them feel pain if they did not stop fighting. She was scary and very powerful and now she had lost her soul-mate she was a far less forgiving witch. The last person in the office was Remus Lupin, a slight man with short tawny hair, a small mustache on his tanned face to hide the faded scars there and a tweed suit and brown tie. He handed Harry his gray wolf stuffy getting the boy to giggle and start to chew on an ear of the wolf.

"Why must you leave for so long?" Dumbledore asked.

"You know as well as I do if I do not that Voldemort will come back far too early." Lily said, "if we keep Harry in away from Hogwarts just for a time then perhaps we can keep Voldemort at bay for a long time."

"How long Lily?" Severus asked.

"I will bring him back after he has sat his OWLs." Lily replied, "I will keep in contact with you, do not fear, but I cannot let you know where we are."

"It's the best way." Remus replied, "it has to be done this way."

"Sirius is going to take over as head of the house of Black." Lily said, "he can stir things up that way, his mother holds no power and he can turn the name of Black back to one that is honorable not evil."

"Good, what of you Severus?" Dumbledore asked.

"I intend on staying here at Hogwarts." Severus said, "all I ask is that I get to run Slytherin house and my classes as I see fit."

"Good, you are going to turn it back into a noble house?" Headmaster Phineas Black asked, "it has fallen so, no cunning, no brains all evil and darkness where is the honor of my house? They act like a bunch of Gryffindors!"

"So you will leave and come back when Harry is ready for his sixth year, I can hold you to that promise?" Dumbledore asked.

"You can." Lily replied. "Harry will come back trained and when Voldemort comes back he will be ready to defeat him, one thing is for sure if he goes to Hogwarts at eleven then Voldemort will rise by the end of his fourth year. That cannot happen, too many good people will die and our world will end a hundred years after the end of the war."

"Very well, let him have some sort of childhood." Dumbledore said, "let him have fun as a child should."

"Oh he will, Remus will come with me, he will make sure Harry does have a childhood, and we will write, I promise you that." Lily said getting up and shifting Harry to her hip, "now I must be going, you will see us in fifteen years, I promise you that."

With that she left the office and left two pensive men behind and one man who may not like what she had to do but trusted and respected her. Sirius Black knew what he had to do and knew he had a hard road ahead of him as most of the old pureblood families were going to hate him. But what he was going to do was going to help bring the Wizarding world to the modern world, rekindle old traditions that never should have died off but first he was going to marry Mary MacDonald, a muggleborn witch. That in of itself was going to really anger many of the crazier pureblood families, yet he knew if he did not than the Black family was going to get weaker and could end up dying out. The next few years would be interesting to say the least had he looked forward to getting to see how Harry grew in letters and with the mirrors that he had with Lily. He got up and left the office leaving behind a pensive old man who hoped he had done right letting Lily go away with Harry.


So there is chapter one, yes Lily is taking Harry away for some time. Dumbledore cares about Lily and hated loosing James. Lily is doing right by Harry but don't worry he will spend his last years at Hogwarts though it will not be the first time he visits that is for sure.

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