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AN: So because I'm like really behind in this season (which in reality I have yet to see a single episodes), and this story has been just sitting around for a while, I guess this could be classified as a slight AU. And I am truly about the grammar. English is really not first language. Anyway hope you enjoy this very short fiction of mine.

.: A Lapse in Judgment :.

She had to constantly remind herself that she was no longer Deb, and at this very moment, she technically was not cheating. She's Jane! And Jane never had any semblance of romance with Grayson. But that doesn't mean she was allowed to kiss her boss. Or was it he who kissed her? But that is beside the matter, they both shouldn't be doing this! She wasn't sure how this, whatever, had happen. Maybe it was because Jane had such a low tolerance for alcohol or that she, Deb, was slightly lonely? Still, that doesn't explain how Parker had her against the wall of his office with music from the office party blasting in the background. She was fairly certain that Parker never had any romantic inclination towards Jane.

Air! She needed air! She finally pushed Parker off of her. "What are you doing?" She asked, her voice deeper than she had intended.

"You're kidding right Bingham?" He asked.

Cocky bastard! Jane step away from him, still slightly woozy from the alcoholic drinks (she hoped that was the reason). "No! I'm not Parker!"

His lips lingered slightly over hers, "Kissing you and you seem to be enjoying it as much as I." Parker captured Jane's lip once more. And damn was his kiss becoming a little bit more addicting than before.

God, what the hell was she doing? This is her boss! And she, Jane, is pretty sure that this thing that they were doing is breaking some office ethnical code of conduct. Oh she was going to receive hell for this which also included that massive hung over she was sure to have the next morning.

Damn! Life was easier as Deb.