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Warnings: Yaoi depiction. MxM pairings. Makai AU. No Mpreg. Hiei x Kurama x Yoko romance eventually. Some major Hiei x Kuronue Romance as well.

Summary: Through the icy winds and crisp shards of crystal snow glaze over the Eastern Lands, Hiei comes upon a small sight that leads him in an ultimate life changing experience, possibly showing him that the blares of winter can easily be warmed by the summer's smiling warmth. This story's plot is based on personal growth for all characters.

*Revised 8-5-2011*

Twilight Daze

Winter's Halo.

A term well recognized by those who were wise enough to caution themselves before its devastation could tear through the piercing environments.

Though at the current time, the galling weather and his strong distaste for the flurry fluff wasn't where his mind was set on. No, the solid foundation of a strong determination kept his blood pumping for survival.

Less than his usual swiftness and agile methods, a lonely dark figure made his way through the crushing slush of knee deep snowfall, the softness of clothing dampened from the over exaggerated length of time spent wondering aimlessly for shelter. Through the searing stings of icy shards, and numbing burns of frost bite coating his exterior, the nightly demon strides through it all in a slow wobble down the reclining hill. Through the laborish jolts of complicated breaths, one would believe he was near the end of his exhaustion, but upon closer inspection the faint glows of subtle oranges could be seen coursing through his chapped lips in a form of heating appliance.

Underneath the drenched slab of white cloth wrapped around his face, only a single cerise eye blazed with a pure pulse of dauntlessness to live. No this storm wouldn't fault him in his tortured quest to continue until the lives of those he seek burst into the shattered smoky ashes by his bare hands.

As the young Koorime demon trenched down the slippery descend, the clouds above moved in a rapid rush across the indigo skies to reveal the temporary image of a petite, slender body cloaked in the weighty discomfort of his once dried ensemble, now clinging to his bare body like a suctioned glove. The tuft of barbed ebony hair blew wildly against the ivory gusts, whipping the slushed robes in a swirling pound against the slack of jet black pants. His thinning frame was feigning the false bravery of health, evident of the lack of food eaten in the past few weeks.

But none of which could deter him. Life was all he had to cling to and life was what he'd use as his motivator to get him through the agonizing sizzles of ice claiming his body. There was a seriousness craved over the angled point of his eye, glimmering the hardened glint not unfamiliar to the fire demon's personality.

For a quickened instant the winds sliced at the ruby iris but it maintained focus through the small opening, still searching for an alternative from this suicidal travel. The blanketed sheets of this burning blizzard increased the difficult visual scan of the pearly landscaping, though he remained diligent in his sideways glance of the skating mountain wall. So far an inclined grove or possible collapse from the weight of snow has yet to be seen, though he continued looking. The echoing crunch of his slowing pace made its way toward the widening wall of stone as he pulled one blue trembling hand from the security of his pocket to feel along its rough exterior in exchange for his eyes lack of usage.

A slight ache stiffened his legs at the knee joints as gradual cracks of a buckling fatigue victimized his instincts. His abilities were laced with the uncanny powers of fire but even he wasn't immune to the natural element's blustering blasts of frigid punctures.

A few stumbles here and there but he endured his leisure balance, feeling along the edges for a disruption in the earth. The night's whimpering skies weren't much of a lender in his assistance, especially now that the moon's luminous glow abandoned its momentary duty of portraying a dimmed guide. Thoughts of how foolish his expedition into the snowy caps plagued his mind as a blaring reminder constantly slapped his face with the strength of an actual palm. The next time he decided on a whim to go about looking for an island that most likely didn't exist, he'd have to remember to kick his own ass.

Just than the flat of his glaciate hand fell through an edged off grove, curving inward. A small frown marred over the red eye as his hand timidly stretched out to detect the distance of what could possibly be his salvation from this frosty madness. Pushing forward, Hiei blew out a foggy breathe taking his chances to side step inside of what he now discovered was a well-structured cave stabbed into the mountain barrier. But when his foot stepped higher than assumed, he computed the slight raised level into the cavern was about a foot high off the ground. With much effort, the fire demon hiked his weighty sogginess up into the stooped grotto and slid left first than right inside.

Now inside something to eclipse from the curtain of flashing white, Hiei relaxed against the rocky facial pulling down the soaked scarf and licking over the cracked surface of his bleeding lips. He sighed heavily at the small rhythm of relief beating from his heart as he gazed out at the harsh winds, glad to be rid of that chilled agony for the time being. There was no evidence of a milder remedy of this damnable gale. It'd likely last until the early mornings or afternoons.

"Dammit," He hissed, due to the onset of itching pain on his frozen hands as he rubbed them together for an internal friction, willing what little power he had to gain some sort of warmth.

The weight of clothing wasn't doing much for his skin's sensitivity to the cold but being it was the only source of protection he had against the loosened zephyr, the heavily saturated cloths would have to stay. Soft coughs emitted from his dusty windpipes moistening the raw soreness. More than likely he was going to catch some inferior form of sickness if he didn't find a warmer location.

The polished glare of a natural red iris stared evilly out at the whirling winds mentally praying for some type of reprieve from this nonsense. He had a mission to complete and this bit of interruption was keeping him from accomplishing it. His patience wasn't one of a legendary status, though it was a little tolerable at times.

But this time wasn't one of them.

He needed to get to that island. Those women needed to feel the wrath of his rage for committing such a hideous crime against him. A crime of which he did nothing to earn. Even the conjured image of their wrinkled expressions bitterly smiling at his fallen tragedy, surged a raw boil of pure animosity in his blood. They'd pay. They'd all pay for what they did; he'd make sure of that.

The frustrations and growing agitation drew his pruned fingers to the hefty mass of thick material coiled around his neck, and wrapped his fingers around tugging angrily at its sudden constricting force. The scarf's perspired remains quickly peeled off his neck as it slashed away to be thrown in the cave's background, landing in a splashed squish. However when the splash of noise was accompanied by a low whimper, Hiei would've sworn he missed it had it not come a few seconds later in the same unknown tune.

He frowned.

The clamp of his Katana case unclipped, the pad of his thumb kicking it an inch from its holder as he used the support of the wall to lift his spasm body from the dirty ground. Whatever the hell was back there was going to kiss the sharpest point of his blade. This was far from an appropriate time to be sharing a cave with a possible enemy demon whose home he accidentally stumbled into.

Too bad, because he wasn't leaving.

Kicking back off with the ball of his heel, Hiei straightened out his back keeping a discreet grip on his cloth wrapped hilt. First his right than his left foot squashed on the floor loudly announcing his approach the further he ventured into the darken cave's entrance. In one blink, the flash of bright crimson flickered in a quickened scout of the cave's background, looking for the reason of those brief sounds. When the gentle cry called out again his ears quickly pinpointed the direction of its source and followed toward it till reaching a jutted hole depressed into the wall.

Upon closer inspection, the Koorime could make out a fuzzy lump incased in a pile of dark silver furs spilling from within the indentation. Sniffing out the odd arrangement, Hiei safely declared there was no threat and calmly returned his sword back in place but did sense an odd stench of fresh iron pulsing from within the nest.

Blood. A low amount but enough to tingle his nostrils that either whatever inside was hurt.

Just than the bundle of fur moved and Hiei jumped back, hand aiming straight for his Katana pommel once more when another soft cry peeped from inside. The large fur moved from side to side lightly bumping into its heightened home.

Hiei released a warning growl; the sword kicked an inch out of its hold. "Who's there? Reveal yourself."

The movement ceased in that instant upon hearing his voice but a series of peeping whines echoed out as if calling to know who it was speaking in such a gruff tone.

Again Hiei retracted his weapon boldly stepping forward to the high raised hole and reached inside to snatch away the heap of wool. Inside lying trembling with watery eyes was a small sized child whose bright saffron eyes peered up at him nervously before slinking back in its fuzzy protection. The sight of a quivering misplaced baby was a bit disorientating to say the least.

What on earth was a child doing out here in the middle of this god forsaken weather?

Pulling the silver pelt back more, Hiei's eyes widened when more of the child's characteristics came into view. Two large triangle silver ears lay pressed to the base of his skull. Bright platinum hair stood in an imprinted tangled mash against its face as if just awakening from a slumber, hanging in a loosen bob around the crown of its head. The kit whined fearfully of the newcomer turning its back as a sign of fright, the swish of his silver tail tucking between two pudgy legs.

The smell of blood became more of waving force when the pelt was removed fully. Hiei looked around the small sized cavern for any signs of injury but so far he couldn't find any. "What the hell are you doing out here?" He grumbled to the small vibrate pup.

Not a snitch of clothing was on the small creature to save it from the inspecting chill in the air. It looked no older than three or four summers. A mere wink in time in the terms of demonic standards. So what was Hiei to do? Simply leave it there to fend for itself? Granted it was none of his concern what happened to the child since it wasn't his place to interfere, but still . . .

Visible tremors radiate off its pale body from the blowing drift emitted through the opening. Hiei looked into the hole, back at the twisting flurries, than back at the shaking child and growled under his breath for his loathsome since of honor. "Come here." He ordered sternly to the tiny babe.

The Youko kit whimpered out a tiny squeak of apprehension at hearing the brass tone of authority from the stranger and curled into itself.

"Come. Here." He repeated firmly to the young kit, but still received no leeway besides the increased murmurs of soft weeping. This child was far too deep in the pools of alarm to trust anyone at this stage. True this was the perfect mechanism to protect one's self from danger but Hiei, currently, wasn't any kind of threat.

Maintaining his patience, Hiei blew a low cloud through his nose and calmly reached inside to gather the short bodied form in his arms. The kit immediately began to cry out fat tears at the sudden brush of wet frost against its bare skin until Hiei nabbed the fur pelt and wrapped it around its body until no slack remained.

He found a nearby corner and took a seat there, pulling his knees inward, and bundled the child in his lap against his chest. The soft head of hair was tucked under his chin and his hands searched inside the fur to clamp it close to his body heat. The cries still came in gentle peeps of distress unconsciously burying deeper into the offered security of this stranger.

Though comforted the best Hiei was able, the child was still weeping sorrowfully fidgeting much to the fire demon's annoyance. "What's wrong with you?" Came his quiet question.

A series of gurgled whines and low whimpers purred into Hiei's chest as the kit pulled its teary eyes back to gaze up at the older demon's hard scowl. The intimidating glare caused the pup to burrow its face back into the crook of Hiei's soaked coat, on the verge of releasing another round of tears.

Hiei groaned shaking his head slightly. At this rate he was going to sigh his life away. "I'm not going to harm you." He assured pulling the furs tighter around him. "Now tell me what's wrong."

Where Hiei's hand accidentally rubbed over a certain section of the wool, he felt a jerky flinch. Curious, he repeated the motion only to have it happen again but this time the pup's tears fell freely.

It probably hasn't acquired the power of speech yet, so how could it know what to say?

"I see." Carefully lifting the sheets up, Hiei held the kit up with one hand and used his other to skate over the fat thigh where he felt the afflicting twitch until discovering the hot sensation of seeping liquids coming from a long gash on its leg. Retracting his fingertips back, Hiei noticed the few drops of blood and looked at the kid, puzzled as to how an injury of this type could've been brought on him. No rock could slit a cut that deep so it could've been from another origin.

None the less it wasn't going to heal with mere thoughts. "Hold still." Hiei carefully and very slowly lifted the babe's body out from the furs, and positioned him across his lap with his legs near his face. Well now he was able to determine the sexual factor that the it was a he.

Hiei held the chucky leg to his lips and began to lick away at the wound, cleaning away the dirt, tinges of infectious pus and whatever foreign materials that could have entered.

The abrupt vibes of a wet heat blossomed a purr of contentment from the silencing youth. The once overwhelming fear for this stranger slowly evaporated into a steam of building trust, but the kit was still weary of him. There wasn't a sense of danger to be cautious of, nor did this larger creature appear the sort to harm him.

"There." The leg lowered thoroughly cleaned of the hurtful sting. While it still throbbed of a dulling pain, the pup couldn't resist expressing his gratitude by sitting up to nuzzle his cheek under his new friend's chin. Hiei jerked his head away in disgust. "Don't." He sneered to discourage whatever attachment attempts might occur.

Not to be averted from his affections, the kit whined clumsily sitting up on his tiny feet, hands pressed to Hiei's chest and began to lick his appreciation on the tip of his chin.

"Disgusting." Hiei rolled his eyes and none-too-gently shoved the kit back underneath the furry cushions, wiping off his chin. The pup's head popped out yipping happily as he cuddled his ears against Hiei's neck instead. And again Hiei pushed his head back in the pelt, ignoring the surprised yelp of rough treatment. "Little fool."

Hiei looked out at the glacial howling gusts seeing no indication of a lighter storm anytime soon and settled back against the bumpy enclosure, pulling the bundle of fur and body under his chin. They were in for a long night of this brisk weather, so might as well gain some strength with a little rest.

Slowly his reluctant eyelids, gradually lowered. Tiny flutters of his lashes later, he fell into an alert slumber, keeping his arms constricted around the baby's body.

Peeking out shyly through the cozy shield, the kit bleated tiny noises randomly every few seconds witnessing the roars of artic currents colliding into the other unseen forces in a monstrous storm. Though the fear of the stranger was altered, his despair for the frightening weather quickly replaced it. The bellowing growls of the invisible beast savagely tearing away at its natural prey terrified him. He couldn't see what was out there but his furry ears could make out the villainous shrieks of clamoring winds. It was so scary and now with his new found protector sleeping what was he to do? There was too much noise going on for him to be comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Soon the random noises became dismaying hiccups as he ducked down inside the plush comfort and tried to lower his cries. The plumpness of his cheek searched for the familiar clammy cloth concealing his friend's body heat and landed calmly on, settling down just a bit.

The shift in movement stirred Hiei from his swift nap as he groggily opened his eyes and noticed the tip of dull silver hair jutted out by his lip. Small tremors pulsed against his chest, and figuring the pup was probably cold from the drifting weather, he wrapped his arms tighter around the batched hairs. "Sleep." His deep voice applied, still laced with drowsiness.

"Mmm…. Mmm…" Murmured the weeping kit.

"What is it now?"

The kit nervously began to climb up, bright eyes staring up pleading with the equally blazing orbs as he shakily scaled his way up Hiei's cloak until his face laid plastered in the crook of Hiei's warm neck. A tiny wet stroke caressed Hiei's neck was followed by a satisfied yip of pleasant purrs near perfect mirth. Sighing to low quiet bleats, the kit composed himself to fully relax against the press of flesh against his cheek and settled in for some rest.

Oh boy.

At this rate the need for peace of mind was going to be corrupted with this child's need for constant skin to skin access. Alas the Koorime wasn't going to get any form of sleep unless he complied with the kit's desires for attention, for the time being; at least until the Halo's storm abated its path. Resolved to think of nothing more, Hiei looped his arm around the agile body and pulled the fur over them both for a mutual benefitting collection of absorbed heat.

For now, the results of what was to happen next would have to be decided later.

Tomorrow will be when he decided on what would happen concerning for this child's destiny, as well as his own.

TBC: The idea was depicted from my old Yomi story. Since this is just the beginning the chapter is shorter than my normalcy but they will be longer. Good Start? Bad Start? ^_^ (oh and the foxling? It's not Yoko.)