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Shikamaru speaks out

Yo, this is Shikamaru, listen to me now. It's so troublesome that I have to talk to you about all this; this loss of young lives is just the beginning of it all. Yet this isn't about all that. All of us just kept on going and let it happen. Said it's not our job, nor our problem; but it is, so very much it is. This is just some of the daily scenes from people's lives. We choose to ignore it all, we're selfish and don't care if we aren't hurt. We turn away instead of doing what we ought to. If we had made the choice to speak up for those who silence their own voice, how many lives could we save? How many could be changed? How many days rearranged? How many less funerals planned? Now it's our turn to take a stand! So don't keep walking by, not wanting to help because you don't want to be known! Wake up! Change the world! Our time is now! You could be a hero, you could save a life. Now before I go I would like to say a little more: Depression is real and suicide is preventable. You have to choose to help and to be helped. If those that are truly depressed were unreachable this author would not be typing these words for you to read! She would never have become herself again.

But this ain't even about that all of us just sat back, and watched it happen. Thinking it's not our responsibility to solve a problem that isn't about us. This is our problem, this is just one of many daily scenarios which we choose to ignore. To close our eyes instead of doing the right thing if we make a choice to be the voice for those who won't speak up for themselves. How many lives will be saved? Days rearranged? Now it's our turn, to take a side. So don't keep on walking by, not wanting to interfere, 'cause you just want to exist and never be seen. So let's wake up and change the world! Our time is now. You could be a hero. You could save a life.