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Elena shifted uncomfortably under Trish's deadly gaze.

It was clear that whoever said "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" had never met Trish Daily, for the phrase paled in comparison to the actual demeanor of Trish. Zeke had explained the falling out between Cole and Trish, but Elena had never expected it to actually be this bad. From what she understood about the situation, Cole and Trish had been very much in love and now, Trish refused to even make eye contact with him. Cole stood a few feet away from Elena, surveying the area and refusing to acknowledge the string of curses being shouted at him from the patients around him. Trish was a doctor apparently and after she and Cole had spilt up, she had gone around administering medical aid to those that needed it.

Which brought Elena back to the reason why she was here—to help Cole protect an incoming drop of medical supplies from Reapers. Elena checked her pistol again, pleased that she had learned to handle one so well after her near-death experience with Nate.

"Who are you?" Trish hissed and Elena snapped back into awareness.

"Elena Fisher," Elena introduced, extending a hand. Trish didn't shake. "I'm a reporter."

"A reporter?" Trish echoed, seemingly astonished.

"Yeah." Elena replied.

"And you're here . . .?" Trish's voice faded off into uncertainty and Elena shot her a small smile to show her that she really was a good person.

"Figured I could be of some help," Elena answered. "It's the least I can do since Cole saved my life." Trish's eyes lit up with mild shock.

"He did?"

"From Reapers," Elena clarified. "Figured I have to pay him back someway."

"Elena," Cole interjected as he walked back over. "You got enough ammo?"

"Yep," Elena told him. "Ready to go." Cole met Trish's gaze and opened his mouth to say something, but Trish quickly walked away from him, her eyes burning with fury.

"Don't let me down again, Cole." Trish growled as she vanished around the corner. Cole cursed under his breath and Elena frowned slightly. Trish wasn't going to listen to reason—as far as she was concerned, Cole had killed her sister—and despite whatever Elena might try to do, there might not be a way to change her mind.

"You miss her?" Elena asked quietly as she followed Cole's gaze to the spot where Trish had just left.

"It doesn't matter," Cole answered coolly. "She won't ever forgive me."

"Cole—" Cole held his hand up for silence and Elena instantly quieted.

"Just drop it, Elena." Elena nodded her head to placate him, but she knew that there had to be some way to help repair the broken relationship between the two of them. "There it is." Cole pointed and Elena spotted the package falling by parachute down. Moving out of the way, she watch as the package fell down to the ground and Cole quickly cut off the parachute attached to it and secured the package.

"No one yet." Elena stated.

"Give them a minute," Cole muttered. "They'll come."

And sure enough, Elena spotted her first Reaper as soon as the words were out of Cole's mouth.

"One there," Elena said, quickly pointing the gun. "Two on the other side."

"Stay with the package," Cole ordered. "If anyone gets within 10 feet of you, shoot. I'll try and handle the rest." With that, Cole quickly began to fire electric bolts and Elena kept scanning the area. One Reaper charged her and Elena fired her gun and wounded the Reaper in the leg. He crashed to the ground and coughed black tar out of this mouth and yet still kept trying to crawl to the crate before being incapacitated by a blue bolt of electricity.

"How are you holding up?" Elena shouted over the din of roars. She fired off bullets and then spun around to see one trying to get the drop on her from above.

"Fine!" Cole bellowed as he punched one of the Reapers across the face. Elena smirked slightly and then she fired off another round of bullets. Cursing, she realized she had run out and quickly began to re-load.

"Dammit!" Elena cursed. A Reaper suddenly appeared before her and Elena hit him with the back of her gun. He fell to the ground unconscious, but not before he had left a nasty cut on her arm that hurt like hell.

"You alright?" Cole cried as more bolts of electricity were sent flying.

"Just a cut," Elena shouted back. "How many more?"

"Not many!" Elena somehow managed to re-load the gun and to her relief, she noticed the flood of Reapers begin to slow until it was once again just she and Cole. She watched as Cole securely placed the Reapers in arc restraints. She glanced at her arm and saw how the blood had clear soaked through her shirt. A little jolt of fear ran up her spine. Bracing herself for the pain, she forced herself to apply pressure to the wound in the hopes it would halt the bleeding. "Let me see." Cole suddenly appeared before her and Elena reluctantly relinquished the hold on her arm. He gingerly peeled back the shirt and swore as he saw the wound.

"It's not that deep." Elena lied—she knew it was pretty bad.

"This needs stiches," Cole explained. "Are you light-headed?"

"I'm fine," Elena assured him. "I just need to wash it—"

"Cole, move." A commanding voice interjected and Elena spun around to see Trish standing beside the crate. Cole passed Elena over to Trish and Elena was stunned to see that Trish had concerned dancing in her eyes.

"Well?" Cole urged.

"I need to do stiches and it needs to be disinfected," Trish replied. "Can you walk over to the clinic?" Elena nodded her head yes, but instantly regretted it as her vision swam before her eyes. Cole caught her before she could kiss the pavement and Trish held her arms out for Elena. "Here, I've got her. You grab the supplies." Trish supported Elena and the reporter was surprised that Trish was willingly treating her.

"Thank you." Elena sincerely told Trish.

"No problem." Trish replied, a smile gracing the doctor's lips for the first time since Elena had seen her. "Now, just keep walking. Let me know if you need to rest." Elena nodded her head—slowly this time—and the trio began their trek to the clinic.

Elena never imagined what awaited her there.

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