Hey! I know it's been a long time since I've updated this thing. But, I've had plenty of things on my mind. But, the next chapter of 'Supah Drama' is in progress. So hopefully I'll have it up soon.

Here are the current villains:

MKBunny: Black Kicker

Theotherpromise8: Sarah

KingdomHeartsandIchigoLover: White Shadow

MustangsLover97: Wereborg

The Superhuman Shield: Super Shield (Name in Progress)

EscapeHollowFieldsClub: Physca

Sora Ketashiba: Kamikaze

Raimaru13: Tao

BeeBee: The Lioness

Dementia Jackson: Insanity

Susan Nichole Henry-Wealey: Dark Cobra

Lord Shockwave: Metatron

Writergirl28: Arachnia

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