"I promise Shizuo this is going to be so much fun, you'll see." Shinra said excitedly as the two teenagers got onto the bus and took a seat in the back row.

"You're lucky I don't want to be stuck home all summer or I would have never agreed to this. I mean aren't we a little old for sleep away camp?" Shizuo asked.

"We're only 15 and this is the last year we could go before we're too old for it. At least we don't have to wear those weird uniforms like the smaller children."

"Yea lucky us, anyway what are we going to do at this camp anyway?"

"We can swim, hike, do stuff with pocket knives, sports, really just regular camp stuff. The best part is we do one camp activity a day for like two hours; then after that we can pretty much do whatever we want…but that's only for people who are fifteen so this should be really fun."

"Awesome, Isn't there like a really clear lake there?"

"Yeah! The whole lake is cleaned and maintained every day; it's also blocked off from the ocean and any other lakes so it's really beautiful and has a lot of really cool fish. I definitely want to see if I can catch some. Oh and by the way I have the schedule of everything we're doing for the first week; we do mostly the same stuff every week they just change the order of some things."

"Can I see it?" Shinra reached into his backpack and pulled out the camp schedule; Shizuo took it from him and started reading it.

Camp Schedule

Monday: Swimming in the camp pool

Tuesday: Survival lecture and contest mention (everyone gets their own field guide on all the animals in the area)

Wednesday: Hiking

Thursday: Fishing in the camp lake

Friday: Swimming in the camp lake

Saturday: Sports (Kick ball, baseball, ultimate frisbee)

Sunday: Free day

"Everything looks pretty fun…what's with the contest though?" Shizuo asked handing the paper back to Shinra.

"Oh everyone gets a field guide and a journal, you have to find all of the animals, take a picture of it, and write down when and where you saw it. Anyone who finds all of the animals by the end of camp gets a five hundred dollar prize." Shinra said excitedly.

"Wow I could go for some money; I guess I could try it out."

"Me too, oh and sorry your brother couldn't come with us. I know I'm going to miss my beautiful Celty so I took a picture of her before I left."

"Kasuka isn't really the camping type anyway, we've never been away from each other for this long but I'll be alright. I don't think he would want to be stuck home with me all summer anyway." The two males laughed.

"At least we get to sleep in the same cabin; I heard one more person is also going to be staying in our cabin with us."

"Oh do you know who it is?"

"Well…it's a guy, our age, and he goes to our school. The girls are paired up in cabins separately from the guys for obvious reasons."

"That's great but what's his name?"

"Uh…are names really important?" Shinra asked nervously

"Attention everyone, for organization reasons I will be reading who you will be pairing up with in your cabins. After I read the groups you will move and sit with your group so once we arrive it will be easier to go to your cabins." Shizuo listened closely to the names until he heard his own.

"In cabin two hundred fifteen is Shizuo Heiwajima, Shinra Kishitani, and Izaya Orihara."

"Izaya…did she just say IZAYA?" Shizuo's head shot to the brunet next to him who was sinking down in his chair.

"I'm so getting off of this bus." Shizuo started to get up when someone grabbed his arms and forced him back down into the seat.

"You can't go now Shizu-chan, we're already leaving." Izaya said smiling his evil smile at the blonde as the bus started to move.

"I didn't know that let animals into the cabins." Shizuo spat out at the smaller male.

"So hostile Shizu-chan, aren't you happy that we're going to spend all summer together?" Shizuo turned his head to glare at his best friend.

"You knew about this?" Shizuo asked furiously.

"W-well I thought if you knew Izaya was coming you wouldn't come." Shinra said cringing away from his childhood friend.

"Don't worry Shizu-chan we'll have lots of fun together... Just keep one eye open when you sleep, you never know what could be lurking around at night." Izaya said laughing that insane laugh.

"This is going to be a loonnngg summer." Shizuo thought

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