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"The Government needs your family's help."

They were taken to the top secret military headquarters. The Powells (Jim, Stephanie, Daphne and JJ), along with Joshua, were all there. Katie and the new baby were at home, resting.

The military headquarters was like an evil scientist's lair. There was a lab (much larger than Global Tech's, to Stephanie's bewilderment), and a monitoring room (like George's garage, only a hundred times bigger).

Special Agent Hawkins, who had shown up at the Powell's door, asking for help, concluded the tour. For reasons unknown to the Powells, George hadn't answered his phone, emails or text messages. He hadn't shown up to work the following day, nor had he been at his home when the NSA agents had gone looking for him. Now, the agents were on their way to Amanda Grayson's home, assuming that George had…"spent the night" with his girlfriend.

"Now, If you'll please step into the control room, we can begin." Hawkins said, gesturing for the group to enter the "Control Room." Jim hesitantly stepped inside. The others followed suit.

"This is our criminal database/entry room." He continued. "So far, we've calculated which eighty criminals were on the plane. All we need now is," Hawkins turned to look at JJ and Stephanie. " you."

Jim tensed. He had been worried the entire time, and he nearly jumped out of his bulletproof skin at this statement. "What do you mean you need them?" the father asked.

Hawkins noticed the man's furrowed brow and worried expression. "I mean we need Stephanie's knowledge of the trilsettum coronis and, with JJ's little…gift, we can calculate the suspects reaction to the serum in question. You can do that, can't you?" Hawkins looked to the teenage boy, asking for a verification.

JJ nodded. "Well, if you have the person in question's health records and a blood sample, it really wouldn't be very difficult to determinate said person's DNA reception of the trilsettum." JJ continued rambling large words, explaining just how to do...whatever he had just said. When he finished, Hawkins sat the boy and his mother down at two computers. Hawkins typed in several passwords and the list of convicts appeared on the screen. Daphne whistled. "We're gonna' have to catch all o' these guys?"

Jim nodded. "I think so, Daph." Stephanie began listing off the names of criminals, while JJ began writing down some random notes. Stephanie stopped all of a sudden. Daphne looked at her mother, then to the monitor. "Oh, no." was all she said.

Jim leaned over his wife's shoulder. 'Oh, no' was right. About halfway through the list were several names that none of them had been expecting:

Winnick, Lucas

Morrow, Victoria

Minor, Roy

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