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Stephanie's hand immediately flew to her stomach, which was understandable. Winnick had nearly killed her just weeks before, and she still had the five scars on her stomach to prove it.

Joshua, who had been silent the entire time, spoke up. "Victoria was on the plane. She must have headed there right after she left."

JJ turned around and stared at the Watcher. "What do you mean?"

Joshua realized that he hadn't told the Powells about Victoria's little 'visit.' "Victoria went to Katie's place, pretended to be me, then left when I showed up."

Daphne glared at him. "Why didn't you mention this earlier?" she asked him.

"It just didn't come to mind. I was kind of busy thinking about the new baby."

Stephanie 'aww'ed and looked back at the screen. With a small shiver, she continued reading off the information. They finished the list after about an hour and a half. JJ and his mother stood, stretched, and walked over to the control panel. Jim pressed the PA button. "We're finished in here." He said into it.

"We're coming." Was the muffled reply.

Agent Jones and Agent Hawkins both stepped inside. JJ handed them his twelve-page stack of notes. The two NSA agents looked at it for a moment, then back at JJ. Then to the paper, then back at JJ.

"Is there a problem?" Joshua asked.

"No." Jones answered. "But, there is a…very…unfortunate…circumstance."

"Translation?" Daphne asked.

"We've located your friend George. He's got quite a story to tell you."

Jim's eyes opened widely. "At least you finally found him. Where is he?"

They were led outside and into an interrogation room. George sat at a metal table, looking both worried and anxious. He jumped up when he saw Jim. "Jim-bo! Glad to see that yur' not being prodded under a microscope!"Jim greeted his friend and looked to Agent Hawkins. "So…where were you last night?"

George's face fell. "Oh. Um…you know about the plane crash, right?"

They all nodded.

"Well…I was in it."


" can…" he finally just sighed and sat back down at the table. The next minute, he was gone. Jim looked around the room, but there was no sign of George. The interrogation room door opened, and the man stepped inside. "I can teleport."

All of a sudden, red lights were flashing! Sirens wailed and people were bustling about. Hawkins grabbed his radio, which was spouting out a whole lot of static and voices.

"We have a Code Four in Pacific Bay-Unidentified super at the mid-town bus station. Send in the Powells."

The family gulped in unison. It was Super Time.

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************TIME TRAVEL***************

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************Hops in the time machine and disappears***************