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A Precious Reason

The weeks to follow carried on into the beginnings of a decaying autumn. With the change of the leaves transforming their lustful emerald glades for richer tones of burgundy fire, auburn orange and saffron gold's; another change was taking place in the midst of it all. By the slowest time and detailed patience, what was once the place best known for containing the world's greatest thieves was now a collapsed skeleton of its old life. The grounds were swept and molded clean of a previous battle and of the bodies all so savagely murdered with the highest dishonor.

The whereabouts of Yomi's body were never found and thus believed that he too had survived the invasion and possibly escaped to live out the remainder of his miserable existence, never to see the light of day as he once had. Those who once knew him as a friend could only curse him with the thoughts of knowing that their fallen comrade's souls would haunt him until he drew his last breath.

Those who'd unfortunately met their cruel fate that day long ago were given the best kind of ceremonial burial, best fitting to all thieves; to go out in a way that was of the upmost magnificence and memorable.

Their bodies were laid side by side, their skin all cleaned to the best their ushers could do, and the calmest expressions granted with their jewels and belongings decorated on and around. Under the witness of brightest stars and when the moon was at her fullest, a flame was set to devour every single corpse until the last reminds were brush away by the slightest breeze. The bandit's sanctuary was determined too far gone and too known to be well kempt as a decent residence, so it too was buried flat into the earth and revived as a newer structure.

The mountain reappeared only half the size of its older version, more curved around its edges and less angled. Light sheens of moss were painted over its cap and the sides gingerly coated in strong greenery, cracking through the tough rock to blend with a normal background. Trees were cultivated in a series of talls, smalls, various species and breeds to gratify a peaceful existence. The rest to follow would come about its own as time progressed on.

As those few who'd survived the massacre, life carried on as it would after repairs and damages were restored.

For Hiei and Kuronue, during the time they were given to think over the proposition asked, they'd spent more time together and eventually the moment arrived one humid evening near the flow of a watery brook where a silent communion occurred between them.

A private night finally commence between two long time lovers as whispered wantons flourished in the mildew meadow and under the wisps of swaying silver glistened off the drops of water. A reflection of perspired flesh and clumps of matted hair was molded as one mirrored off the cool liquids. Eyes bled with a color of red no other would ever see danced with a coral of desire into the glazed charm of indigo black. The grass slide over along their backs, detaching from the roots to suction their blades on the slick melted skin.

Sounds were sharply audible and sweetly harmonized as a single tune. Nails dug where they could have anchorage to keep down when the passions seemed to escalate to a higher level.

It was a night of lust, one of equal romance, and the hours spent to familiarize themselves with each other's bodies was a memory they'd always hold dear. Both sampled the feel of dominance from the other's touch and it equalized as a mutual understanding that neither were higher than him.

Kuronue had been his most gentle during the night's blending colorations into the dawn. He held Hiei to his chest, caressing his flanks and massaging the round globes he was finally allowed to stroke without fear of assault.

Hiei laid his head in the crook of Kuronue's neck, exhausted from the heated intercourse that only demons could survive and want more of. The tips of his fingers strayed over the rise and fall of swelled pectorals, tangling in the ravishing ebony waves.

"You're a beast," Kuronue panted and chuckled in a single breath. "I never knew you wanted me that bad."

"Idiot," Hiei softly mused. "Don't ruin the moment. Sex won't stop me from killing you."

"Oh I love when you talk dirty," To emphasize his simulation, Kuronue lifted his legs so as to slide his raging dick in between Hiei's thighs. "Keep 'em comin' Love and I'll make sure you can't walk by mornin'."

Hiei's foot crept down past the Chimera's knee and inched higher to rub over his pulsating anus. "The same applies to you, Fool." He sighed, nuzzling his face in where the sweat and dirt of sex and collected. It'd been his favorite place to nibble on and the marks of broken skin still remained and bruised. By morning they'd be a horrid shade of navy and sickly yellow. Areas where the raven demon's back and buttocks met were also just as badly tarnished with dark specks. Although Hiei can't say his mind was left unaffected by Kuronue's fangs and claws. Hiei's behind was crawling with evil red trails and his back was kissed and suckled to where his back resembled battle markings.

It'd been a long night of passionate discoveries and words mentioned that will never be spoken in front of others. Everything tonight was to be kept in private . . . well for the time being.

This was something unknowingly plaguing both their minds simultaneously, but neither could fathom how to best to approach the subject without destroying this tender moment.

"Hiei," Kuronue whispered after feeling the throes of slumber begin to claim his eyes. "I still need more time to consider this." He eased back his neck to turn his face over to Hiei's. "Have you already made up your mind?"

Hiei stared him in the face, holding his gaze steady. "I want to pursue it, at least until you figure out what you want. If it comes to pass that you don't want this, I'll gladly cease all ventures and carry on with you."

Kuronue thinned his lips, contemplating his own decision and finally coming up empty. "I'm going to go away from a few days; ya know to clear my head a little. If I can figure out all this craziness, then maybe I can see if this thing is right for the both of us."

"Take all the time you need," Hiei returned back in the comfort of Kuronue's neck, seeping the warmth from his skin. "There's no rush."

No there was no rush. They had plenty of time to think over their options, but for now, they'd simple relax in this beautiful day and cherish its meaning forever as the day they merged as one and became soul mates for eternity.

Kuronue's department was signaled a sort of lee way for the Youko and Human to begin their courtship for winning Hiei's hand. Three times a day for the past three weeks were religiously done the same way, in a well woven pattern. A day was given to each man and they did their best to prove their worth to the fire demon.

Shuichi would begin the day by swaying Hiei's affections through techniques unfamiliar in the Makai but very normal from his own home. The morning was welcomed with a set of flowers—which Shuichi learned was the wrong way to go about impressing the Koorime, since he had low tolerance for being treated feminine. Ideas of offering simple gifts were decided, with basic jewels, clothing, paintings and other valuables, thankfully all bought instead of stolen.

"How do you like this one?" Shuichi chuckled as he showcased yet another lavishing cloth before his potential love. "The tone of color does wonders with your eyes and it suits your personality."

Hiei relaxed his back against the truck of a tree, legs crossed at the ankles and hands cupped behind his back as he upturned his nose at the radiate artifact. "I'll pass."

Shuichi rolled his eyes, replacing the circular ruby with another gem just as lovely and twice as enchanting. The design boosted it's great worth and polished surface gleamed, marigold swirls and background lavender, combined in a hexagon form.

"I found this one at the Grotto Trades yesterday. The salesman told me it came from a foreign country; possibly from my own world." Shuichi held it up against the sunlight, creating a prism reflection on the clumps of Hiei's hakama. "I quite fancy this one myself."

"Then keep it," Hiei grunted, irritated. "I'm not interested."

"Oh honestly Hiei," Shuichi sighed for the hundredth time today as he packed away the gifts and engagement presents in the small compartment chest he brought along. "You've denied every contribution. Is there not something you find intriguing?"

"Nothing inanimate," Hiei answered as if having waited for that very question to be asked. "I hold valuables based on personal experience." He then looked to the box of expensive trinkets. "What stories do these jewels tell? What exactly will they be to me? You're looking to impress me with gifts instead of figuring out how I'll perceive them." Taking a deep inhale and realizing it out, he finished off the speech with an honest opinion. "And no, none of these tickle my fancy as you'd say."

"I see," Shuichi hadn't thought to evaluate what any of the presents would mean or if any of them would signify how he actually felt for Hiei. He'd bought them in hopes that he'd realize that his value was as much as these items were and so much more. Unfortunately he'd miscalculated how these would indeed be received.

Thinking long and hard, he thought how the time he'd spent with Hiei and tried to conspire all the ideals of what may be seen as the perfect presents. For a few minutes of the silence spread between them, he came up short.

"Hm," Something Hiei would hold dear yet not pity over. It shouldn't be this much of a challenge since the fire demon's never been the sort to want for anything. He treasured the simplest things, such that round gem around his neck and the cat's eye pendant from Kuronue. Both of those had significant meanings. . .

Ah, Kurama thought of a time way back during the first times, he and Hiei were getting accustomed to each other's company. He'd be surprised if what he was about to do would suffice for a decent gift. "Hiei," Kurama scooted in a way to adjust his legs curved to the side, his back rested comfortably against the tree's truck. "Could you come here please?"

Hiei opened only one of his eyes, lifting the eyebrow above it. "Why?"

"Humor me," Kurama patted his thigh. "Lay your head here."

"I think not," Hiei shuffled up from his perch, eyeing the mortal carefully for any dormant threats of trickery.

Kurama reached out to him; gently tugging the man down with little restraint should he decide that he really didn't want to give this shot. Hiei's arm lean him forward until he boldly inched his way to the human's face, face a narrowed suspicion. Kurama chuckled as he suddenly closed the space between their faces, instantly brimming a cozy link between their lips. It was a soft gesture, nothing to demanding or forceful; just a warm coax to get the demon relaxed.

It slowly worked through every nerve ending of Hiei's body from the tops of his hair to the balls of his toes as he sunk into the sweet moment of masculine humanity and twinge of forbidden youki. The tiniest stroke of pink moisture swipe across his bottom lip, tasting the supple swell and wringing an animal groan free. Hiei's hand wound itself in the mass of cherry glossed hair until settling on the ball of Kurama's head, a sign of demanding free reign of the other's mouth.

Kurama obliged for the briefest moment, nipping Hiei's lips playfully before, unchaining their kiss. "Lovely flavor you have," Kurama whispered against the lips he dared to kiss again. He chuckled at redness sheen, dying away from Hiei's eyes. "You make kissing a delicious feat indeed Hiei."

"Hn," Hiei shifted his eyes away, leaning back and swirling around to flop his head flat on Shuichi's thigh. He clasped both his hands on the bridge of his stomach, closing his eyes as if preparing to sleep.

Kurama smiled, small and private for the one now taking a comfort in his presence and used the very nubs of his fingertips to massage a portion of the course black quills. This continued on for a while, sometimes Hiei turning his head in a way to have another section of his scalp caressed.

Soon it was he to break the silence with an aged opinion, "You never made for bad company, you know."

"Yes, I know." Kurama softly confirmed. "Neither did you." He thought a moment, then. "Could you say I'll always make for good company?"

Hiei turned his head to face him, a slight frown on his face. "I never imagined you'd stop."

"Hm that makes me glad." Kurama's face melted of all the stoic charm and became what was rarely seen; a softer, less than poised demeanor of himself. "I want to make you happy Hiei."

Hiei opened his mouth to say something to that, but the haste of comeback failed him once more and so he simply rolled his eyes, blinking at the fool above. "You already have," He gently conveyed. "You were the first friend I had, the first to give me their trust. . ." He left the rest of its meaning to be figured out by Kurama.

Luckily the young man was more capable of understanding the implications and showed by bowing his head down to brush his brow over Hiei's forehead. "I'll always make you happy, Hiei. As long as I breathe, I'll try my hardest to keep you happy."

Hiei nudged his head as the first transaction of demonic gestures seamed. Closing his eyes, he took a whiff of all the smells that incorporated inside this human as a card of mental landmarks, from his earthy odor to the stream of plant youki engraved in his blood.

He knew the mortal demon would keep his word; he wouldn't put it past him to try a new way of making Hiei happy without his being each and every day. That was fine with Hiei. If Kurama had his mind made up for keeping him happy. He could in turn do the same for him for as long as they were together.


Yes that sounded nice.

It was moments like these when Hiei appreciated Shuichi's more subtle ways of courtship versus that of this damned Youko.

"Ah, Arg!"

The idiot was likely to kill him by sunset, than show Hiei the smallest bit of affection.


The clash of metallic hymns rung profusely from one end of a grass crumbled meadow to the other as swords collided, singing a steely lullaby. Clothing had long sense been discarded as a waste since they were barely clinging to their skins. For the two devils whose eyes danced with the thirst of blood and violence, the addition of bloodied flesh was only a sweeter delish to enjoy.

The Youko took a crouching stance from away, his hair having since lost its brilliance and now poured over his shoulders and face with the look of an untamed savage. One of his hands pressed into the ground, claws engulfed in the earth for support and his other used to hold the hilt of a sword over his back, arched for another attack.

Hiei stumbled back from a past assault, face etched in satisfied wonder that he was facing a powerful warrior. The same angelic wildness tugged his lips over sharpened fangs as he licked his lips with excitement. When Yoko had warned him of the gift he had to offer, never would the Koorime have imagined it'd be something this extreme.

The two of them, battling under the blistering heat of the sun, clothing long since destroyed with scars of deep romance tore in their flesh and blood dripping to the ground. The air was filled with the putrid smell of dirt, earth and soured essence.

From afar, two sets of eyes watched from the safety of a small tree up above from the unpredictable assailants should one of the blows accidentally land on them.

Kisa sat nestled quietly in Shuichi's lap, blinking his wide eyes from his father then to his friend, worried. His stubby fingers gripped his guardian's arm as he dared to peek at the blood spilled more from Hiei's end then the elder's. "Mmm Hi-wee. . ." He whimpered.

"Shh. . ." Shuichi murmured to the little fox. "He'll be fine sweet one."

Kisa wasn't too convinced. The tears were threatening to fall anyway, one by one soaking into Shuichi's sleeve. "Hi-wee mmm Hi-wee." He said the name louder each time.

Through the slithered gap of tangled platinum threads made the mistake of taking his eyes away—Hiei noticed and lunged forward, sword draw high.

The ground hardly signaled his approach, his footsteps carrying the softness of a breeze.

A single blade of grass tapped the bare side of his ankle before he took to the air—Yoko's ear twitched.

The sword came slicing down, kicking up nothing but gravel and dying earth. Hiei's eyes were sharp, narrow to slits as he scanned around him quickly for where the menace could've disappeared. He glanced around, keeping his feet spread and planted in place, not daring to move should the bad dare to come from an unguarded angle.

The worry of youki attack was greatly unconcerned. This spare was met only for raw strength, speed and skill.

Hiei held his sword with both hands as he sniffed the air, and just in time managed to twist around to block the ringing foe's blade before it took off his left arm. With both hands busily cuffing the hilt of his sword, he hadn't anticipated the enemy's fist to come down below and cap his chin hard, sending his body skidding across the ground.

"Hi-wee!" Kisa squealed, horrified.

"Keep still, little one." Shuichi held the struggling kit from trying to escape his protection as he too sat perfectly still, unsure of the Youko's move after nearly rendering Hiei's jaw immobile with such a hit. The sounds of bones crackling under the pressure couldn't have rung any louder and their whereabouts in Hiei's body went unknown to Shuichi.

Cautious green and yellow eyes followed the elder fox demon's languid stride as he walked over to his fallen prey until he stood above him.

Hiei opened his eyes, reaching his hand up to examine his jawline's functioning and chuckled when a tooth shook. "Ha, nearly got me."

"Don't be too sure," The Youko suddenly dropped down using both his hands to trapped Hiei's above his head, interlacing their fingers tight. "I won, now I need to claim my prize."

Hiei frowned, and pulled at his wrist, not at all shocked that after a six hour combat, he'd been too exhausted to break free. "Damned Fool," He chuckled indifferently. "Get on with it."

"Gladly," was the sultry growl before lips sealed away whatever else could be said between them. Another grunted sound pulsed from either one of them when a mutual tongue battle commence, dangerously warring for dominance. The vulpine texture tested the taste of every part of Hiei's mouth, while trying to use the size of its muscle to overwhelm the Koorime's shorter length.

But Hiei wouldn't have that, using the flatter form of his form to coil and strangle around the fox demon's in a way of tugging and sampling his natural deliciousness too. This way of kissing was different from the way Hiei kissed Shuichi. It was similar to Kuronue's, only more loose and heated. There was a sense of demonic comprehension here, a way of giving Hiei a chance to act as he wished, to be as wild as he wanted. This was a way to show how he wanted to be touched, to be kissed.

He then made a small noise of surprise when he felt Yoko run his tongue over his bottom lip, teasing the corners of his mouth, before drawing his bottom lip into his mouth and sucking on it ever so slightly. Hiei growls grew deeper, almost into snarls as he arched his hips up to grind suggestively in the Yoko's crotch, touching the beads of their sex heads in a way of want.

A desire was burning inside him he wanted answer, the same as it was with the fox. Both were pleased with the other's reactions and planned to devour the very flesh from their bones until discovering what lied underneath.

Kisa, who'd been worried about his friend being harmed, became confused, tilting his head to the side at how his father was eating Hiei's face. Their legs were bending strangely and his father's tail was wagging strangely between his thighs. Ever curious he peered harder over Shuichi's arm and opened his mouth, "Hi-wee—eep, eep, eep!" He suddenly squealed when the world became dark by way of Shuichi's hand, covering his immature eyes from the world's too explicit scenes. . .

. . . And to hide his own shameful flush from the sexually enticing display taking place down below.

The days blended one into the other, all consisting of the same events, others becoming unpredictable.

Hiei has declined Yoko and Shuichi's offers of sleeping in their cavern because he wanted to wait until Kuronue returned with an answer. He'd only seen the Chimera once since their separation and that had been a brief encounter to become intimate. It was a lustful night, exchanging from sweaty and loose to tight and gentle.

That was four days ago and Kuronue and promised when he returned that his mind would be made up for the sake of all of them.

The tree Hiei has used as his private place had stayed alive. It's truck had survive the wraths of his fires and even the devastation of the attack before and yet it stood tall now, becoming a very late bloomer from the summer and spring seasons by sprouting very small buds of green.

The time he'd spent with Shuichi and Yoko had some of the happiest he'd been in a while; just as wonderful as they'd been with Kuronue. Despite his rejection to their flooding gifts, Hiei only took a few items such as clothing and foods, never asking to wear the jewelry or use it to pawn elsewhere.

One such item was a shoulder-less auburn and pale lavender two piece kimono set, with a pale yellow sash. It was simple and different from the others, and slightly worn. The cloth was made of basic cotton and a cozy fit against this heat that still plagued the Makai territories.

"Hiei," Said demon glanced over his shoulder from his branch to a grim expression on Kurama's face. "Kuronue's returned. He says his decision's been made."

Hiei frowned, perplexed at the odd expression on Kurama's face and leapt down from his placement, lifting his brow. "Something wrong?"

"No," Kurama stiffly answered. "Come, he's waiting." Shuichi turned on his heel; not bothering to see if Hiei was following behind or not—his hand was caught mid swing and yanked back to halt his strong stride. "We mustn't keep him waiting Hiei. He says he doesn't want to keep anyone held up any longer."

"Kurama," Hiei came to stand beside him, with their hands locked. "Shut up. You worry too much." And he walked forward, keeping Shuichi's worrisome grasp in his, knowing what it was that had the man so concerned.

Kuronue's decision was riding on a great deal of changing people's lives. Regardless of what his decision was, Hiei planned to stick by his side.

Even if it meant possibly losing out on the two people he'd come to treasure and a small child he'd come to look upon as his own.

"Hey squirt, missed me?"


'Be glad when he learns the difference' Kuronue inwardly mused.

Kisa squealed as he pranced from Yoko's lap and waddled over to be picked up by his favorite Chimera demon.

Kuronue bent down and tossed the child up in the air, chuckling the childish squeaks and chimes echoing in the large sized cave. He caught the pup and gave him another throw before placing him back on the ground and walking into the back of the home to flop next to his best friend.

"Been a while eh?" He said to the stern faced Yoko, though his voice held not a trace of amusement. "Been having fun with my mate?"

Yoko narrowed his eyes. "You've come to take him away haven't you?" he said, getting straight to the point.

"I'm not sayin' shit until everyone gets here."

"Why waste everyone's time with trivial nonsense?" Yoko said none too gently. "This isn't a joke or one of your ridiculous gags. I already know what you can't deal with having Hiei here with us. Simply take him with you before he wedges himself deeper."

Kuronue rolled his eyes, settling back against the wall. He knew the Yoko was baiting him for an Alpha challenge and he wasn't going to fall for it. If his decision to leave with Hiei was indeed his choice, he knew the Yoko would fight him for his mate's hand. It was a fate old as time when two high rankers found someone of interests and couldn't deal with sharing.

Crossing his arms behind his head, he just sat back, bending one leg to his chest and letting the other be used as a log for the fox kid to playfully leap over and pounce whenever it moved.

Minutes later Kuronue caught the scent of both Shuichi and Hiei nearing the mouth of the cave and stood to meet them half way. Yoko was up on his feet when Shuichi brushed passed Kuronue's wing and came to stand by his own mate's side, allowing his banes to shadow over his eyes.

Hiei stood before Kuronue's solemn expression, as the raven kneeled down to one knee and cupped the side of his face. "Sorry I was gone a while Love," he breathed, easing in to kiss those lips.

Hiei's response came as it always would, with equal pressure and same motions of interests. "I told you to take all the time you needed," Hiei wisped against his lips.

"I did," Kuronue licked his lips. "And I think I know what I want to happen."

Hiei nodded briskly and walked around to join Shuichi and Yoko in the back, not flinching when the two protectively clapped a hand on either side of his shoulder. When Kuronue moved toward them, Shuichi's dark gleam became more pronounced as he wrapped one arm around Hiei's neck and pulled him to his chest.

"Alright," Kuronue said once they were all in front of him. "This wasn't easy for me to decide," He began, his vocabulary free of its usual slang. "As a matter of fact it was pretty tough, because I know you care for him as much as I do. I hate that it's come down to me having to be the one to do this but I can't let you have it how you wanted."

The trip instantly stiffened. Shuichi banes lowered further over his eyes as he looped his other arm around Hiei's throat and held him closer, bending his face in to rest against his temple. The Youko's eyes narrowed lethally as a spike his youki rose above average.

Kuronue paid their reactions little mind as he reached inside his vest for a something long stemmed and softly blossomed on the end where only four petals peeled away from the head of a blushing red rose. "I want to do this right. . ."

Before any of them could understand the meaning behind what was said, Kuronue removed his hat and came in front of them, leaning down forward to press his lips against first Hiei's cheek, then. . .

Then Shuichi's.

The human's surprise came as gentle as the gasp that escaped his lips as he looked up to the sweet blue eyes gracing him with a charm and charismatic attraction. The rose in his hand was lifted and bestowed to him as a gift and he waited until Shuichi plucked it from his two fingers to bow at the waist. "Shuichi Minamino, I would be honored if you'd become my mate as well."

"I," Shuichi for the very first time in his entire life, stamped his lips open and closed, looking to the Yoko's shocked expression and to Kuronue's cheesy expression. "But what about Yoko?"

"Eck," Kuronue crossed his eyes to the just as tall creature, looking him up and down with little respect. "Too much man power to deal with. Just look at 'em? Muscles, height, the hair and no— just, just no. To be frank I don't want 'em."

"A great coincidence since I'd rather die than rut with you," Yoko sourly added.

"Good, glad we got that out of the way, 'cause that's just sick. But you," Kuronue returned the charm in full gear for Shuichi. "You're as pretty as my fair Hiei—don't growl darlin' I'm only kiddin'." The hat was placed back on his head as Kuronue stood, tall and placed his hands on his hips, grinning from ear to ear. "So what do you say?" This time he directed the question to all of them, looking from Yoko, Hiei and Shuichi's gaze until relaxing on Hiei's for an approval.

Hiei smirked.

Yoko rolled his eyes.

And Shuichi with a small look to his first lover, turned to . . . "I'd love too." He smiled and bowed in return, accepting the proposal. "If that's alright with you my dear Yoko."

The Youko shrugged a shoulder as he reached out and snatched Hiei by his shoulder to his side. "An even trade, it's fine with me."

Hiei chuckled, unshrugging himself from the Yoko's grasp and inching over to see the rose given to Shuichi while the other fools glared each other down.

"It's beautiful," Shuichi mumbled, twirling the lovely specimen between his fingers.

"Yes," Hiei paused, and chuckled. "Just like you."

Shuichi slid his eyes to the other man, shaking his head at the out of character compliment. "I never thought I'd hear the day you called a human beautiful Hiei."

"And it'll be the only time you ever do." Though in his mind he'd always remember on the day he first saw Shuichi. . . he'd been the ugliest thing he'd ever seen.

But now to see him smile this way for him, it couldn't have been the most radiant display ever.

Hiei could finally say he was happy and found a reason to live on. For his now growing family and to experience what life would bring for them to receive in the future. There was so much he could teach to the still growing Kisa and come to witness with his mates, Kuronue, Yoko and Shuichi.

Three Years Later

He'd never forgotten a vow he kept dear to his dark soul so long ago. Regardless of how things changed a promise was still indeed just that.

Hiei had sworn to find the very lands that banished him from their world and into the cruelty of demon kind. It had taken a great deal of journeying and traveling to find the lands that floated below the heavens. The icy hell that stored the frost hearted women who killed him off.

Only when he found the place, he couldn't find himself to step foot in their world. It'd been a time long ago and he couldn't find the urge to slain their hearts as he once had. It hadn't been due to a change of heart because of pity.

It'd been because of a young maiden he saw the day he was returning home that played amongst small critters not too far from her lands. She smelt of the ice maidens and her characteristics were flawlessly sculpted on hear youthful face.

Only the difference with her was that she carried the scent of fire deep in her blood. The same almond eyes as he and a face so much like his mother's, the only woman he dared to love him as he was.

This young maiden had been the reason why he wouldn't carry out his revenge; there'd been no reason to do so now. She'd become his secret obsession, always keeping a close watch on her whereabouts, and often visiting the place he knew she'd return to each day. Her voice was soft spoken, hardly pass a whisper when she spoke to the animals or few fellow maidens she had as friends.

Yukina was the name he'd heard one of the girls call her. A very precious name; just as she'd become to him in the blink of an eye.

Another person to give a piece of his heart.

The winter mouths had grown fiercer as the days progressed on. Blizzards became more frequent in numbers.

Today was one of those rarities the Gods blessed Makai with a momentary break of the wintery madness and gave the landscape a powdery beauty for some to enjoy.

"Son of a bitch!"

A roar of laughter bellow in a clean meadow, cover with the sparkle and twinkles of untouched snow, minus the slashed foot prints and scoop circles littered here and there.

Nearby a slightly older Kisa sat nestled cozily in Kurama's arms, watching his father and Kuronue battle in the oddest of fashions: with large sized snowballs being thrown effortlessly from one end to the other.

Kuronue's courtship to Shuichi had been a very kind and sweet gesture, just as it had been for Hiei. The gifts were welcomed with kindness; the gentle gestures were delicate and soft. By the end of a thirty day nonstop of daily coaxing, Kuronue had taken Shuichi to a secluded location and they became melted in the seas of romance, lost in each other's arms.

Not too long that day, the four had taken to the caverns and finalized their somewhat agreeable relationship through a series of slow, gentle and learning sex. Kuronue to Hiei, Hiei to Shuichi, Shuichi to Yoko and Yoko to Hiei. Kuronue and Yoko still refused to this day to commence in any sexual relations due to a friendship line the two would rather not cross. This seemed to fit better this way without all the confusing hassle.

Kisa has since grown a little taller and his intellect enhanced greatly because of Shuichi's teachings and Hiei's threats that he stop acting like a toddler and learn to convey properly beyond, squeals, bird chirps and Hi-wee. The length of his hair grew a little longer and was kept in a low style ponytail, tied at the nail of his neck with a single slip of hair over his right eye.

Speaking of Hiei, the little child was sadly missing his fire guardian, boredly twiddling his fingertips. "I miss Hiei," he pouted spoiled like. "When is he comin' back?"

"Soon love, soon." Shuichi chuckled, stroking over the large flappy ears. "Why not go play with Yoko and Kuronue?"

"Hmm," Kisa looked at the two brawling adults, throwing snowballs the size of him at each other and quickly decided against it. "No, I'll stay here."

"Would you like to build a castle?"

"No, that's for babies."

"You're still a baby little one."

"No I'm not!" Kisa growled, shaking himself from Shuichi's lap and puffing out his chest. "I'm getting big see? I'll be just as tall as you and Yoko—ouch!" A rough projectile landed directly on the back of the little fox's head. Kisa landed face first in the snow, struggling with his arms and legs to find support.

"You ain't growin' any time soon ya little shit!" Kuronue laughed, bouncing a snow ball in his hand. "You got a couple of decades left before you reach pass my ass."

"Grrr," Kisa lifted his head and twisted above to glare at his other guardian. "Bite me jerk. I'm tellin' Hiei when he gets back!"

"Oh yeah that scares me," The ball of snow tilted over and splashed on Kisa's face as Kuronue, pushed him aside and fell in the snow next to Shuichi's leg. "Hey," he said, getting comfortable. "Wanna sneak off for a little bit 'ta melt some snow?"

Shuichi chuckled at that, "Getting better with your pick up lines aren't you?"

"You know it beautiful."

"I think they're still pathetic," Yoko insulted as he too took a seat, lying flat on his back on the opposite side of Shuichi's hip. "Melting snow? How utterly seductive," he mumbled dryly.

"Whatever," grunted the Chimera.

Shuichi shook his head at the two, lifting his head just as he spotted a dark figure coming from a distance. "Seems our final mate's arrive."

At the same time, Kuronue and Kisa's heads shot up from the snow with the widest smiles on their faces. "Hiei—Pige!" They cried and scrambled off their butts to meet the fire demon half way.

Hiei dodged them both and sprinted in a flash to stand in front of Shuichi and Yoko, leaving the two surprised welcomers looking an empty space.

"Idiots," Mused Hiei. "We'd best go back home. A new Halo will be upon us in two hours."

"After such a fine day," The Yoko yawned, stretching his arms out. "You say two hours? We'll leave in fifteen minutes."

"Lazy fool," Hiei scuffed him with the end of his boot as he settled down next to Shuichi's smiling face. "You've missed me."

"Yes, we all did. How's your sister?"

"Well," Hiei never answered more than one or two words describing his privacy when it came to Yukina; it was the only secret they allowed him to keep from them.

Kisa came scrambling back and pounced first before Kuronue could reach him. Kisa snuggled himself in Hiei's arms, rubbing his face in the soft black cotton of his robes. "Don't leave for so long anymore Hiei. I missed you!"

"Right and you're supposed to be a big boy? Please. Yo Pige, glad to know you missed me too," Kuronue bitterly grunted, flopping down next to him. A lock of hair was playfully tugged and the scowl became a grin.

Patting the center of Kisa's head, Hiei sighed tired from his journey and he took laid down between the others. "I suppose fifteen minutes is plenty of time to rest before the Halo arrives."

"So we got another one comin' eh?" Kuronue gave a jaw cracking yawn as he smacked his lips. "Nah, I ain't waiting for that to come around." In one fluid move, he grabbed Hiei, then Shuichi by the collars of their kimonos and started off home with Kisa slung on his shoulders. "You can sleep and freeze to death if you want Yoko, but I'll be nice and toasty between these hot bodies."

"Idiot," Hiei elbowed Kuronue's hip, ripping himself free.

The Yoko sighed and stood to join his little family's journey home, already detecting the harsh blizzard's distance decreasing. As he walked pass he stopped next to Hiei's prone form, looking out over the horizon's dimming light. The storm's bloods were boiling to a head; the clouds were pregnant with danger and deadly warning. It'd been the same storm he remembered started all this change for him.

The very same day he found Little Fool and found a new purpose—

A hand on his shoulder squeezed him from the terrain of memories, clouding his old mind's eye as he connected the arm to its owner and crinkled hazel eyes, studying him closely.

No words were exchanged, but a light tug told him all he needed to know that he was needed to come home, with his new family.

With the brand new reason he had to live on. Tonight he'd be kept warm and safe in the midst of those who cared for him and who he cared for in return. He had found peace and it hadn't been in death. This day he can live on and rest easy.

They would all sleep together and wait until the storm surpassed; the rage of the Winter's Halo.

^_^ The End ^_^

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