A/N: Important chapter. You meet my half-OC Otto. He's my half-OC like Sparky. Shown in the movie but not really given a personality, so I just gave him one. =D By the way, sorry it took so long for me to update. I went out of town on Monday and I just got back today.

A Spark in the Dark

Sparky followed Stripe and the rest of the army through the streets. Stripe hadn't said anything since the initial greeting, and Sparky was nervous, though he didn't let it show.

Suddenly, Stripe stopped. He turned and faced the others.

"Alright boys, we've got a long night ahead of us. Aim for destruction. I want this town leveled by daybreak! We'll meet in the old movie theater to wait out the day, but by that time, we'll have killed all the humans!" Stripe's short speech was met with cheers from all the Gremlins. One Gremlin even picked up a rock and threw it at a street light, smashing it. The army moved forward.

Sparky started looking around, and he saw that he recognized where they were. They were in the human's neighborhood.

What was that human called again, thought Sparky as he watched the Gremlin army disperse. Oh yeah. Billy.

Sparky saw that Billy's house was being looted, so he turned to the house next door. That was when he remembered the snow plow.

Sparky made a beeline for the garage door. He squeezed under it and saw two other Gremlins already in the snow plow. The first Gremlin was happily ripping up the seats, but the one at the wheel seemed to be having a bit of trouble getting the thing started.

Sparky jumped up in the cab. "Need some help, boys?"

"No!" exclaimed the one standing at the steering wheel. "We're fine. I know how to drive."

"Yeah, but you don't know how to hotwire it, do ya?" asked Sparky, smiling.

"You can do that?" asked the Gremlin at the wheel.

"Watch and learn!" Sparky hopped down off of the seat and went under the dashboard. He ripped off the panel and looked at the exposed wires. That was when something strange happened. The wires started to fade into different colors. Half of one wire would be blue while the other half would be green. Sparky shrugged and cut the wires right where the colors met. He then connected each color to the right one, and the engine started.

Sparky hopped back up onto the seat to find both Gremlins staring at him. "How did you..." muttered the Gremlin by the wheel.

"I got skills," said Sparky. Suddenly, his ear perked up and his sixth sense kicked in. "There's a human right outside."

The Gremlin at the wheel smiled and started laughing. "Then let's go meet him!" He quickly turned to the other Gremlin. "Chewy, go down there and press that small pedal." The other Gremlin, Chewy, spit out a piece of seat cushion and jumped down. He put his entire body weight on the gas pedal.


The plow crashed through the garage door. Sparky saw that he was right about the human being there. The human screamed and ran back into his house.

The Gremlin at the wheel continued laughing as he turned the wheel, chasing after the human. They crashed right through the wall. Sparky jumped up on the dashboard to get a good look at what was happening.

Now there were two humans! One of them looked female. They were both screaming and pointing at the plow. Suddenly, they were backed into the wall, trapped. Sparky and the other Gremlin laughed as the plow eh... plowed into them.


The plow stopped and the humans were nowhere to be seen. Chewy jumped out and ran further into the house, but Sparky and the other Gremlin ran out, still laughing.

"That was awesome!" exclaimed the other Gremlin.

"Where'd you learn to drive?" asked Sparky, still laughing.

"I didn't learn anywhere. It just comes with the name," said the Gremlin, looking at his claws.

"What's your name?" asked Sparky.

"Otto. And you?"


"That explains it."

"I hate to admit it, but that was impressive," came a voice from in front of them. They both looked up to see Stripe, his hands on his hips, smiling.

"Thanks," muttered Otto, lowering his eyes so that he wouldn't make eye contact with his leader.

"Sparky, I got a little job for you," said Stripe, a murderous glint in his eye.

Sparky looked at Otto. Otto shrugged. Sparky stepped forward, and Stripe slung an arm around his shoulders in a somewhat friendly way, but also so that he was positioned to claw Sparky's eyes out if he tried to escape.

"You too, Otto!" yelled Sparky. Otto hesitantly came forward and Stripe grabbed him too. He started leading them both down the street. "Otto, I want you to go and find the guys that mugged the carolers. Bring them over to that giant house on the corner."

"O-okay!" exclaimed Otto. Stripe let go of him and he scurried off to find the others.

"What about me?" asked Sparky, less afraid of Stripe.

Stripe just smiled and continued walking.

"Do you think you can do that?" asked Stripe.

"You insult me," muttered Sparky. He leaned forward and moved the branch aside, looking for the others. His eyes found Otto, who gave him the thumbs up.

"Go get 'er," muttered Stripe.

Sparky hopped down from the tree he was hiding in and dashed up to the porch. He peeked in through the dog door and saw the old female human across the room. Her back was turned and she was feeding her cats.

Sparky gave Otto a thumbs up and hopped through the door, hiding behind the stairs. From outside, he heard the sound of the other Gremlins singing the Christmas songs. The old human lady growled something and picked up a jug of water. Sparky hoped for her own sake that she didn't splash them. The old lady opened the door and that was when Sparky made his move. He opened up the panel on the electric chair and cut the wires. The colors appeared immediately and he quickly "fixed" them, just like how he had "fixed" the traffic light on the way over.

Suddenly, Sparky heard the old lady scream behind him. He quickly snapped the panel back in place and turned to see the old lady slam the door shut and lock it like a billion and two times. She was so busy screaming that she didn't see Sparky dive through her legs and out the dog door again. He tumbled off the porch and stepped back to watch.

From inside, he heard a scream. Then...


The old lady and her chair went flying through the window and landed in the front yard across the street. All the Gremlins watching burst into laughter.

"I can beat that!" exclaimed Otto, stepping up. He looked over and saw a police car stopped by the yard. He quickly ran under the car and pulled a tube out, disabling the breaks. "Sparky, c'mon!"

Sparky followed Otto and they found an empty red pick-up truck. Sparky started it and Otto took the wheel. Sparky stayed down by the pedal.

"Okay... wait for it..." muttered Otto. Sparky heard the sounds of sirens. "NOW!"

Sparky pressed down the gas pedal and the truck lurched forward. Otto made a hard left turn, and Sparky felt something hit the truck. Something exploded behind them. Otto let out a wicked Gremlin laugh and the car ran into something, stopping.

Sparky and Otto climbed out of the car, and Sparky saw that the car had crash through the bank wall.

"Nice driving," muttered Sparky sarcastically.

Otto smiled and looked at his claws. "Wait 'til you see what hit us from behind."

The two went back outside and saw the police car flipped over in the middle of the road. Sparky could just see two figures in the car, not moving.

"Impressive, but you didn't send them flying across the street!" exclaimed Sparky.

"No, but I did flip their car over," said Otto, hands on his hips.

"Touche," said Sparky.

"Hey, where's everyone going?" asked Otto, looking over Sparky's shoulder. Sparky turned around and saw that a large group of Gremlins were pouring through the door of a building called "Dorry's Bar."

"Let's go check it out," said Sparky.

The two Gremlins walked into the bar. Things were about to get interesting...

A/N: Okay, that's all I feel like writing tonight. I've been watching this movie called Critters. Very strange movie, but it's a lot like Gremlins. They've got the movies on YouTube. I'm on the second movie. There's a hilarious part in the first movie where two Critters are talking (they talk like Gremlins, but the editors put captions on the screen so you can see what they're saying), and one is like "They have weapons" and the other is like "So what?" and then you see the mom stick a gun out the door and blow up the second one, and the first one drops the "f-bomb!" It was hilarious!