Author's Note: I love InFamous and I love Uncharted and so the idea of combining the two series seemed to come naturally to me. A few notes—this takes place three weeks after the first Uncharted game and after the TV jacker labels Cole a terrorist in InFamous. Please enjoy!

This wasn't her fault.

She really hadn't planned to get herself into any messes while Nate was away for a few weeks with Sully. In fact, the one thing she had promised Nate was that she was going to take it easy and relax after their near-death experience chasing El-Dorado—between the crazy zombie-like creatures and a concussion from the plane crash she had survived, the last thing Elena had wanted was to be stuck in another mess because of a story.

And yet, here she was—trapped in Empire City because of a bomb set off by a terrorist that had killed thousands of people and had unleashed a plague onto the citizens.

"Should've been smarter, Elena," The reporter mumbled to herself as she walked along the deserted streets. Dead bodies littered the street as well as broken glass from storefronts that had been broken into. The city was in chaos and food was scarce. "Shouldn't have taken the job."

The job had seemed simple enough. All she had to do was go to the city and report about some famous chef that lived there. It was a fluff piece and a much-needed break from her usual doom-and-gloom stories. It also paid pretty well which was also a huge factor considering that while she had gotten a lot of treasure from her El Dorado escapade, she had to pay off all her debts from that trip. So, Elena had agreed and then prepared to go to the city.

And then all hell had broken loose and before she could leave, Elena got trapped in the quarantine.

She wondered briefly if Nate had heard about what had happened in Empire City. She decided that he probably hadn't considering that he and Sully were in South America looking for some gold treasure or something. She hadn't really paid attention as Nate explained it, but had simply asked if he going to run into any more zombie-things while he was away. With his trademark smirk, he promised her that it was nothing that "interesting." Thinking of Nate made her heart ache.

She missed him.

Elena knew that it was stupid since they had only been dating for a few weeks, but after going through hell with him and almost dying, she felt like they had a much closer bond than other couples had with each other. If Nate were here, he would've surely found a way out of the quarantine.

"Lost lady?" A drunken voice asked and Elena spun around, her hand tensing on her sole can of pepper spray that she kept with her at all times. There were two men—both dressed in red hoodies that obscured their faces and dark jeans.

"Cause we could help you," Another man's voice drawled as they both took a step closer to her. "Come with us." The men took a few steps closer and stumbled. Elena knew that she had an advantage, but even drunk, these two men could overpower her.

"No," She forced herself to stare right into their eyes and looked defiant. "Leave me alone."

"Feisty one," The first man commented. "I like that in a girl." They stepped closer and Elena quickly pulled out her spray, only for it to be knocked aside.

"Come on, baby," The second man drawled, grabbing her arms in a death grip. "Don't be like that."

A flash of blue and the sound of the lightning filled the dark the street. Elena watched in sheer amazement as the man holding her was flung at least 20 feet away. Elena couldn't see her savior's face, but he must've looked scary because the second guy quickly ran away. The man in front of her turned around and Elena gasped as he held what looked like blue lightning in his hand. Seeing her face, he quickly closed his palm and it was gone. He wore a faded yellow jacket laced with dirt on its edges and dark pants with an array of pockets. Draped over the jacket was a messenger bag with his cell phone displayed proudly in front.

He began to walk away.

"Wait!" Elena called before she realized what she was doing. He froze, but did not face her. "Thank you."

"Not a problem," He replied gruffly. "Stay away from this side of town. It's Reaper territory."

"Reaper?" Elena repeated, failing to understand what he meant. The man sighed and faced her once more.

"It's a gang," He explained. "They're responsible for all this crime and other crap."

They stood awkwardly in silence, both waiting for the other to make a move.

"You got a name?" She asked him cautiously.

"Cole," The man mumbled. "Cole McGrath."

"Cole," She repeated and then her eyes lit up with understanding. "The terrorist that set off the bomb?" She had seen the footage on one of the huge televisions controlled by the TV jacker. She had watched Cole open the package that contained the bomb in it—the bomb that had caused them all to be caught in this mess and killed countless people. The city had quickly turned on Cole labeling him a terrorist.

"I did not set off that bomb," He growled. "And I'm not a terrorist."

"I figured that," She chuckled. "Otherwise, why would you save a girl like me?"

He didn't answer.

"I'm Elena Fisher."

He didn't move to shake her hand.

"It's a handshake," She joked. "It's not gonna kill you."

"You wanna shake my hand?" He incredulously asked. Elena shrugged.

"You did save my life—"

"But you've seen what I can do!" He protested and Elena knew he was referring to his lightning thing.

"You saved my life," Elena stressed. "I owe you one."

Slowly, ever so slowly, he reached forward until their hands were barely touching and then quickly grasped her hand. With a quick flick of his wrist, they shook and he immediately backed up into the darkness of an alley.

"Keep going straight," He ordered. "Then, make a left. You'll be out of Reaper territory."

Then, he was gone and Elena was left bewildered. How did he get out of the alley? And more to the point, what was he doing here in Reaper territory in the first place? How did he get his powers? Why did he open the package?

And in that moment, Elena resolved to get an interview of Cole McGrath. She just had to find him again.

After all, how hard could it be to find a guy who could summon lightning in his hands?

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