Chapter Six: The Best Laid Plans:

Harry loved being at Hogwarts, he loved everything about it, the classes, the food, the girls, the portraits, statues, armor, girls, tapestries, magic and of course girls. Hey he was a teen boy and a hormonal one at that though he was a noble one. He was enjoying dating too, he was not dating one girl and made sure that the two girls he was dating knew of the other. To his surprise Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley did not mind "sharing" him at all and after his defense classes they would help sooth his aching muscles. This was how Severus found him, seated in the library with madam Pince watching them while the studied or acted as if they were. Harry had been here three months and now had a plan to deal with Voldemort. He looked up at Severus and smiled, which got Severus to scowl at the cheeky teen.

"The time draws near, are you ever going to take this seriously Harry?" Severus asked.

"I do, all the time sir, I just need a bit of time to unwind and relax." Harry replied, "sharpen the saw and all that, you did read the Seven Habits book I sent you?"

"Yes, you have a plan?" Severus asked.

"Sure, it's going to be brilliant sir." Harry replied, "I have planned for this most of my life, it's a year early but I am ready."

"See that you are." Severus said.

"Well how does setting a pack of Veela on him sound?" Harry asked innocently.

"Harry that would be cruel to the Veela!" Ginny said.

"I agree, they would get indigestion." Luna said, "Veela always do when they consume a dark lord."

"Er right Miss Lovegood." Severus replied.

He left the library in a billow of black robes nodding at madam Pince as he left. What most did not know was that madam Pince was in fact his mother Eileen Prince. She had only changed her name and added a simple glamour though if you looked closely you could tell they were related. She was a good woman but with a weakness for books, they were like her children and she had carefully and painstakingly restored, mended and on occasion replaced books in the Hogwarts Library. She strengthened the wards in the library to keep it safe and students could not cast spells here as she would not let her "children" be hurt. She had smacked her son upside the head for writing in his books but he had always retorted he was improving them, which was true, he never heighted text he would add useful things in the margins. Harry sighed and got out some fresh parchment, a fountain pen, dipped it in the ink and began a letter to Voldemort.

Dear Tom Riddle, styled as the dark lord Voldemort,

I would respectfully like to invite you to a duel at Hogwarts in a week's time. I understand you wish to confront me, I have the same wish for you as you did kill my father and tried to kill my mother and I. I wish to face you in the great hall and the winner will be declared the leader of the magical world. I know the prophecy, know this Tom I fully intend on killing you. The duel will be overseen by a neutral party, and we both will follow the rules they set down.

Your never friend,

Earl of Godric's Hallow,

Harry James Potter

Harry was not surprised when Hedwig flew into the library, grabbed the letter and was gone in a flash of snow. Madam Pince glared at him but did not throw him from the library. Soon he would know if Voldemort would answer his call for battle or would bow out like the coward Harry was sure he was. He was nervous but knew that he had to end this war before it could get started. What better way than showing everyone in Hogwarts that he was not the kind of wizard to mess with by taking down Voldemort? All he had to do was wait for a reply and he did hope it would be yes, he did not look forward to hunting down a dark lord. A few days later the answer came and Harry read it.

To the insolent brat who dares challenge me, I will accept your invitation of battle and will meet you at Hogwarts on the 3rd day of December. This will be your last day on earth as fully intend on removing you form the world.


Lord Voldemort.

Harry smirked, this was going to be good, though he was a bit nervous and was aware he could still die he was going to finish what Voldemort had started. He hoped the prophecy that Voldemort had made real was fully in his favor, if not then he was willing to die if he so had to. He folded the letter up and went to his next classes as if he was not going to face an evil dark lord in a few days time.


Harry watched as at the appointed time Voldemort came into the great hall flanked by what remained of his followers all clad in black, none with masks at this time. The minister actually growled as he saw Lucius among them but at a look from Harry he lowered his wand from cursing the man. Voldemort was clad in expensive robes of silk and velvet with a velvet cap on his bald head. His cloak was fine velvet and his soft leather shoes barely made a sound on the floor. He had black armor on padded no doubt with silk and his red eyes glowed as he glared at Harry who stood looking more a lord than Voldemort ever could as Harry was clad in robes of green trimmed in red with silver armor over all.

"Hello Tom, thank you for coming." Harry said.

"My name is lord Voldemort you ill mannered brat!" Voldemort snarled.

"No, you were not knighted or made a lord by the crown, you are no lord Tom you committed treason by putting yourself above your rank. I am a true lord, you are not, however that is not however what I wish to speak of today before we duel, I think you would wish to hear about this."

"Oh and what would that be?" Voldemort said.

"Horcrux, or more importantly multiple ones." Harry said.

He smiled as he got the reaction he wanted, Voldemort looked at him stunned and watched as Harry made a table appear to show seven items on it. He saw his diary, ring, the locket, the cup and diadem the head of Nagini (taken by Neville a week earlier). He snarled in rage at Harry and expected to see a look of amusement on the brat's face. Yet when he looked up at the boy he saw sadness? Why would the brat be sad how dare he feel sorry for him!

"Now I would like to share with all who are here just what a Horcrux is." Harry said, "I wanted the goblins to but well they don't see how great they are by destroying these."

"Well they do come across them quite a bit." Lily said, "the ancient treaties give them the right to destroy them."

"I agree." Severus said "but you Harry can tell what they are the best."

"Right well a Horcrux can be created when a witch or wizard commits first degree murder, murder they fully mean and then use a spell to create a Horcrux, sounds simple right? Wrong, many try to make one most fail, all but six in history have even been able to create one, however Tom here could not just create one he had to have more than one, very bad idea."

"I thought it at good idea." Voldemort snarled, he was starting to look scared.

"No, now Tom here figured out that when he made one Horcrux his soul was not split in half to his delight. He tricked a good and noble man who had studied these in away to destroy them mind you. So back to how these things are created, a shard, is taken off the soul and placed in an item, an eighth in fact which is why you see seven things here. However there was a slight problem when old Tom here came to kill me, a small shard, really small hit me and lodged in my forehead. It was too small a piece to anchor Tom here to the mortal plain but if it had not been gotten out by some very good and noble goblins when I was a babe we might not be having this conversation. Now how much soul do you think is in Tom now?"

Everyone was stunned by what he had said so far and looked from one to the other while Harry spoke. He was more than lucky, somehow he was blessed by a higher being, by God. There was no way he could have gone through what he had and not be. Lily it seemed took all this better than most witches and wizards here. She shook her head looking over at Voldemort, she knew where this was going, Voldemort was insane by his own hand, he had done this to himself, no-one else had. Lily liked seeing the man, no thing who had taken her one true love from her suffer as she knew he suffered now.

"He has a bit less than an eight left in him, so you can imagine what that has done to his power, oh he is still powerful but nothing like what he could have been had he not given into evil." Harry said. "He cannot even blame his upbringing for how he turned out."

"My father…."

"Your mother tricked him and used illegal love potions on him! Sure you were raised in an Orphanage but you could not have been raised in a nicer one at that time. I know for a fact speaking to orphans of that time you got three good meals a day, Christmas gifts and your caregivers did care about you. Then Dumbledore took you under his wing and did all he could to give you family and how did you replay him?" Harry hissed his green eyes glowing, "you went on a killing spree killing three innocent people then killed a student blaming Hagrid for it and then if that were not enough you left the school to become an evil illegal dark lord!"

"You know nothing you brat!"

"Oh?" Harry snarled, "Albus Dumbledore loved you and wanted you to be his son at one time and you betrayed him you bastard!"

There were murmurs around the hall, many people were looking at Dumbledore with new eyes, they saw for the first time a man who had been betrayed horribly. Voldemort for once had nothing to say at all he saw his own followers looking at him warily. Yet he was too far gone to change and he looked at Harry and saw him as his downfall, yet he needed a mirror to look into and he would see the real monster that was him. There were looks of horror too as many realized what had been done to Dumbledore and some who had never seen Dumbledore as anything but the enemy realized he was human and had been hurt the worst here. With a snarl Voldemort sent a killing curse and Harry hitting him and causing Harry to fall to the floor seemingly dead. With a feral scream Lily pressed forward to take on the evil dark lord actually shoving Dumbledore out of the way.


While Harry was gone from the mortal plane for a time the battle raged on around him. Sirius and Remus had cornered Wormtail and were taking a very graphic and horrific revenge on their old "friend". They had got his wand away from him and used quite a few hexes and curses to remove his hands and feet, when he tried to crawl away on what was left of his legs Sirius cut his legs off above the knee cauterizing his wounds. He was not done, he cut off Wormtail's arms and when Wormtail tried to beg he found his tongue cut out and looked at it in horror on the floor before Remus incinerated it with his wand. The last thing he saw was Sirius and Remus pointing their wands at him and then nothing as they removed his eyes leaving him without limbs, tongue or eyes.

"Is he dead?" Ginny asked walking up.

"No, he is not yet." Sirius said raising his wand to end Wormtail's life.

"Hmm, well this is for Harry and all those you harmed!" Ginny snarled and she sent a silent witches spell that removed Wormtail's manhood. "Now you can kill him."

"That was evil." Sirius said trembling as he slit Wormtail's throat, "all witches know that?"

"We are taught it yes," Ginny said, "along with other things."

"I am not going to ever upset a witch again." Sirius said, "ever, ever, ever!"

"Good idea." Remus said looking just as pale. "Very good idea."

While this was going on Severus was the only one for a moment that realized Harry was alive and groaning in pain as he sat up. He helped Harry up and the boy looked around at the battle, he had to end this now before any innocent died and so he sent up several loud bangs from his wand that actually got everyone to stop fighting and turn to the sound. They saw Harry Potter very much alive, Severus on one side of him Dumbledore on the other. Voldemort stared at him in shock, he had not expected this at all, the brat should be dead!

"You know that really is getting old, you using that spell on me." Harry said calmly, "in fact you trying to kill me is really getting old."

"I will finish this Harry." Dumbledore said and he meant it, "you can rest now."

"No Albus, it is my fight, I will tend to him, he chose me to fight and so I will take him out." Harry said smiling up at the headmaster, "let me take care of him."

"As much as I want Harry out of this fight, he has to take down Voldemort himself." Lily said sadly.

"I am responsible for him being here." Dumbledore replied sadly.

"No, you cannot say that, I will deal with him." Harry said, "I must, for all of us."

"Very well, may the gods go with you." Dumbledore said.

Dumbledore watched as one of his former students and one of his students under him now prepared to face off. He looked to Harry, so much was put on him but he was so strong and noble just like a hero should be! He was willing to walk into danger again and again even if it meant he would die. Dumbledore felt badly for how he had not trusted Lily and how Harry was not dark as he feared but a good powerful and wonderful young man. He looked from Harry to Severus, he loved these two boys the most, next to Severus, his boy. Such a noble boy to risk his life to come back and spy for all of them, he looked up as Harry gave his challenge to Voldemort. He had worked several charms to keep Severus from going back to the dark lord, he was not going to lose his sharp tempered, razor tongued noble boy to that monster.

"It's just you and me Tom." Harry said taking out the ancient sword of Potter that had been in his family for ages. "I am going to kill you and you will not be coming back ever again!"

"Oh really boy?" Voldemort hissed taking out his own sword, "you will find I am as good with sword as with wand and you will die by my blade!"

"No not today." Harry said then turning to the others in the hall, "could you give us a bit of room please?" Everyone moved back to the walls, "thank you."

"I will smite thee dead!" Voldemort said rising up in the air wand out glowing with magic.

"Hmmm, you can fly, thought that only those with fairy dust and a happy thought could." Harry said and Severus smirked in amusement, "well lets have some fun then!"

Harry had been trained by Severus and Lily both as they were the only two British witch and wizard alive besides Voldemort who could fly without support. Lily who had done as much as she could to help taking out Gibbon on her own was standing with the Weasleys who were very impressed she then turned and with a slash and flick of her wand Scabior went down. Flitwick grinned up at her and they stood back to back fighting the desperate, evil and powerful death eaters removing them with ease. One should never look at size to measure the strength of a man as Flitwick was proving now, the normally cheerful charms instructor and head of Ravenclaw was grim and clearly a very good warrior as he battled with one of his former, favorite students.

Meanwhile Harry had landed as had Voldemort and they were really fighting it out. Harry was surprised that Voldemort was really this talented and he did not tire as quickly as he thought he would. Then again the body he was in was "new" and even with a few flaws it was working very well for him. Even so Harry had trained far more extensively than Voldemort had and he was a teen boy and had a lot of energy as such. He drew first blood and Voldemort hissed in pain his eyes going red and he poured magic into his sword causing it to glow red. Harry responded pouring his own magic into his causing it to turn green.

"Wicked this is like Star Wars!" Harry said, "light sabers anyone?"

"I love those movies." Flitwick said from where he stood on a transfigured pedestal so he could see the battle better, "Harry is quite good."

"Yes that he is." Lily said impressed by the battle, "of course he takes after his mother, me."

"He is stronger than I am." Dumbledore said smiling, "and he is a great wizard."

"So are you headmaster." Severus said.

"As are you my dear boy." Dumbledore said getting Severus to stare at him in shock, "and dear to me, my dear boy."

While they spoke Harry and Voldemort battled on and MacNair got ready to cast a spell at Harry's back. He did not see a pure white ferret that was scurrying between the legs of those watching coming up right behind him. The ferret morphed into Draco Malfoy, he stepped up and with one quick move he snapped MacNair's neck dropping the now dead death eater to the floor. He looked over at his father who looked impressed and smiled at him. Draco had a knife out and had turned on Travers and stuck the knife under his ribcage into his heart. He watched the life leave the man's eyes and took the knife out letting the dead man fall to the ground. Draco had just chose his side in a violent and powerful way.

Meanwhile Voldemort was beginning to get tired. He may have an advanced body but he had to use all his magic just to keep on the mortal plane and to fight Harry. That and the spell used to bring him back had not worked as it should have, Harry's blood was killing him slowly, that and all his anchors were gone and the last killing curse he had used was weakening him with every breath. Harry pressed his advantage and hacked off Voldemort's sword arm causing Voldemort to howl in pain, he had his wand and he used that to stop the bleeding and with a snarl turned on Harry.

"You know Tom I know what the power is that you don't." Harry said.

"Oh really love?" Tom snarled.

"How about the hand of God?" Harry said then at the look of confusion on Voldemort's face, "fine would you believe it if I said witches magic?"

"You will die you horrible brat!" Voldemort hissed.

"No but you will." Harry replied lashing out with his sword to slice Voldemort in half. "Go to hell, say hi to to the devil for me."

Voldemort fell to the floor dead and Harry walked over to make sure he was dead and when he was sure he carefully wiped his sword of Voldemort's blood on dead dark lord's robes. With that done he turned to see if there were any death eaters he could take down and saw there were none. He realized the war was over and his mother came up to hug him fiercely. It was clear who was the greatest wizard and it was not Voldemort, it was Harry Potter.


Oh yes a very violent final battle there, Harry rid the world of one evil dark lord. Lily helped out and even students like Ginny and Draco could not be kept out of the battle.