Chapter 1

It was around midnight in Berkeley California when Sarah was still up writing in her old notebook she carries around everywhere when she starts getting up turning off her desk lamp and makes her way over to her bed looking outside her window seeing her father leave the old barn where she had wondered whered he'd gone to after dinner and sees him get into his old beat up truck as she runs to Adams room and throws the door open.

"Adam!" she says staring at him in his boxers and a teeshirt

"geeze Sarah don't you ever knock!" he gets mad

"where's daddy going?" she wonders

"what..." "what do you mean where's dad going? he wonders

"He's probably just in the barn watching tv and having a cigar or something." he tells her

"no." Sarah shakes her had

"No I just saw him get in his truck and take off." she tells him

"what?" he says

"yeah." she says

Adam looks at her getting off his bed quickly grabbing his shirt and runs down the stairs throwing it on and runs outside to the old barn.

"Dad!" he calls seeing Zeeks truck back lights barley in the distance down the road

Adam just turns to looks at Sarah.

Sarah just pouts.

Adam gets mad and just kicks the ground "UH!" he moans madly

Sarah flinches and winces.

"so. Sarah says softly

"what?" he wonders

"so what are you going to do?" she wonders

"geeze Sarah I don't know what am I gonna do?" he wonders sarcastically madly

"well you have to take care of both Crosby and Me now." she tells him

Adam runs his hand through his hair angrily and groans madly.

sarah flinches and winces again.

Adam looks at her and picks up a few stones from the driveway and chucks them madly.

Sarah just watches then pulls his arm back stopping him from throwing more "hey hey hey stop before you hurt yourself!" Sarah gets angry with him