A/N: I've been waiting to write this for EVER! This is the untold story of the Gremlin from the school science lab, who I nicknamed Sparky (before I saw the second movie, mind you!). Why is he named Sparky? Find out. This is basically a retelling of the movies (and after and between) from the point of view of Sparky, the Gremlin who survived! Please enjoy! =D

A Spark in the Dark

Whether you're born a Mogwai or a Gremlin, the very first thing you know is you're name. You don't know why you've been born with this name, but every Mogwai or Gremlin will eventually learn the meaning behind their name in their lifetime.

This was no different for a newly spawned Mogwai named Sparky.

Sparky. My name is Sparky, was his first though.

His eyes slowly adjusted to the room he was in. He was sitting on a cold hard table with a few pieces of paper on it. There were two humans in the room, looking at him. Looking to his left, Sparky saw a cardboard box. He curiously tapped on the side of the box.

"Hello?" he crooned in the Mogwai language, which, to humans, only sounded like chirping.

"Are you out there?" responded another Mogwai voice from inside the box.

"Yeah, I'm out here," said Sparky.

"What's your name?" asked the Mogwai.


"Well, hi Sparky. My name's Capper. I don't have any time to explain, but you have to eat after midnight tonight. We've got big plans for this town," said the Mogwai, Capper.

Sparky's instincts slowly flooded into his brain, and he knew what Capper was talking about.

"Are you gonna Change tonight?" asked Sparky.

Before Capper got a chance to answer, one of the humans closed the box and picked it up. From inside, Capper frantically shouted to Sparky.

"It's all been set up! If you don't Change tonight then you'll be killed! Do it as soon as possible!" And then Capper was gone.

Before Sparky could move, he felt a rough pair of hands grab him around the waist. He freaked out and started squirming, trying to bite the hands holding him.

"Whoa, calm down, little buddy," said a deep human voice.

"Put me down, human!" shouted Sparky, continuing to struggle.

The human, however, did not put him down. He strengthened his grip on Sparky, making it hard for him to breathe.

The human carried Sparky into a back room, where he found a small bird cage. As the human released one of his hands to open the cage, Sparky saw his opportunity.

Sparky violently twisted around and bit the human's hand hard enough to draw blood. The human yelped and dropped Sparky, who fell the the floor.

Sparky landed hard on his side, the pain immobilizing him for a moment. However, it was long enough for the human to reach back down and pick him up. He was roughly shoved into the cage.

The human locked the cage door and picked it up, carrying it into the front room. When he set the cage on the table, he left to go put a bandage on his finger. Sparky took this moment to sit up and see what had been damaged by the fall.

As Sparky got into a sitting position, a flash of pain shot through his chest. He gingerly touched the left side of his ribcage, only to be rewarded with more pain from his broken rib.

Sparky groaned and made himself comfortable. It was late afternoon, judging on the light from the outside window. His rib would heal inside the cocoon. However, it also made escape impossible. He would just have to hope for the best.

The human came back with a bandage on his finger.

What a wuss, thought Sparky. I didn't even bite him that hard.

The human bent down, eye level with Sparky. "You okay, little buddy?" asked the human.

Sparky shook his head, no, and continued glaring daggers at him.

"Yeah, you're right," said the human, standing up and grabbing a dark blue cloth from under his desk. "Billy told me you guys hate the light, so let me just cover you up." The human pulled the cloth over the back, top, and sides of the cage, blocking out the dying light from outside. Sparky had to admit, it did help some, but he was still ticked.

"There," said the human. "Does that help?"

Sparky just sat there, glaring at him. The human just assumed that that was a yes, so he nodded and picked up the cage, carrying it over to his desk. He set Sparky down next to a computer and began typing.

After half an hour of not doing anything, Sparky started to drift off, feeling his body start the process of healing itself. It helped lessen the pain, but it also made him drowsy. However, he was so drowsy that, as he leaned against the back wall of the cage, falling asleep, he didn't notice the human standing up and opening the cage door.

A few minutes later, Sparky opened his eyes and found himself lying on his back on the table in front of the cage. The human was using a tape measure to see how tall he was.

"9 inches tall," muttered the human, jotting something down on a note pad.

Sparky tried to sit up, but he couldn't muster the energy. He was so tired that he could barely keep his eyes open! A few minutes later, the human picked him up and gently put him back in the cage, closing and locking the door. At the moment, Sparky could care less.

He closed his eyes, curled up in a ball, and fell asleep.

It was dark out when Sparky woke up. He could tell his rib was still broken, but it wasn't causing him any pain at the moment.

Slowly, Sparky sat up. He then crawled to the front of the cage, stood up, and looked out.

The only light in the room came from the computer and outside the door. The human was nowhere to be found. Looking at the clock on the wall, Sparky saw that it was half past 11 o'clock.

Sparky looked around for some source of food, but there was none to be found. That was when the door to the back room opened and the human came back in. He was carrying a hypodermic needle.

"Oh good, you're awake," muttered the human. He pulled the cap off of the business end of the needle and slowly walked towards Sparky. "Give me your arm, buddy."

Before Sparky could back into the dark corners of the cage, the human grabbed his right arm and jammed the needle into it. Sparky screamed, not really from pain, but more because it freaked him out. Then the human started to draw blood, and that was when it started to hurt. The human started talking, but Sparky didn't really hear what he was saying. The second the human took the needle out, Sparky yanked his arm back inside the cage. He drew back into the corner, so he didn't see what the human did with it.

After a while, he heard the human leave again. He crept towards the front of the cage and again found the room empty. He looked at the clock, and a jolt of excitement shot through him. It was past midnight.

"Let the game begin," muttered Sparky, rubbing his hands together maliciously. He began fiddling with the lock, trying to pick it. However, the door handle jiggled and Sparky stopped, backing up. The human entered the room again... carrying a large bag of chips and a sandwich wrapped in tin foil. Sparky's eyes widened with hunger.

The human came back to the computer and sat down. He opened the bag of chips and unwrapped the sandwich. He kept the chips in his lap, but he put the sandwich down right in front of Sparky's cage! The foil was just within his reach. Now all he had to do was wait...

"I hate waiting," muttered Sparky. It was just past 2 o'clock in the morning. The half eaten sandwich was still within his reach. It was just that stinking human! He simply refused to leave!

"C'mon, you've gotta be getting tired by now," muttered Sparky, ready to pull out his fur in frustration.

The human ignored him and reached over, picking up the sandwich. He took a bite out of it and set it back down on the foil.

"STOP EATING!" shouted Sparky. "I need that..."

This time, the human seemed to respond. Maybe they weren't as stupid as they make themselves out to be.

The human looked over at Sparky, looking tired. "That's it for me, little buddy." With that, he picked up his bag of chips and left, leaving the sandwich.

An evil smile crept across Sparky's face and, as soon as the human closed the door, Sparky pressed himself against the cage door, reaching out through the slot in the bars. His fingers gripped the foil and he dragged it closer to himself. Finally, the sandwich was in his reach. He pulled it into the cage and devoured it in less than a minute. Now all he had to do was wait...

Sparky made his way to the center of the cage and sat down. It took half an hour for the Change to finally start.

Sparky found himself unable to move. A sticky, slimy substance started oozing out of his fur, coating him with a layer of slime. The outer layer stiffened, enclosing him in the cocoon. The cocoon started to grow larger and, eventually, took up the entire cage. Inside, Sparky slipped into what would be classified as a coma, but that was natural. As he lost consciousness, he felt all of his fur falling away, being absorbed into the cocoon. His skin started to harden into scales. As his bones started to shift, he finally fell asleep.

The Change had begun.

A/N: This chapter was actually kinda easy for me to write. I'm a die-hard Gremlin at heart, so I think I've got their personalities down pat. I'm sorry this chapter is short, but Sparky didn't have much time as a Mogwai. The chapters will get longer, I promise. Thank y'all for reading, and leave a review, or Sparky will find you...