Dark Hearts on World Tour

Chapter 2: Reunited

Courtney's POV

Zane had been fast enough to grab and hold me against his chest when chief pushed us in this flying piece of crap. I felt it crank up and take off. I decided to open my eyes at this time.

I looked around to find my band-mates sprawled out on the ground, the whole cast (including two people I don't know) staring at us (more like me and DJ) with wide eyes, and something/someone warm beneath me. I ignored the ex-campers and rolled off of Zane, which caused a head-on collision by me with DJ who had landed across from us.

"Oww." We both groaned at the same time causing TJ to say "Twin telepathy" in a weird voice. That made the whole band laugh while the campers continued to look either confused, shocked, or in awe (mainly a purple haired, tanned girl with a stalker-ish gleam in her eyes).

Zane got up and helped me off the ground and that's when everyone else started getting up. We were about to introduce ourselves when a high-pitched squeal pierced the air and a blur of purple and brown practically flew into me. "OMIGOSH! It's Courtney, Deanna, Terrance, Jose', Zane, Delilah, Alexander, and Christina of Dark Hearts! I'm Sierra and I love you guys! I have all of your albums, dolls, ringtones, and music videos! I know everything there is to know about each one of you, but Courtney is my favorite! I even know about that deal you and Delilah had! You know, the one where if you acted like a preppy mean chick on the show, you could use her parents' beach house doing whatever whenever and with whoever you wanted! Don't worry I didn't tell a soul!" Sierra practically screamed my ear off while clinging to me like glue. Gasps sounded out around the room by my former cast-mates (well, I guess they're my current cast-mates now).
JUST GREAT! She spilled the beans! Oh well.

"Yep, that would be me, but I'd rather you call me-" I got cut off by Sierra.

"CJ! Just like Terrance is TJ, Jose' is JJ, Deanna is DJ, Zane is Zee, Delilah is Dee, Christina is Tina, and Alexander is Alex! I learned all of your nicknames!" She was still screeching a little too enthusiastically IN MY POOR EAR while she was CLINGING TO MY BODY!
I looked around at my band-mates trying to get some help, and JJ gave me a look that said "stay calm, cool, and collected", so I tried.

"That's right, but you can let go now…"
"Oh! Sorry, I'm just super excited about you being on the show!" When she let go and backed up a bit so Zane could drape his arm around my shoulder (AN- Zane is very touchy-feely), I saw that Dee was getting suspicious of Sierra. I can tell by that glint in her eyes, and apparently everyone else in our band, too because we all exchanged looks that clearly said "oh boy"

"How'd you know-" Dee started but got cut off by Sierra.
"I told you, I know everything about you guys!"

Dee narrowed her eyes. One thing that I know FOR SURE is that she HATES it when someone cuts her off. As if on cue with that thought, Dee looked at me with a look that screamed "YOU BETTER GET THIS GIRL BEFORE I HAVE TO F-ing KILL HER!"

So I cleared my throat. "Um, so… hi guys." I said with a bit of unenthusiastic sarcasm.
Before anyone could say anything, Chris walked in and told everyone to follow him. We were led to a much more luxurious and comfy looking part of the plane. Chris explained the set up to the band and then told everyone to look at the TV screen. We saw everyone's introduction from the cast and the band, and then the background changed and it turns out that Chris had filmed one of the songs from when we were just a non-famous band that had a gig at the local pizzeria that all teens in our area loved and went to every day.
Yes, even when your dad is famous, you have to work your way up to make it to the big time.
It was on character-night which happened every Friday. It was when you dressed up as a character from a movie, show, book, or just someone famous.

I was Jessica Rabbit from Who framed Rodger Rabbit, DJ was Sakura Haruno from Naruto Shippuden, TJ was Flava Flav, JJ was Superman, Tina was Rogue from Xmen the Animated series, Zane was Raimundo from Xiaolin Showdown, Dee was Frankie Stein from Monster High, and Alex was Bamm Bamm from The Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show. (We got the award for most random characters in a band!)

Anyways, back to the film; Chris had made the camera man (that we somehow didn't see at all) zoom in on me when I started singing.
When the cast (not including the band) saw what I was wearing, some of the boys gasped in awe with looks of hunger and desire in their eyes (mostly Duncan and that Mexican guy, Alejandro) while some of the girls gasped with looks so full of envy and anger that I thought that they would start pissing themselves (mostly Heather and Gwen). They quieted down when the music started.

(AN The song she sang was Misery Buisness by Paramore)

I watched as I, at the end of the song, walked over to Zane and kissed him smack on the lips and said through my microphone, "In your face Margret!"
On the screen it zoomed in on the only girl who was glaring angrily at me, Margret. She hissed at her followers, Stacy and Tracy, to come on and they all left while the audience applauded. Then, the screen went blank and a strange sound started echoing around the room. The cast members turned to see what it was to find the band (me included) trying, but failing, to hold in our laughter.

Tina struggled to explain between giggles, "What…happened…that night…was…THE funniest… thing in my life!"
That did it.
We all just started laughing when Alex nearly shouted, "Let's not forget the-"

"Well, anyways, that's all for right now. You all are free to socialize, answer questions (that was more pointed to the band), or just hang out. Later!" Chris interrupted, killing our laughter.

Once he walked away, it was like dog-pile on Courtney with questions time. Everyone started to ask questions all at once, which was starting to get on my nerves. Zane tried to rubbed the tenseness out of my shoulders and calm everyone down.
"People, calm down… People! ... SHUT THE HELL UP!"

After it quieted down, he started talking. "Okay, so, if you'd please ask all of your questions one at a time-" He was cut off by a still envious looking Heather. "I don't have to ask her a question! She doesn't need to be treated like a famous person or anything, because she isn't!" Gwen nodded in agreement.

I decided to reply. "Okay, number one, if you don't have a question, then why are you still here in my face. Two, in case you haven't noticed, STUPID, I am famous. And three, they are not treating me like I'm famous; they are just asking me questions. Oh, and I have a question for you, Heather. Por que estas tan feo, soberesalia perra?"(A/N I put this through a translator on my iPod, so I have NO idea if it is accurate or not (which is sad because I'm Puerto Rican and I don't understand a nick of Spanish), but it's supposed to say "Why are you such an ugly, stuck up b****?")

Zane, DJ, TJ, JJ, and Alejandro started laughing at the lost looks on Heather's and most of the other peoples faces.
"Oh, whatever! Have your fun now, but I can't wait until I get to see your butt get thrown off of this plane!" Heather thought she had me there, but when I, along with the rest of the band, just smirked, she stormed off. Apparently, the cast didn't know that we weren't going to be thrown off the plane when we get voted off, but instead, we'd be working as interns. I wasn't about to tell them either…